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Client Profile

The client is one of the leading car vendors and auto finance companies in the USA and Canada region. They are committed to providing their members with professional, comprehensive, high-quality customer service for car leasing, car loans, auctions, etc.

The Challenge

The client provides retail loans and lease programs through multiple auto dealers. They provide cars on a lease on a yearly basis. When the lease period gets over, the customer has to return the car to the company. After that, the company will repair those cars, check all insurance papers and put the car on lease again or in auction for sale. The whole remarketing process had to be captured on a system.

In the absence of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the client faced a horde of issues starting from inefficient capturing auction and repair-related data, unorganized marketing activities, and decreased customer satisfaction.

  • Limited Data Accessibility and Usage due to absence of a centralized system to maintain data related to customers, cars, lease programs, and auction details in one place.
  • Inefficient and Complex Leasing Processes leading to urgent need of consolidating corporate business processes and establishing a clearly defined division of labor.
  • Low Customer Satisfaction as there was no provision for real-time communication with customers.
  • Unorganized Communication Channels as a result of which the client badly needed a centralized sales calendar where they could easily track all information related to “auction events” and” auction information” They were also not able to fully utilize the fiserve tool to access the remarketing information.


No integrated solution to keep all data in one central repository

Lack of consolidated business processes

Infrequent and inefficient customer interactions resulting in low customer satisfaction

No centralized system to track auction-related information

The Solution

Damco designed and implemented the Salesforce schema for the client. The solution included the following elements:

A Tailor-made Salesforce CRM With Customized Visualforce Pages and Dashboards

  • Implementation of workflows, validation rules, duplicate management, formula fields and process builder to achieve a range of functionalities through standardized Salesforce processes
  • Create custom objects in Salesforce such as vehicles, auctions, and auction event vehicles specific to the client requirements
  • Enable tracking of all information related to vehicles and distribution centers on Salesforce
  • Provide search functionality to get quick information on the location of a particular vehicle and which distribution center it is currently in, and its status
  • Implementation of a custom sales calendar to track auction information including information on how many auctions per month, which vehicles in which auction, etc.
  • Develop custom Visualforce pages for auctioning and repairing of a vehicle
  • Integration with existing Fiserv app using Rest API to track the information related to remarketing
  • Creation of customized reports and dashboards to help management team access insights on various facets of their business e.g., how many vehicle leases will expire in any given month, or how many vehicles are there in any specific distribution center

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Value Delivered

A More Efficient, Inter-Connected System to Monitor All Information

Implementation of Salesforce CRM enabled the client to accomplish the following benefits:

  • Simplified and consolidated processes improving divisional labor management
  • Ability to track all activities related to the re-marketing process on one platform
  • Easily access data related to customers, cars, auctions and repairs through a central repository
  • Easy to track which vehicle is in which distribution center
  • Easy to stay updated on which vehicle is available for re-marketing or repair
  • Easily send vehicles to auctions for sale
  • Easy to track the information of all upcoming auctions
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through real-time communication with increased frequency

salesforce CRM implementation

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