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Insurance Management System to Mitigate Inefficiencies & Boost Productivity

Insurance organizations are hard-pressed to orchestrate and renew existing customer policies, timely process claims, and efficiently address customer queries. The multiple steps involved in fulfilling these insured needs make it essential for them to manage their operations seamlessly using top-notch insurance solutions. An insurance management software is a central touchpoint for carriers, brokers, and agents that helps them manage operational tasks seamlessly while saving time and cost.

Damco’s InsureEdge is an integrated and scalable insurance policy management system designed to help insurers achieve maximum benefits through its feature-rich, configurable solutions for a broad range of general, life, and health insurance products. The software enables insurance companies to aggregate their records on a single platform, allowing for efficient management of client communication, databases, and documentation. InsureEdge standardizes business processes and operations, and thus boosts engagement levels across various segments. Its versatility with third-party integrations and excellent post-sales support further enhance its capabilities.

Insurance Management System

InsureEdge Modules

InsureEdge, a state-of-the-art insurance management system, optimizes organizational processes with its simplified and ready-to-use modules. Leveraging over two decades of experience as one of the best insurance software companies, we designed our solution to reduce process complexities and accelerate time to market.

Claims Administration

Seamlessly manage your claims by registering the first report of loss and documenting the information required for processing them.

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Policy Administration

Create quotes, enforce policies, make endorsements, renewals, and cancellations with our policy management suite.

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Manage your contacts and communications with clients, brokers, agents, and vendors in a single place.

Mobile App

Allow your customers to view and manage their policies or raise concern through interactive chats through this self-service mobile app.

Agency Portal

Set up your agencies or manage existing agents easily. The software facilitates real-time data exchange between brokers/agents and users.

Product Administration

Customize system configuration, manage users, and control access. Set up rates, discounts, or loadings.


Configure reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements, integrate reinsurance processing within policy administration.

Dashboard & Reporting

Access your data with 80+ standard and statistical ready reports. Export reports for additional scrutiny.

Document Management

Upload multiple documents against a policy/claim and manage them easily with our insurance management system.

Bring innovation in your customer-centric processes with a modern insurance management software

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InsureEdge Lines of Business

Damco, a leading insurance software company, has developed InsureEdge as a one-stop solution that addresses multivariate needs across multiple lines of business – Life, Health, and General Insurance.

Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance

Damco’s insurance software system covers P&C policy details, automated renewal features, and claims workflow management. Insurers can automate and digitize business processes through one unified dashboard. They also get access to all facets of P&C insurance such as policy, rating, billing, claims, data analytics, and more.

  • Exception-based underwriting by risk, user, policy, and transaction type
  • Automate and integrate customer service, underwriting, claims, policy management, and back-end processes via end-to-end integrations
  • Access interactive dashboard that showcases critical data in real-time with ready regulatory and statutory reports to give you greater control over your business

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Property & Casualty Insurance

Health Insurance

InsureEdge brings efficiency and digitization to the health insurance space by modernizing systems and strategizing processes. The automated insurance software solution helps reduce the time and cost of performing mission-critical business functions like claims processing, benefit administration, and more.

  • Leverage digital tools to compare products in real time, assess benefits, and streamline customer feedback
  • In-built wizard automates recurring payments
  • Includes medical provider integration tools

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Health Insurance

Life Insurance

InsureEdge accelerates life insurers’ speed to market by modernizing policy lifecycle. Insurers can develop and generate new life and annuity plans, automate operations, and efficiently manage work processes by leveraging self-service and easy-to-use features.

  • Automated rule-based underwriting for less complex/low face value applications
  • Leverage the power of analytics to strategize your life insurance business
  • Automate tricky tasks using Artificial Intelligence

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Life Insurance

Why InsureEdge for Your Insurance Business?

Operational Efficiency

Automate and seamlessly integrate multiple business functions and processes

Enhanced CX

Empower customers to self-service their policies using a feature-rich customer portal

Quick Implementation

Go live quickly with our simple 4-stage implementation process

Multiple Lines of Business

Manage life, health, and general insurance through a common portal

Informed Decisions

Stay informed with extensive reports accessible via mobile-friendly dashboards

Regulation & Compliance

Ensure compliance through ready reports, multi-level escalations, and reminders

Insurance Insights


The benefits of insurance systems are multifold. From automating mundane, manual tasks to saving time, money, frustration, and lost business – an efficient insurance management system stimulates your business growth. For more, read our detailed article.

InsureEdge is an end-to-end insurance software for agents, brokers, carriers, and customers that can pick and choose the offerings that are suitable for their business. The cost of the insurance company software depends on the desired feature set. Contact us for a demo today and get the exact pricing information.

We understand how critical customer data is for your business, especially with employees working from home, and have designed InsureEdge to help you secure that data easily. You can customize system configuration, add/delete/modify users, and control their access to your modules.

Our simple 4-stage implementation process ensures that InsureEdge is up and running in no time.

The best software for insurance companies is easy-to-use, scalable, and secure enough to handle your sensitive data. It works with multiple lines of business such as Life, Health, and P&C insurance, and interacts seamlessly with all your existing systems and legacy software.
As one of the best insurance software companies, we leveraged extensive insurance domain knowledge and experience to create InsurEdge, the insurance management software of choice for agents, brokers, carriers, and employees alike.