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The Client

The client is one of the largest providers of health care services globally. Headquartered in the United States and Ireland, they provide supply chain & logistics solutions to pharmaceuticals. They are also leading manufacturers of medical supplies such as gloves, apparels, and fluids and laboratory products. They serve as a crucial link between the clinical and operational sides of healthcare, delivering healthcare solutions and data-driven insights.

The Problem

The client’s Australian division was operating on Salesforce classic, an old version of the current Salesforce system, for their day-to-day sales operations including managing sales opportunities, work orders and inventories. The productivity of their sales team took a nosedive due to the absence of new features which were available only in Salesforce Lightning. The client wanted to move to Salesforce Lightning without disrupting their business-critical sales operations.


Low productivity of the sales team

Overall poor user experience from Salesforce Classic

Limited accessibility from anywhere, on any device hampered customer experience

Limited integration with other third-party systems prevented seamless data transfer

The Solution

Assessing the current Salesforce system to develop a seamless migration roadmap

Damco collaborated with the client to perform an initial analysis of the current Salesforce, the setup, the business process, the bottlenecks, and the need for migration. Readiness check was done to help the client determine what will be impacted for its sales operation teams during and post migration. Then, Damco proposed a roadmap to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, with limited impact on the existing business process.

Migrating from Classic UI to Lightning UI

There is a vast difference in terms of UI between Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. Damco migrated every user from the Salesforce Classic UI to Salesforce Lightning UI and provided demo on the Lightning UX and UI to the users to onboard them to Salesforce Lightning seamlessly.

Enabling Lightning voice and synchronizing apps

Damco also enabled Lightning voice for sales users that let them connect with customers instantly. For real-time synchronization between Outlook and Salesforce that eased scheduling meetings directly with clients, Lightning for Outlook was enabled.

Upgrading Visual Force pages for better responsiveness and user experience (UX)

Damco worked on upgrading the client’s pages on Visual Force to Lightning with spot on responsiveness. The pages load faster, engage better with users and overall have better response to different user devices. Necessary standard UI corrections were done to improve the overall UX.

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Value Delivered

Salesforce Lightning delivered improved functionality and productivity, a better user experience and user interface, enhanced reports and dashboards, and a boost in efficiency.

  • Salesforce Lightning, with its prominent features such as Outlook, Voice, and UI, helped the client increase the productivity by 70%; this significantly improved their top line.
  • The client’s internal survey yielded a 90% CSAT score that displayed successful adoption of Salesforce Lightning among the internal employees.
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