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Damco Enters into Partnership with Nividous

Understanding the Need of Hyperautomationin Business

Is your business keeping up with the rising digital demands? Do you have the new-age work processes and resources that today’s ambitious workforce needs? Are you finding it easy to meet new regulatory compliances?

If the response to any of the questions is “NO,” then a business-driven, disciplined approach, “Hyperautomation.” can help! It is an extension of legacy business process automation that can streamline any and every process possible in your organization to help you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced, highly distributed, resource-starved environment.

Amplify Business Value With End-to-end Intelligent Automation

A strategic alliance of AI tools with RPA, “Hyperautomation” helps automate repetitive
manual tasks executed in primary core and non-core business processes.

By partnering with Nividous, we aim to execute Business Process Management tools and other intelligent automation solutions for the clients, especially in the Insurance and Finance sector. So that they get improved process throughput, enhanced auditing and compliance facilities, and elevated employees’ and customers’ experiences.

Intelligent Process Automation

Nividous- Unleash Your Business’s True Potential With Intelligent Automation

Automate any business process, in any environment, with the combination of RPA, Business Process Management, and Artificial Intelligence— helping you work smarter, deliver faster, and innovate better.


Reduction in Manual Work


Reduction in Operational Cost


Enhanced Process Visibility

Why Damco + Nividous

Full Spectrum of Technology Services Across Multiple Industries

We offer a complete range of services from strategic consulting to development, implementation, integration, and ongoing managed services across multiple industries worldwide like Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, etc.

Driving Next-wave Productivity With Intelligent Automation

Our certified RPA specialists help integrate intelligent automation for businesses of all sizes to facilitate a new competitive edge, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

We’re Prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Are You?

Besides RPA based intelligent solutions, our experts build, redesign, and customize futuristic systems leveraging emerging tech like AI, ML, and Blockchain to help our clients upgrade efficiently and affordably— transforming processes.

Learn How Hyperautomation Can Benefit Your Business