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Salesforce Integration Services for a Connected User Experience

Successful Salesforce integration with other systems requires expert know-how of diverse tools, techniques, best practices, and an appropriate roadmap above all. Damco Solutions is one of the reputed integration partners serving a global client base with dependable Salesforce integration services. Strategized by certified professionals, our client-focused offerings enable effortless CRM integration with third-party applications. Moving data from disparate sources like Cloud, databases, and applications (Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle business, etc.) into Salesforce extracts the true potential of our integration initiatives.

Being a leading Salesforce integration consultant, we ensure that the data is well synchronized with your business systems and maintains the highest quality. Our extensive expertise in CRM integration services helps businesses with automated procedures and workflows for a better user experience. Serving enterprises with a broad array of services including Salesforce application integration and Salesforce chatbot integration, our technical experts enable organizations to concentrate on higher-value opportunities.

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Our Salesforce Integration Services



Rest/ SOAP API is the most common way to integrate Salesforce with third-party web and mobile applications that do not involve access to the volumes of data. Having served a global client base around industries, we stand amongst preferred Salesforce integration partners for Salesforce integration into websites, mobile apps, cloud applications, and other enterprise applications using REST/ SOAP APIs or custom web services catering to specific business needs.


ERP Integration

Our Salesforce integration services enable sales teams to gain a real-time view of customers, vendors, and other stakeholders on a single platform. As one of the leading Salesforce integration partners, we offer end-to-end services to integrate Salesforce CRM with widely used ERP systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle ERP Cloud, Sage, NetSuite, and many others. Our Salesforce integration services help organizations in aligning resource management and sales seamlessly.


Accounting Software Integration

Accurate information about financial transactions provides better control over functions like data entry, invoice generation, and payment collection. From standard third-party software (Zoho Books, QuickBooks) to customized finance & accounting solutions, we have proven experience in carrying a wide range of Salesforce integrations. With accounting integration services, our Salesforce integration consultants enable 360-degree visualization and analysis of the organizational finances for generating useful business insights.


Marketing Automation Integration

Successful CRM integration with marketing automation helps in faster lead nurturing, increased lead conversion rate, and amplified customer engagement. Our Salesforce Integration services ensure a multifold increase in business opportunities through effective marketing strategy and personalized customer journeys. With a proven track record in assimilating, we simplify the integration of Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zoho Campaigns, etc.


Social Media Integration

Integrating social media platforms amplifies business visibility and personalizes communication with prospective customers resulting in broader avenues for social selling. Social media integration with Salesforce allows organizations to capitalize on user preferences and convert them to potential leads. Our Salesforce integration services let organizations track the social engagement of the leads real-time, boost their online marketing performance, and reap the benefits of social media platforms.


E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce integration drives businesses to enhance their customer experience and online performance by streamlining various sales operations from discovery to delivery. We channelize hassle-free Salesforce integration with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others for effective management of demand forecast, fortifying cross-selling, and upselling with personalized marketing campaigns.


Chatbot Integration

Salesforce chatbot integration provides full control to administer the information search, auto-reply calls, and boost customer engagement. Salesforce offers an impeccable platform that endows organizations with automated CRM and embedded artificial intelligence (AI). We support enterprises to harness the power of AI-enabled Salesforce application integration for enhanced customer experience by integrating chatbots.


Payment Gateway Integration

Salesforce allows secure payment gateway integration to conclude the sales process. Damco offers reliable services to integrate Salesforce with widely used payment gateways to receive payments through different modes. Our secure payment gateway integration services automate the recording of transactions to the Salesforce CRM databases and help organizations to create a funnel for nurtured leads by directing all payments to a centralized platform.


Collaboration Tools Integration

Organizations are adopting diverse collaboration tools and platforms like Office 365 and SharePoint to store and manage crucial business information. Our Salesforce integration consultants help companies have a well-organized content management system in place enforcing seamless collaboration between teams. By integrating collaboration tools with Salesforce, we help organizations save big on licensing costs, and prevent duplication of documents.


Calendar & Email Integration

Real-time sync with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange allows the staff to stay updated on upcoming tasks and appointments. To help organizations achieve amplified workforce productivity, we enable a collaborative ecosystem through the calendar and email integration with the Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce integration consultants assist in integrations with various productivity tools including calendar and email clients, eliminating the need of logging into multiple applications.



Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) helps businesses to nurture leads faster and deliver augmented customer experience. Our CTI services support organizations in leveraging their sales outreach programs by identifying and directing the inbound & outbound calls to the CRM and allowing PSTN & VoIP calling from within the Salesforce platform. Damco’s Salesforce and CTI integration services improve overall call management and lead capturing through automatic calling, one-click calls, call routing, distribution, logging, and recording.


ITSM Integration

Salesforce and IT service management (ITSM) integration adds visibility to the support and sales processes promoting internal communication. We are known as one of the reputed Salesforce integration partners expediting service ticket resolution and enriching customer interactions through real-time tracking of customer issues, requests, and opportunities. We help prioritize service requests based on the customer history and level of criticality, enabling businesses to serve their consumers with more agility.

Salesforce Integration Tools & Platforms


Salesforce integration with SAP CRM capacitates organizations with effective front-end customer data management and backend ERP concurrently. We help enterprises to leverage the benefits of real-time order processing and management with minimized data redundancy, optimized data, and performance management. Damco’s seamless Salesforce-SAP CRM integration services support businesses in exceeding their financial goals through accelerated cash flow and ROI.


Salesforce’s Mulesoft is used for complex integrations into a broad spectrum of applications used by enterprises. The high-end API integration can be simplified using different connectors offered by Mulesoft. Our Salesforce professionals let organizations benefit from hassle-free deployment of integrated Salesforce solutions with applications including ERP systems and other business-focused applications using Mulesoft promoting market readiness and faster service delivery.

Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud is a subscription-based platform that facilitates seamless integration of Cloud CRM with data warehouses, ERP,, and other applications while enforcing effective cloud Master Data Management (MDM). We optimize Informatica Cloud for frictionless integration with cloud-based, on-premise, and mobile data sources for secure exchange of Salesforce data.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi enables big enterprises to scale quickly with Salesforce by integrating with various databases and systems. Our Salesforce integration consultants have comprehensive technical skills and know-how to eradicate all complexities associated with real-time data transfer and Salesforce integration into existing business systems like accounting, e-commerce, marketing automation, and ERP through effortless integration using Dell Boomi.


RapidiOnline comes with an array of pre-configured templates for affluent integration of the highly valued ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365. This Salesforce integration platform allows custom reports generation and interactive dashboards for data visualizations to track performance in real-time. We ensure robust Salesforce integration with RapidiOnline at affordable costs.


Allowing customization to address specific business needs, Commercient allows Salesforce integration with various accounting and ERP systems, including Sage and Quickbooks. Our Salesforce teams follow best practices and methodology to integrate Salesforce and third-party systems with add-ons like customized reports using Commercient while lowering down the integration costs significantly.


Permitting a plethora of API integrations for different sizes of businesses, Jitterbit offers the flexibility to integrate Salesforce with cloud and hybrid applications through a single digital platform containing several integration solutions. With substantial expertise in Salesforce integration consulting and deployment, we aid organizations to meet their business goals quickly.


Specifically designed for SAP-focused integrations, Orbis is widely used in connecting Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP systems. Having expertise in advanced technologies, our Salesforce professionals develop intelligent business solutions with real-time analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and others by integrating Salesforce and third-party systems through Orbis.

Tibco Scribe

Tibco Scribe offers a variety of templates, an intuitive management console, and high flexibility to customize need-based integrations. We have an edge in deploying Tibco Scribe for integrating cloud-based ERP systems through BI-powered software like HubSpot catering to unique customization requirements without disrupting the business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating Salesforce with systems like accounting, ERP, CMS, etc. streamlines overall operations in a unified ecosystem and allows data analysis in real-time. Managers and directors can leverage Salesforce integration to make informed decisions through useful insights so generated.

Tools like Informatica Cloud, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, RapidiOnline, Commercient, Jitterbit, Orbis, Tibco Scribe are widely used to integrate Salesforce with other business systems. Organizations also embrace REST/ SOAP API integration for underlying communication with third-party systems.

Hiring a Salesforce integration consulting company can help to mitigate the risks of data loss and business disruptions during the process. Well-versed with various approaches to integrate Salesforce adhering to specific business requirements, established Salesforce integration partners facilitate painless connection of your Salesforce CRM with other systems like accounting and ERP in use.

REST or RESTful API must be considered for smooth integration of mobile apps and Web 2.0 projects with Salesforce. REST allows a smooth interaction with Lightning Platform through Web Services APIs making it the best choice for integrating and developing Salesforce with greater flexibility.