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Expedite Workflows & Deliveries While Driving Operational Efficiency Across All Levels

Distributors and dealers are the ultimate touch points with end customers. And in times, when customer satisfaction is the utmost priority, it becomes crucial for businesses to support their distributors and dealers in driving an enriched customer experience.

Damco’s Dealer Management System (DMS) helps businesses unify and manage their dealer network while streamlining operations, improving communication and collaboration between different levels, and enhancing visibility into order management- all through one platform. With easily customizable workflows and automation capabilities, our Distributor Management System (DMS) facilitates seamless and real-time communication between businesses and dealers or distributors, 24X7 order management, streamlined operations, performance reporting, and ease of inventory tracking.

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Distributor Management System helps businesses with several pain points in dealer management:

  • Inadequate communication between the business and distributors/dealers
  • Error-prone, manual data entry and processing
  • Poor visibility into order details, inventory levels, and other important data
  • Overstocking/understocking due to inaccurate forecasting
  • Nonexistent performance reporting

Drive Value-Chain Collaboration and Sales with Future-Ready Features

Few Clicks Sets Up a New Channel Partner

Seamless creation of entities (dealer, distributor and customer) with details around different locations (site, warehouse, virtual, etc.), billing addresses, contact details, bank details and more mapped to each entity.

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Faster Decisions Powered by Detailed Insights

Whether you want to know performance at location level, inventory levels at a particular dealer or order status placed in the last quarter, Damco’s Dealership Management software gets you covered with data driven insights.

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Assisted Inventory Management

Ease of tracking inventory at all levels and instant alerts for low levels of inventory across distributors and dealers to avoid a stock-out situation.

dealership management

Integration with External Applications

Seamless integration and interaction with your external systems like separate Order creation portals, ERP or accounting systems through APIs to maximize the usage by leveraging the external data on real-time basis.

dms system

Streamline, Scale, and Transform Your Dealership Operations with Damco’s Dealership Management Software

Our Dealer Management System removes the requirement of multiple separate siloed systems to manage internal processes for each dealer and distributor of the value chain. It makes all the dealers and distributors manage their processes on one single platform seamlessly to improve the supply chain efficiency.

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Damco’s Dealership Management System facilitates seamless communication between you and your dealers or distributors. It enables real-time data sharing, order status updates, inventory levels, and collaboration on promotional activities. Effective communication ensures smooth coordination and alignment between all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

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Your dealers and distributors can easily access the details of their submitted orders including the fulfillment status, ongoing product-wise promotions, warehouses or fulfilment and delivery locations, product categories and products on a single view which increases their productivity to manage their day-to-day operations.

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DMS automates various processes such as inventory management, order processing, and payment tracking, leading to a reduction in manual errors while an increase in efficiency and overall productivity.

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DMS provides you with valuable insights into your sales and distribution channels. It allows you to track inventory levels at all entities even at their location levels, monitor order volumes, and analyze market trends. This visibility enables better decision-making, accurate forecasting, and proactive management of the supply chain.

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DMS enables you to assess the performance of your dealers or distributors. It provides analytics and reporting capabilities to measure their sales, incoming payments and more. This data-driven analysis helps identify areas for improvement and optimize channel performance.

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DMS allows you to provide a separate or restricted view to your downstream channel players, depending on your business needs.

distributor management system

Damco’s DMS provides you with the much-required farsightedness of the business through detailed insights into the miniscule details. You can leverage these insights to improve decision making by spotting revenue leakage points and nurturing areas for new opportunities.

dealer management software

Take The First Step Toward Streamlined, Transparent, and Efficient Dealership Network with Damco’s Dealer Management System

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dealership management system streamlines sales, inventory, reports, parts, order fulfillment, and customer service for dealerships. It enables a comprehensive view of all dealership activities, including inventory, sales, service, finance, warranty, and customer interactions, accessible in real-time from any location with precision.

With a contemporary dealership management system, you and your team gain access to versatile features, allowing your business to be managed according to your preferences, from any device and location. This comprehensive system by Damco offers full control and transparency across sales, parts, service, and accounts, facilitating efficient order processing, real-time inventory tracking, automated service reminders, and seamless integration with existing accounting software.

A Dealership Management Solution benefits customers by improving service efficiency, providing personalized interactions, offering real-time inventory information, facilitating faster order processing, and transparent communication. It streamlines processes, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Various industries can benefit from using our DMS, including automotive, warehousing, retail, manufacturing, marine, and agriculture. Essentially, any business dealing with inventory, sales, and customer service can leverage our solution to streamline operations.

No, a Distributor Management System (DMS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system are not the same. A DMS focuses on managing distributor-related tasks, such as inventory and sales, while a CRM system is designed to manage customer interactions, sales leads, and customer data.

DMS offerings differ among dealer management system providers, ranging from simple versions with core features to sophisticated systems with advanced capabilities. The right DMS should match your business needs, providing customer management, data storage, spare parts inventory, comprehensive reporting, and an activity dashboard.