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Client Profile

The Japanese client is one of the largest manufacturers of metrological technology and precision measuring instruments. The client has more sales offices in more than 40 countries which are supported by after sales representation in more than 100 locations, including their sales and customer support headquarters in New Delhi for South Asia market. It was established in 1990s and has 9 sales and service locations across India covering all major industrial belts.

The Challenge

The need to create a unified sales platform for a quick quote to cash process for 2000+ products.

  • Slow Sales Process: The Sales teams were struggling with slow sales cycle as much of their time was getting allocated to generating quotes, proposals, and gaining approvals. They wanted to fasten the lead to cash process by simplifying the complexities around end-to-end quote generation process.
  • Complex Quote Generation Process: The client had more than 2,000 products in its portfolio as offerings for their customers. The sales team required to generate a dynamic quote quickly for the main product(s) but with a feature to add recommended product(s) and one-off charges for installation of products at premises of customers.
  • Disjointed Applications: There was also a disconnect between their current sales system and their Microsoft Dynamic NAV / Navision ERP. Therefore, the time to generate quotes was high since the real-time inventory availability check through ERP was not possible.


Lack of unified sales system for 2000+ products

Inability to produce dynamic quotes for custom orders

Unable to recommend custom products and quote one-off charges

Current sales system disconnected from ERP

The Solution

Damco implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution to provide accurate pricing faster with any given product configuration scenario. The CPQ applications took into account the required feature of sales team to add recommended products and one-off installation charge, other customizations, quantities, and discounts on line items and quote, allowing sales team to quote prices quickly and accurately. It helped them achieve a faster lead to cash process along with quoting process while simplifying the entire sales process for the sales teams at MSA.

Damco was able to roll out smoothly post configuring their entire catalogue of 2000+ products in Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ along with 50+ product rules and 25+ pricing rules. The team also completed the integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision ERP without any business disruption.

Successful Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ

Damco implemented a Salesforce sales cloud and CPQ for the client’s entire product range with structured roll out. The team also configured price books based on regions and countries, taking into account the various tax and government regulations.

Addressed Multiple Requirements of Accommodating Discounts, Product Rules and Custom Documentation

The team from Damco was able to implement custom discounts based on customer credit rating on quotes and line items, either in percentages or in target amounts. The team had written 50+ product rules and 25+ pricing for dynamic document generation using quote templates and for standard and advanced approvals.

Integration Between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Salesforce Sales Cloud

Damco also successfully integrated the client’s existing ERP Microsoft Dynamic NAV (Navision) with a Salesforce sales cloud for a quick inventory availability check, for a fully functional sales team without having the need to shuffle between multiple system windows.

Robust Salesforce Maintenance and Support Services For A Better Salesforce Experience

Damco helped the client achieve peak performance of Salesforce system with a flexible, robust and resilient 24*7 tailor-made Salesforce managed services. Damco also provided certified salesforce developers and consultants to address a complex project activity and deal with complex and multiple scenarios increasing the overall ROI of the system.

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The Benefits

A unified sales system for a simplified lead to quote process and reduced selling cycle.

  • Improved productivity of the entire sales team driven by more accurate and faster quote generation and access to comprehensive analytics of the entire process.
  • Reduced conversion time, leading to shorter sales cycles, and increased conversion leading to accelerated revenue growth.
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products as the sales team were able to generate dynamic pricing and accommodate discounts faster.
  • Helped the sales team with guided selling to close more deals faster and enabled them to upsell and cross-sell products better than before leading to maximizing the deal size.
  • The integration between the Salesforce and Navision helped the sales team with inventory data, in one place.
  • Increased productivity of the client’s existing IT team with enhanced support from Damco through a flexible, robust, and responsive managed service solution.
  • Increased ROI from Salesforce investments with better user adoption and overall performance.
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