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Client Profile

The client is a leading finance analytical company in India, providing ratings, research, risk and policy advisory services to its clients.

The Problem

The client was leveraging MS Office, including spreadsheets, to manage the entire sales processes. Be it lead management, client management, finance management and billing, or any other related intermediate steps, all the processes were handled manually, making them prone to errors, labor intensive, time consuming, and tedious to manage and maintain. Moreover, all reports were still generated through MS Excel files without any central data repository which was making data processing inefficient and reports less reliable. It also impacted sales and customer journey since it took a long time to collect and verify the data.

  • Absence of a user-friendly sales enablement platform:
    There was an apparent lack of a unified sales enablement platform as entire sales processes were handled through spreadsheets, which was error-prone, tedious to maintain and vulnerable toward security breaches.
  • High cost-to-service due to inefficient data management:
    The entire business-critical data, including client details, billing and financial details was stored in silos with no central data repository acting as a single source of truth. Therefore, the data retrieval and validation were not on time which was affecting user trust on the brand.
  • Unreliable and limited reporting:
    All reports were generated via MS Excel in silos which limited the scope of analysis of the data for further business insights.


Manual, error-prone sales processes

Use of legacy spreadsheets for management of sales processes

Inefficient data management with no central data repository leading to high cost-to-serve

Absence of automation-driven sales process to enhance customer communication

Unreliable legacy reporting system

The Solution

As the client’s consulting partner for their existing Salesforce enhancements and maintenance, Damco carefully analyzed the business challenges and associated requirements, thereby reaching the conclusion that there’s a need to automate the entire sales process through the implementation of Salesforce.

Implementation of Salesforce Lightning-led sales processes

  • Damco’s team of Salesforce experts implemented Salesforce system – powered by Salesforce Lightning framework to bring and automate end-to-end lead management, customer management, mandate processing, and billing under one platform.
  • To enhance the scope of deployed platform, it was integrated with 3rd party systems through various APIs

Deployment of a centralized database

  • The team deployed a centralized database for storing sensitive data related to leads, clients, billing and finance management which can retrieve desired data much faster.

Implementation of Einstein Activity Capture for automating sales communication triggers through MS Outlook

  • Salesforce was integrated with existing Microsoft Outlook and synchronization was completed with the deployed Salesforce Lightning platform through Einstein Activity Capture.
  • This helped the client automate their communication and reminders to customers regarding due dates and specific tasks.

Development of custom mobile app, dashboards and reports

  • The team developed unique dashboards and tailored reports for different user categories as per their requirements and usability.
  • Intuitive mobile application was developed for the sales team to access the lead, client and billing details from anywhere anytime

The Benefits

The successful implementation, enhancement and management of Salesforce system simplified the end-to-end sales processes. It helped the client improve the productivity and efficacy of the sales team and rating processes which impacted the customer experience positively.

  • Improved Customer Journey and Sales Performance: Significant improvement in the customer journey and overall sales performance with easy management of the whole rating process through a centralized, unified app.
  • Simplified Lead Management: Highly streamlined and simplified lead and client management, and sales processes leading to improved productivity of business developers.
  • Improved User Productivity: Enhanced productivity of Salesforce users in sales team as the Lightning Experience’s intuitive interface and enhanced features helped them navigate the platform faster.
  • Reduced Costs: Significant reduction in the overall operational costs due to reduction in time-to-serve, especially time between mandate receiving and rating release.
salesforce lightning implementation

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