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Service Offerings

Our Business Intelligence Solutions are characterized by the following:

  • We incorporate various technologies, proven methodologies and mature processes to provide Business Intelligence Services as per your specific requirements and needs
  • Driven by extensive experience as a Business Intelligence Service Providers in architecture and design consulting, data warehousing, reporting, and analytics; our cloud Business Intelligence Solutions enable shrinking in the time frame required for implementation.
  • We process and convert data through extradition, transforming, cleansing, and messaging process with the help of data warehousing services.


Business Analytics
  • 810+ person years of experience in business and web analytics solutions
  • 120+ professionals across the globe under this practice
  • Equipped organizations with actionable insights into their customers, employees, partners, suppliers, products, and services
  • 110+ successfully implemented Business Analytics projects
  • 60+ clients in North America, UK, EMEA, and APAC
  • Empowered businesses with improved operational efficiencies for better performance and decision support systems

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