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The Client

The client is one of the largest suppliers of promotional products in the world based out of the United States. The company designs promotional products including apparel, bag, drinkware, office stationaries, outdoor leisure equipment, houseware and other accessories under various brands, enabling clients to build brand legacies The client products portfolio spans across 10+ categories and drive industry innovation with over 100+ new products annually, 75% of which have a sustainability stance, developed with an industry-leading commitment to product safety, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship.

The Problem

Inefficient customer query management leading to huge case volume overload and escalations.

  • Large Volume of Unmanaged Customer Caseloads: Being a supplier of multiple SKUs under its brands, the client was experiencing a heavy inflow of customer enquiries on various areas. The client wanted to manage the caseloads more efficiently and drive down queries. They wanted a solution to help streamline their customer query management processes as there was not enough time and resources to respond to every inquiry in a timely manner.
  • Absence of Prioritization and Self-Serve Solution: To improve the query management process, it was imperative for the client to consider a channel deflection strategy to prioritize the queries efficiently. For handling the simple queries, a self-service platform was required where the customers can first make use of the relevant articles, FAQs and notifications, before reaching out to the customer service agents, this approach can also maximize the utilization of the agents who can focus on addressing more pressing and complex queries.


Lack of time and resource to address increasing customer enquiries

Absence of self-serve customer solution platform to handle simpler queries

Inefficient utilization of customer service agents

The Solution

A multi-cloud Salesforce solution covering both community and service!

Implemented Salesforce Community as Self-Service Platform For Customers

  • Damco worked with the client to analyze the problem and proposed a multi-cloud Salesforce solution.
  • Salesforce Community Cloud was implemented for the front-end where it acted as a perfect collaboration tool to connect customers directly to the information they needed seamlessly in the form of articles, FAQs and notifications for their simpler queries.
  • The cloud solution was delivered with a seamless digital experience and simple-to-use interface for the customer that matched with the rest of the look and feel of the company’s brand.
  • This cost-effective self-serve solutions helped the client reduce huge volumes of customer enquiries and caseloads in all their contact centers.

Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud For Query Management

  • Damco implemented Salesforce Service Cloud platform to scale up the customer service for more efficient management of complex queries through its agents.
  • The platform also enabled their agents to solve the queries in a much quicker time and fastening the entire process while personalizing their customer interactions

Robust Salesforce Maintenance and Support Services For A Better Salesforce Experience

  • Damco helped the client achieve peak performance of Salesforce system with a flexible, robust and resilient 24*7 tailor-made Salesforce managed services. Damco also provided certified salesforce developers and consultants to address a complex project activity and deal with complex and multiple scenarios increasing the overall ROI of the system.

Deliver A Stellar Customer Self-service Experience Through Salesforce Cloud

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The Benefit

A self-serve and scaled up customer service that delivered reduced caseloads and improved customer experience.

  • Significant reduction in caseloads through self-serve platforms resulting in reduced escalations.
  • Prioritization of tickets enabled the agents to solve more complex tickets based on urgency, empowering them to close queries faster.
  • Timely reports that showcase the volume of tickets that have been deflected and solved because of the suggested articles and knowledge base through the self-service platform.
  • Improved customer experience due to lesser query resolution time.
  • Increased productivity of the client’s existing IT team with enhanced support from Damco through a flexible, robust, and responsive managed service solution.
  • Increased ROI from Salesforce investments with better user adoption and overall performance.
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