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The Client Profile

The client stands among India’s leading investment banking and financial services groups. They provide structured finance and SME finance offerings to help business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their growth potential. They hold expertise in building customized solutions in areas such as investment banking, asset management, wealth management, and SME lending. The client excels in designing intelligent solutions and providing innovative financial advice to keep up with the evolving customer needs.

The Need for Centralized Lending Process and Improved Field Sales Potential

The client stands at the forefront in driving swift credit disbursals for entrepreneurs and business owners. Despite recording a good customer base and a name in the space, the client was facing challenges in efficiently managing the customer data and interactions. Initially, the client was manually updating customer information and their journeys to their loan origination system (LOS) and loan management system (LMS), which was tedious and highly prone to human errors.

From customer onboarding to loan disbursal and recovery, the lending process includes multiple stages, making it an operations-heavy, unmanageable, and a time-consuming process, such as lead management, documentation, underwriting, evaluation, legal verification, and disbursal documentation.

The client realized the need for a cost-effective digital solution that could take some burden off their Sales team, centralize the lending process, improve customer experience, and maintain a repository for handy access to all the significant data. Alongside, manual verifications and heaps of paperwork were time-consuming; resulting in delayed loan disbursals, which they could avoid with the customized digital solution.

Meanwhile, the lack of provision to monitor employee attendance, absence of location-enabled data, and inefficient team collaboration were some of the concerns that required immediate attention to maximize their field sales potential.


Manual management of customer records

Lack of centralized customer repository

Time-consuming loan disbursal process

Lack of provision to monitor attendance

Sub-optimized schedule of field salesperson

No location-enabled employee movement data

The Solution

Damco’s team understood the challenge and stepped in with a customized Salesforce® platform. To harmonize with the exact business requirements, Damco’s team helped the client leverage the optimal mix of two distinct solutions; Loans Neo and Field Sales Connect. Both solutions are built on the Salesforce® platform.

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Unified Loan Management with Loans Neo

Damco identified centralization and improved management of customer journeys and information to be of high priority. The team implemented Loans Neo to help the client escape tedious manual interventions and the resultant errors. The seamless integration of Loans Neo with their existing LOS and LMS enabled them with a smooth, centralized, and highly efficient operating model. It allowed them to substantially reduce the time taken for the complete loan disbursal process in a very cost-effective manner.

Additionally, to make the complete loan cycle swift and streamlined, Damco –

  • Replaced manual loan applications with e-applications for better accessibility and reduced paperwork
  • Included CIBIL score verification within the platform for swift validations and legal verifications
  • Helped them replace the human judgment-based underwriting process to provide timely approvals and mitigate credit risks
  • Provided a mobile-friendly and lightning-ready application
  • Provided a single app for the complete loan process for better accessibility and performance

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Improved Sales Efficiency with Field Sales Connect

To help the client streamline the complete sales activity, Damco implemented Field Sales Connect. With this implementation, the client could leverage a centrally-managed attendance module to monitor in and out time for all the employees. With the help of Google APIs, the client could also capture the real-time location details of the employees and the total distance traveled between different meeting venues. The implementation helped the client optimize the schedule of the field salesperson and improve team collaboration along with optimized internal processes like reimbursements.

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“NBFC sector has witnessed a drastic digital shift over the past few years. Our client realized the potential technology-driven solutions hold for the business growth and decided to transform their sub-optimized operating model,” says Alok Khandelwal, Vice President – Salesforce Practice, Damco Solutions. “With the best-in-class functionality and strategic application integrations, Damco could provide a centralized, fully functional, and scalable solution to streamline their complete loan cycle and maximize their field sales potential. This helped them witness 30% revenue growth, 50% improvement in operational efficiency and 80% reduction in credit decision making along with improved their overall customer experience.”

Watch our NBFC-customized solution in action.

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Value Delivered – Driving Greater Operational Efficiency and Energizing the Field Sales Force

  • The client can now centrally manage all the customer journeys and information without having to indulge in heavy paperwork.
  • The client now leverages a digital platform to manage the complete lending process. This helps them reduce the overall time taken for the loan disbursal.
  • The Loans Neo integration with their existing LOS and LMS eliminates the manual interventions and takes some burden off their employees.
  • A lightning-ready mobile-optimized app with customer-centric UI now manages manifold steps of the loan cycle with ease.
  • With the help of Field Sales Connect, the client can now optimize the schedule for sales representatives and maximize the field sales potential.
  • Collaboration with the sales team is now easier than ever; location-enabled field sales activity helps in improved productivity.
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