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The Client Profile

The client is a renowned wealth management company based in Philadelphia, USA and operates in the jurisdictions of California, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania. With close to $10 billion in assets under management, the client provides portfolio management services for individuals, small businesses, pooled investment vehicles, and institutional clients.

The Need for Better Client Interaction and Information Management

  • Inefficient Client Information Management: The client’s existing legacy CRM system was unable to fulfill their requirement of driving business and improving customer interactions through efficient client information management. The legacy CRM gave the advisors only a partial view of clients and interactions. Several client-facing activities still needed to be managed manually; this was not only time-consuming and cumbersome but also led to a lot of data discrepancies.
  • Challenges With Productivity & Data Security: Besides, the system was not user-friendly at all; the advisors had to spend a lot of time extracting the information needed for a client call. Additionally, there were not adequate data security measures in place to safeguard a client’s sensitive financial and personal data.
  • Poor Data Quality and Flow: The system also lacked basic data validation rules, leading to a horde of data integrity issues that rendered the entire system unusable. The complex relations between various institutions, consultants, and other contacts could not be maintained and accessed easily in the legacy system.


Inefficient Client Information Management

Manual Client-Facing Processes

Operational Inefficiencies

Poor Data Quality

Inadequate Data Security Measures

Data Integrity & Transparency Issues

The Solution

Damco implemented Salesforce for the client in order to replace their legacy CRM. A thorough cleanup of the data (duplicate checks, validation checks, relationships, addresses, etc.) was performed while exporting it in order to ensure the new CRM had updated and accurate information only.

Salesforce CRM

  • A 360-degree view of all the customers including their associated contacts, all direct and indirect relationships between various institutions and consultants/contacts, along with activities, ongoing and past opportunities for each account, etc., to drive improved quality of client conversations.
  • Seamless collaboration amongst the client facing teams including sales, marketing and multiple teams supporting different client groups leveraging a centralized system.
  • A robust security solution that ensured clients’ sensitive financial data was accessible only to select individuals authorized to view/edit it.
  • Anytime anywhere secured access to client data through a mobile CRM solution.
  • A feature-rich dashboard that provided critical insights into an advisor’s upcoming activities, productivity, as well as opportunity win rates.
  • Effective management and tracking of campaigns.
  • End-user training to the entire staff to ensure a hassle-free transition and facilitate ease of use.

Robust Salesforce Maintenance and Support Services For A Better Salesforce Experience

  • Damco helped the client achieve peak performance of Salesforce system with a flexible, robust and resilient 24*7 tailor-made Salesforce managed services. Damco also provided certified salesforce developers and consultants to address a complex project activity and deal with complex and multiple scenarios increasing the overall ROI of the system.

Discover What Salesforce CRM Can Do for Your Business

Value Delivered

More Productive Advisors, Happier Clients

Moving to Salesforce provided the client with an effective way to access key customer information, enabling much higher productivity for its advisors and better customer service. Some of the major business benefits realized by the client include:

  • Increased advisor productivity
  • Easy advisor activity monitoring
  • Increased data-driven advisor focus on client investments and growth
  • Easier collaboration between stakeholders
  • Enhanced protection of sensitive financial information
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Increased productivity of the client’s existing IT team with enhanced support from Damco through a flexible, robust, and responsive managed service solution.
  • Increased ROI from Salesforce investments with better user adoption and overall performance.

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