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Mitigate Migration Risks with Seamless Third-Party to Salesforce Migration

Building a robust Salesforce Data migration strategy is an arduous task that requires extensive tech expertise. At Damco, we deliver a wide spectrum of Salesforce data migration services to simplify and ease the process of moving volumes of data from legacy systems to Salesforce with minimal disruptions. Having proven expertise in various custom and automated migration approaches, our data specialists maximize the potential of data by mapping migrating objects to appropriate fields.

With a team of Salesforce data migration consultants, we empower organizations with enriched data for analysis, extraction, preparation, and migration. Our CRM data migration services enable quick and accurate analytics of transactional and social information to generate insights that support diverse Salesforce CRM functions. While importing, exporting, cleaning, and backing up the data from on-premises and cloud-based systems, we address potential challenges and risks such as data loss, redundancy, integrity, and security.

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Our Salesforce Data Migration Offerings


Planning Migration

Our Salesforce data migration consultants analyze the requirement, perform a feasibility check of data transfer, assess the data source and destination, create a roadmap, and build a robust plan to transfer the data. Based on specific business requirements, we select the right tool, method, and approach to move data from on-premise and cloud systems.


Data Standardization

Business functions always overflow with the data captured from disparate sources and substandard data can ruin the entire thing. We standardize and optimize the data to achieve the utmost consistency and accuracy. As a part of data standardization, we perform data cleansing and deduplication procedures to remove worthless records.


Data Mapping

Data migration is successful only when all objects, records, and information are correctly mapped. We appropriately map the data across sources to relevant fields. Our data migration solutions do not revolve around just field mapping but aim to support various business operations and data analytics with the transformed data.


Data Migration

We perform the legacy and Salesforce to Salesforce data migration and upgrade native products using the best ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools. By following an automated or custom Salesforce migration approach based on the data complexity and volume and of the source data, our data migration teams swiftly move data without impacting the existing workflows and processes.


Quality Assurance

We are adept in various testing tools and methodologies and carry out migration based on business requirements. Our testing professionals optimally use the developer console to validate the migrated records and test the deployed system by generating records using filter-based SOQL queries. On completion of the migration process, our QA teams evaluate the system through multiple tests to make sure that all the data is safely transferred with correct formats.


Data Integrity

Our data migration adeptness includes proficiency in maintaining and protecting our customers’ data for consistency throughout the migration cycle. Through sound integrity checks and validations, we verify the migrated instance with byte-check for privacy and security, before enabling write permissions on the data in the new location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data migration in Salesforce can be performed using any of two approaches- custom or automated. You can choose to migrate your data manually if only a module or classic CRM is to be moved to the Cloud but that requires comprehensive expertise. For swiftly migrating volumes of data using migration wizard, you can follow the automated approach that does not call for much technical skills.

To migrate data to Cloud CRM securely and easily, you must identify the data to be migrated, choose the approach that best suits your requirements, prepare the destination org, map the fields, and validate the data. For seamless migration and avoid business disruptions, better hire a Salesforce migration consultant.

A sound Salesforce data migration strategy ensures smooth, secure, and error-free migration. With strategic migration, you can validate the process and data integrity at each stage and identify potential risks at an early stage and remediate to acquire fully-functional instances.

Yes. It is recommended to hire professional data migration consultants for Salesforce to Salesforce data migration as they have ample experience in handling complexities and risks that arise during the process. Also, they can migrate your data without affecting your running business functions.