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Our Tableau Development Services

We are a widely-acclaimed Tableau consulting company that helps businesses make actionable decisions by transforming their raw data into rich visualizations.

Tableau Consulting Services

With Tableau consulting, businesses can not only uncover data patterns and insights but also dive deep into underlying performance efficiencies.

Tableau Dashboard Development

Improving the acumen of business leaders with Tableau dashboard development that represents insights in rich visualization forms such as charts, tables, heat maps, etc.

Tableau Data Management

Manage your business data more efficiently with Tableau data management that enables your workforce to build analytics on the accurate data.

Tableau Performance Tuning

Our Tableau dashboard development professionals will guide you on why your dashboard delivers poor performance and what needs to be done to fix the slowdown.

Tableau Training

Our seasoned Tableau professionals offer exhaustive training to your workforce till they ace in deriving meaningful insights out of raw data.

Tableau Go-Live Support

Post Tableau implementation, we offer maintenance and support services to help businesses overcome all the functional and technical issues.

Our Tableau Capabilities

Being one of the most versatile Tableau consulting companies, we can help you deploy cutting-edge Tableau reporting and analytics, process-wise or across the organization. Our demonstrable expertise in delivering business outcomes through Tableau has helped clients capitalize on their data assets.

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  • Tableau Product Ecosystem

    Deep experience in deploying BI solutions based on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Mobile, Embedded Analytics, Tableau CRM, and Tableau Server.

  • Data Analytics CoE

    Certified resources with experience in full data lifecycle–requirement gathering, dashboard design, data sourcing/preparation, ingestion, Salesforce and Tableau integration, etc. Faster implementation of complete analytics pipeline–data lake, DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards.

  • BI Reporting Expertise

    Full-fledged PoCs for niche reporting requirements–business performance analysis, resource optimization, market research, trend analysis, strategy & forecasting, customer analysis, budgeting & planning, cost & spend analytics, financial reporting, risk modeling, predictive analytics, and more.

Why Choose Damco for Tableau Consulting Services?

Being one of the reliable Tableau consulting companies, we understand the requirements of every business and customize the data visualization tool tailored to their requirements.

Agile Approach

When it comes to Tableau implementation and customization, we take an agile approach to meet your expectations in a quick turnaround time.

Flexible Communication

When you hit a roadblock, we offer innovative solutions beyond standard business hours to get you going again.

End-User Functionality

Expertise in designing Tableau dashboards keeping the end-user in mind. Simply tell us your challenge and we will customize the tool to address the problem.

Wide Industry Exposure

We have built successful partnerships with businesses from 25+ industries in the last two decades and are counted among top Tableau development services providers.

Data Confidentiality

With our experts’ help, businesses can configure Tableau Server with multiple data sources enabling them to share data across the organization with confidence.

Holistic Approach

We perform an in-depth audit of existing data warehouses for hassle-free Tableau implementation and customization, resulting in optimized TCO.

Our Roadmap for Tableau Implementation

Having unparalleled prowess in Tableau implementation, we enable businesses to tap into their data and unearth business insights to make informed decisions.

tableau development services
  • Requirement Gathering

    Our Tableau server certified professionals work with you to discover business objectives and devise strategic actions for development, implementation, and customization of the data visualization tool.

  • Vendor Selection

    Helps businesses determine the right data visualization tool as per their business requirements, technical resource/IT support availability, visualization/analysis needs, and data governance strategy.

  • Data Integration

    Establish an ETL framework comprising mapping, data cleansing, and transformation. We also perform exhaustive testing of multiple data sources to derive consistent and accurate information for analysis.

  • User Interface

    As one of the leading Tableau consulting firms, we engineer the front-end of data visualization tools for desktop and mobile reporting – interactive and visually rich data visualizations for websites, applications, portals, etc.

  • Onboarding and Documentation

    Personalized hand-holding training for smooth user onboarding and comprehensive documentation for troubleshooting, scaling-up, and solution walkthrough for new users.

Technologies We Work On

Industry Use Cases

Damco’s Data Science & Analytics services have helped business around industries to attain game-changing business intelligence.


Developed an interactive Sales Performance Dashboard that combines complex data from disparate sources, automates the data analysis process, and facilitates real-time analytics with visualizations using graphs and charts for improved sales functions.


Development of custom manager diagnostic analytical dashboard to optimize portfolio management with deeper market insights. Extended professional advisory, product development services, and resources–data analyst, BI analyst, developer, and tester.


Implemented a data science-powered solution for fault predictions, preventive maintenance, demand forecasting, and price optimization. State-of-the-art data analytics solution improved productivity, reduced risk, and optimized supply chain.


Developed a KPI dashboard with rich visuals to gain insights in patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management. It facilitated the stakeholders to streamline patient engagement and improve existing procedures for costs and claims.


Implemented a custom-designed BI solution to support data-driven decisions in supply chain– minimizing late shipments, enhancing visibility of shipment status, reducing loss due to late/off-schedule shipments, and identifying new business opportunities.


Deployed a cutting-edge recommendation engine that improves customer experience and profitability by analyzing relevant KPIs such as purchase behavior, customer churn, cross-selling opportunities missed/won, cart abandonment, CLV, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does outsourcing for Tableau consulting work?

Once you submit the inquiry form, our seasoned BI consultants will connect with you shortly after analyzing your business requirements and project scope. We will offer you flexible engagement plans tailored to your needs coupled with our project proposal.

How much does it cost to outsource the project to Tableau consulting firms?

When you partner with a Tableau consulting company, the cost of outsourcing depends on a host of factors such as the engagement model you opt for, desired business objective, total man-hours required, project scope, and more.

Can I hire Tableau dashboard developers on a full-time basis?

Definitely, you can hire seasoned Tableau certified professionals that have rich experience and expertise in dashboard development, implementation, and performance optimization.

Can I hire Tableau certified professionals as an extension to my in-house data analytics team?

Of course. In fact, we offer team augmentation services to startups, ISVs, SMEs, and large enterprises, wherein, our certified Tableau dashboard developers support your in-house team whenever required.

Does a professional Tableau development company offer ad-hoc support?

Yes, Tableau consulting firms offer ad-hoc support services that help businesses achieve their analytics goals on time and within budget. Connect with our experts to get an estimate for ad-hoc support from Tableau development services providers.

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