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Automated Data Copy Solution for Your Salesforce Org

PostObject Pro is a Salesforce data mapping software that facilitates users to create a new object record from the source object. It automatically copies all the values from the source object to the target object as per the specified mapping without the need for custom code from administrators or developers.

PostObject Pro—Salesforce Data Copy Tool

PostObject Pro for is one of the best data mapping tools available on AppExchange that allows Salesforce administrators to copy the data from one object to another. With this data mapping app, Salesforce users can create/modify records from the source object to the target object based on custom fields by mapping the source object fields to the target object ones.

PostObject Pro is a complete data mapping solution that allows:

  • Data conversion from the source object to target objects
  • Field mapping from the source object to target objects
  • Defining the time intervals at which replication occurs
  • Storing errors as logs during sync to minimize data loss

As one of the leading data mapping companies, Damco’s solution brings convenience to businesses that are worried about storing, mapping, and retrieving heaps of data. The solution is designed to ease data migration, automatically fetch the values of other object fields, making cloning multiple objects in Salesforce a less tedious and time taking job, and simplify data merge/mapping.

Damco’s data mapping Salesforce solution — PostObject Pro defines the field mappings between two objects and uses the mapping to auto-populate the values from source object to target object while creating the target object record. Its flexible interface ensures that users can choose from Field Mapping as well as Value Mapping options. Users can also define specific values for target object fields—as in the case where the desired field mapping doesn’t exist.

Kick-start data mapping in Salesforce.Get started with PostObject Pro.

Benefits of Data Mapping Tools for Salesforce Orgs

  • Lightning-ready Salesforce native app with intuitive UI
  • Auto-matching of fields based on the field type, name, and API
  • Process automation and data hygiene with the best data quality
  • Define mappings for the new objects and new fields on the go
  • Two-step easy configuration to enable seamless data replication
  • No custom code or automation required from administrators
  • Works on simple API permission enabled in Salesforce
  • Easier, faster deployment and user-friendly interface
Salesforce Package for Data Copy

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