Remote Workforce Management


Damco’s iWorkRemote is a Workforce Management Solution featuring a comprehensive explication that provides a 360-degree view of managing remote employees at varying levels in a single-window. From standard features such as Time Tracking, Attendance Compliance, or Identity Verification to advanced automated functionalities for Office Asset Management and Expense Reimbursement— the tool seamlessly manages remote workforce.


Managing Remote Employees

Performance Effectively

Coronavirus pandemic related unprecedented global crisis has translated physical workspaces into globally distributed yet digitally connected teams.

To monitor and drive efficiency in the remote workforce, stakeholders necessitate tools for

  • Evaluating productivity of cross-functional teams
  • Ensuring collaboration among distributed teams
  • Attendance compliance management as per shifts
  • Visibility into project deliverables and performance metrics
  • Managing allocation of niche skilled resources

Workforce Management Solution from Damco enables management of distributed workforce with the reduced cost of ownership. The solution is designed to identify and curb inefficiencies in managing remote employees.

Built over, Workforce Management Solution helps in monitoring workflows, open perimeter devices, analyze time on projects/tasks, and fill security gaps from offsite access.

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Remote Workforce Management Solution Facilitates

  • Attendance and Time Tracking
  • Management of office Inventory and Assets
  • Ticket Management across Multiple Departments
  • Automated Reimbursement Management
  • Seamless Access through Multiple Devices
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics Features
  • Superbly dynamic Management of Tasks
Remote Workforce Management

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Damco’s Salesforce® Implementation Service Delivers

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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud aims in creating a well-structured sales process, assisting both sales managers and reps in accelerating businesses to generate more relevant leads.

Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, organizations can get faster, smarter, and reliable case resolution with a granular customer view along with efficient management.

Marketing Cloud

Deploy personalized, bilateral, and real-time engagement enabled by data pooled across multiple sources to deliver a seamless experience across every stage.

Analytics Cloud

Generate cohesive insights by analyzing both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data, instantly explore answers to complex business questions.

Data Migration

Seamless movement of analytics-ready data assets from one platform to another with zero data loss, faster adoption, swift transition, and a hundred percent efficiency of data migration.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

Readiness evaluation and rapid upgrade to Salesforce Lightning version with high-fidelity data, app, and workflow migration for maximum advantage.

Field Service Lightning

Deliver swift, intelligent, and efficient field services once you connect your entire workforce on one platform. Scheduling, resource optimization, van inventory solutions for the Field Service Industry of all scales and sizes.

Salesforce Platform Extension

Integrations with other enterprise applications to end to end business flow. Strong experience in MuleSoft.


B2B marketing automation solutions that empower marketing and sales to create and manage online marketing campaigns along with lead nurturing from one central platform.

Damco and Salesforce®

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Salesforce Managed Services Provider in USA.
  • Established CoE Strong experience in major product lines for SFDC covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and platform
  • 50+ Projects and implementations on Salesforce
  • Integrations Strong experience in integrating Salesforce with other Enterprise Apps
  • Programming Expertise Across all programming languages on Apex, Lightning Framework and Visual Force
  • Awarded ‘Top Salesforce Consultants 2019’ by Clutch
  • Global delivery Team Projects executed & resource availability in USA, UK, Luxembourg, Australia, and India.
  • Enterprise Apps on AppExchange Conceptualization, Design, development and rollout of numerous custom apps on AppExchange

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