Our Salesforce® Data Migration Services Empowers You with an Efficient Migration Strategy

Setting up your Salesforce CRM system may be relatively easy and quick, but getting all your existing data from your present CRM platform to Salesforce isn’t so. There are various technical challenges that make Salesforce Data Migration a complex task. And for this, you need Salesforce Data Migration experts at Damco who are proficient at using technical tools and methodologies. As a leading Salesforce Data Migration Service providers, we have the expertise in various tools that can seamlessly transfer your data with minimum business disruptions.

Our Salesforce Data Migration services offer Salesforce to Salesforce Data Migration, Salesforce to Dynamics CRM data migration, Siebel to Salesforce Data Migration Services, and more. Our Salesforce Data Migration begins with end-to-end assessments of the requirements and design that is necessary to ensure a successful migration. We first identify the functionality gaps in the procedure and recommend applications to address the shortcomings. To reduce the risk and eliminate any data entry errors, proper tools are used that can extract, transform and load your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and other Standard objects and Custom objects data in Salesforce.

To ensure that Salesforce Data Migration has been executed correctly i.e. the original data tables are reflected accurately, we conduct multiple Quality Assurance tests. We understand that each Data Migration process is unique and we need to understand the infrastructure of your original CRM in depth before beginning with the first phase. To make the adoption of Salesforce CRM system easier by the existing resources, we strategically map the existing data to Salesforce.

Salesforce to Salesforce Data Migration Service

Our Salesforce® Data Migration enables:

  • Good collaboration among employees and consumers due to historical data availability.
  • Better view of entire financial data due to the seamless view of all the data.
  • Better interactions and engagement experiences.
  • Easy analysis of transactional and social information needed to produce customer insights.
  • Importing, exporting, cleaning, deleting, and backing up data become less complicated.
  • Time management by allowing you to focus on more strategic projects.