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Client Profile

The client is a leading logistics technology provider with key clientele including e-commerce, retail, and third-party logistics companies. By leveraging client’s distinctive amalgamation of real-time visibility, logistics orchestration, and customer experience, businesses are reducing their logistics overheads while improving operational efficiency and end-customers’ satisfaction. The client is operating through five global offices, serving over 150 customers across 30 countries.

The Problem

The client had a very tailored pricing model as per their customers’ requirements which led to issues in integrating the quoting and ordering activities. The client wanted to synergize and link their sales and financial aspects in backend through a CRM, which matches the unique pricing model of their services. This posed as a challenge since it required a completely new solution and the right resources with expertise to implement this highly customized solution.

  • Complicated pricing model with no standardization:
    The client’s existing pricing model had considerable variations since their services and prices were completely based on their customer’s varying requirements, which resulted in lack of any standardization in the pricing.
  • Imminent requirement of new CPQ software:
    The client required Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software that ties sales and finance funnel in the most cohesive manner and provides dynamic product-based pricing to customers.


Lack of synergy between sales and finance data flows

Individual customer-specific services and associated pricing

Lack of a standardized pricing model

Requirement for a custom CPQ solution

The Solution

Damco provided strategic advisory services in which a detailed analysis of the client’s unique business requirements and challenges was carried out to identify the right fit solution. Based on the findings, Damco’s Salesforce professionals planned to implement Salesforce CPQ solution to meet the client’s unique requirements. It allowed the client’s sales team to create quotes with customized product and pricing configurations based on the buyer’s needs, and then sync all interactions with a deal’s documents, within the Salesforce CRM.

Delivery of On-demand Salesforce CPQ Experts

Damco staffed the majority of the Salesforce professionals with Salesforce CPQ expertise and technical architects for the implementation of the solution.

Implementation of Salesforce CPQ Solution

Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick)-based solution was deployed which had highly customizable templates, validation testing, and prompts to successfully guide customers throughout their journey- including flagging products that should not be bought together.

Implementation of Dynamic Pricing Rules

Lastly, the team implemented dynamic pricing rules which helped the client price the different SaaS based products on the basis of their usage.

The Benefits

The Salesforce CPQ solution provided a comprehensive view of customers, leading to a significant growth in revenue generation.

  • A 360° view of customers: The newly deployed fully integrated quoting and ordering process provided a comprehensive view of customers, including the products they are using, terms and processes associated with payments, quotes in progress and accounts.
  • More cross-sell and up-sell Opportunities: The client also had a full visibility to their customer’s conversation history, and recommended products based on their current usage that led to sales team being better equipped with cross- and up-sell their products and services.
  • Significant growth in the top line: After the deployment of Salesforce CPQ solution, there was a growth of 40% in the client’s topline.
Customized Salesforce CPQ Solution

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