salesforce training for managers salesforce training for managers

Salesforce Training for End Users, Managers, and Administrators

More than half of the CRM implementations fail because of poor user onboarding and user adoption, which is mostly the result of an insufficient understanding of the new system. To make the most out of a CRM like Salesforce, it is essential for end users to have a good grasp over its functionalities and understanding of business benefits they can leverage from the CRM. The end users need to be convinced to trade in their old legacy systems for your new, better, faster, more efficient CRM system. And Damco’s Salesforce customized training programs coupled with user adoption strategies does just that! It helps organizations to quickly adopt the newly implemented or upgraded Cloud CRM platform with dedicated Salesforce training programs for sales managers, marketing personnel, service staff and technology team.

With the best Salesforce admin training solutions, we empower your teams with complete know-how of the Salesforce products. Damco’s Salesforce training for project managers ensures that managers acquire the necessary know-how to leverage diverse features and tools to drive success for entire teams. Delivered by seasoned experts, we execute our Salesforce training for managers through diverse modes, including in-person sessions, online or virtual workshops, webinars, and others powered by proven set of tools, methods and Salesforce-specific standards.

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Our Salesforce Training Services


Salesforce Training for End Users

Damco’s Salesforce certified trainers help end users attain an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce CRM platform, including its function-specific features to leverage the optimum business benefits. Our Salesforce trainers walk users through every essential element and functionality, including common list views, user settings, email templates, standard reports, and dashboards for effective utilization.


Salesforce Technical Training for Administrators

With a dedicated team of Salesforce trainers for your administrators, developers, consultants and architects, we help them manage their Salesforce ecosystem more efficiently and bring them up to speed on the latest Salesforce products. We provide training across Salesforce configuration, implementation, and system administration areas. Our modules for administrators training include demonstration of security models, report customization, layout changes, defining assignment rules, data & portal management, and much more.


Salesforce Training for Managers

Our Salesforce training is an extensive program that includes Salesforce training for sales managers, marketing managers, operation managers and project managers. Salesforce project management training enables managers to leverage Salesforce for amplified coordination and communication within teams. The understanding delivered through these sessions helps managers harness the power of Salesforce analytics while keeping them updated on the frequent updates.

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Many Benefits of Damco’s Salesforce Training Services

Our tailored Salesforce user training can simplify your employee onboarding and maximize your Salesforce RoI. We can also help you improve your data quality, decrease maintenance and support costs while positively impacting employees’ adoption. Here are some of the benefits of our training services:

  • Reduced Onboarding time:
    Reduce the ramp up time for new employees and streamline the training by leveraging a central repository for all user training materials, mixed with self-driven learning tools and easy access to your organization’s knowledge base.
  • Increased Employee Productivity:
    Avoid costly mistakes that come with a trial-and-error approach in training your teams. Let your team leverage Salesforce to its maximum potential through our industry-leading Salesforce training program tailored to your team’s needs.
  • Improved Employee Experience:
    Equip your team with the correct Salesforce system know-how to do their jobs more efficiently which can improve employee satisfaction.
Why Damco?

Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partner:

We Are a Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner of Salesforce with core competencies offering a broad array of services through a global delivery model.

We Understand Customer Relationship Management:

We have been delivering comprehensive, responsive on-premise and cloud CRM application support, managed services, and consulting for around 20 years. Our longstanding proficiency with the most popular commercial CRM software technologies translates well into the Salesforce landscape which includes consulting services and product customization portfolio spanned across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot, Field Service Lightning, Einstein Analytics, and MuleSoft.

We understand Your Industry:

We have strong expertise in driving digital transition through Salesforce services across 15+ industries including Insurance, Financial Services including Fintech, Retail, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Professional Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Technology Services and more.

Our Services Are Proven and Trusted:

Our industry standards and deep expertise have earned us the trust and loyalty of more than 80 organizations globally exclusively within our Salesforce Practice. We have built a reputation as a trusted partner that helps customers maintain, secure, and expand stable systems through periods of organizational growth, course correction, or turbulence.

But We Are More Than Just Salesforce Experts:

We understand how CRM should fit into your enterprise-wide strategic roadmap, and our practice combines deep Salesforce expertise with extensive business and process acumen. Apart from resolving system issues and recommending solutions, we co-create accelerators to achieve business objectives in ways that Salesforce-only service firms cannot match.

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A Leading Medical Devices Manufacturer Transformed Its Marketing Campaigns To Improve Lead Generation and Conversion With Pardot Revamp

An Eminent Technology Consulting Firm Automated Its Billing Process, Improved Its Team’s Productivity & CX Through Salesforce-Powered Custom Solutions

An Eminent Finance Analytical Firm Improved Trust Factor from Its Customers and Reduced Costs with an Integrated Salesforce System

A Govt. Owned Investment Platform Achieved 360° View of Its Investors and Improved Team Productivity with Tailored Salesforce Solution

A Leading Logistics Technology Provider Achieved 40% Growth In Their Topline With Customized Salesforce CPQ Solution

P&C Automobile Insurer Simplifies Lead Management & Agent Onboarding Journey with Salesforce Sales Cloud & Lightning

A Leading Manufacturer Transformed Its Field Sales Operations Through Robust Integration of Its SAP System with Salesforce CRM

A Leading Manufacturer Transformed Its Order and Inventory Management Through ERP Integration with Salesforce

Largest Health Care Service Provider Migrates to Salesforce Lightning to Achieve 70% Improvement in Sales Team Productivity

Leading Promotion Products Supplier Transforms Customer Support Through Salesforce

Japanese Manufacturer Achieved Shorter Sales Cycle and Maximized Deal Size Through Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ

A Leading Health Insurance Provider Improved Its Sales Revenue Through A Custom Salesforce Implementation

A Leading P&C Insurer Improves Its Agent Productivity By 40% By Implementing Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

A Renowned Financial Services Analytics Company Simplify Sales Process and Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce CRM Implementation

A Leading Auto Finance Company Improved Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction With Salesforce Implementation

A Large Wealth Management Company Implements Salesforce to Improve Advisor Productivity & Client Satisfaction

A Leading Manufacturing Company Leverages Customized Salesforce® Solution to Improve Partner Operations Efficiency by 40%

Leading NBFC “Ambit Finvest” Redefines Its Field Sales and Loan Origination Operations With Custom Salesforce CRM Solution

A Prominent Healthcare Services Provider Maximizes Efficiency and Improves Customer Experience with Salesforce®

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce training services are customized extensive training sessions based on users’ needs and abilities and the organization’s business goals. Administered through offline and online session, our exclusively designed tailored Salesforce training for managers and end users helps them define KRAs for their teams, set goals and targets to be achieved with the Cloud system, configure dashboards and generate reports among other vital understanding.

With customized Salesforce training for managers and end users, they can leverage several business benefits including improved efficiency, better user adoption, easy identification and resolution of issues, optimized tasks, and exploration of new features for added advantage.

Through Salesforce project management training, we fuel the managers with best practices and technical skills for managing, controlling, and administering their teams and their performance in real-time. With an edge in Salesforce project management, they can also track the deviations and accomplish their project goals seamlessly.

The overall cost of Salesforce training for users and managers depends entirely on the kind of training and your business requirements. Investing in these sessions has greater value as it helps your teams to optimize your Salesforce ROI. All you need to do is to share your requirements with us and our team will analyze the level and mode of training to be delivered and get back to you.