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Continuous Evolution of Applications with DevOps Services

DevOps drives functional collaboration, task automation, and faster innovation, ultimately leading to higher efficiency in Development and Operations. Automate delivery pipeline, remove inefficiencies, and reduce costs by making a quick shift to continuous delivery and continuous integration approach.

Damco Solutions facilitates a system of complete visibility across the product development pipeline, distributed responsibility across teams, and shared goals. Through DevOps, we bridge the wide gap between the development and operations teams for expedite product release.

DevOps Services

Our Offerings

Improve Business Value by Streamlining Workflows, Accelerating Software Delivery, and Establishing a Friction-less DevOps Environment

DevOps Consulting Services

Improve the quality of software builds, establish an agile culture, and release applications faster with DevOps consulting services. We harness the power of the cloud and undertake continuous integration and development to help businesses achieve desired objectives at reduced costs.

DevOps Implementation & Containerization Services

Automate end-to-end delivery pipeline, accelerate software release, and deploy and & manage container-driven workloads with DevOps Implementation & Containerization Services. Our development, operations and containerization teams work in tandem to devise a roadmap that helps businesses achieve a competitive advantage.

Azure DevOps Services

Build premium quality applications by leveraging the potential of Azure DevOps, an orchestrator, continuous delivery platform that aims at faster release whilst reducing the budget. Our DevOps professionals understand the need for modern businesses and build Azure interfaces that work smoothly across all platforms.

AWS DevOps Services

Improve your business agility with AWS DevOps Services that not only lets you automate the development cycle, but also enables you to speed up the release, accelerate cloud operations, and reduce costs. Our AWS DevOps architects know how to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

DevOps CI/CD Services

Build a robust continuous integration and delivery strategy that enables you confidently release your product’s new iterations. With our DevOps CI/CD Services, businesses establish a modernized CI/CD pipeline and are able to automate the entire product development cycle.

DevOps Release Management and Orchestration

Tailor and automate the process of release management as per your business needs with DevOps release management and orchestration. With our expert’s help, businesses can automate, optimize and streamline workflows for faster deployments.

Business Benefits

Break Down Silos whilst Establishing a Stable Operating Environment with DevOps Implementation


DevOps aims at reducing the software development life cycle, which in turn, enables businesses to deploy their products quickly.

Improved Collaboration

DevOps provides the much-needed atmosphere to development and operational teams for mutual communication and collaboration.


With DevOps, it is feasible to acquire the scalability needed to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Early Defect Detection

The continuous monitoring and testing environment of DevOps helps in detecting the flaws in the early stages.

Industry Use Cases

Damco’s DevOps consulting services are helping businesses streamline and automate the flow of SDLC

Supply Chain

Empowered a UK-based client to gain complete control over procurement, logistics and transportation, and other indispensable business operations through continuous development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.


Helped a travel client based out of Australia to quickly deploy its application to the market using DevOps. This approach enabled the client to gain a fast-mover advantage over its competitors by continuously testing and integrating new features.


Rapidly increasing clients with their needs required regular enhancement and updates of their applications without operational errors and system failures. Our DevOps experts accelerated delivery of features, bug fixes and updates without any downtime and failures.


Partnered with a San Diego based banking and finance institution to make a smooth transition to agile Cloud infrastructure. This, in turn, improved the scalability and automated infrastructure provisioning with continuous development and deployment.


Worked with a leading healthcare institution to help them manage their operations with our expert DevOps monitoring and support to identify and fix issues and bugs across the range of their internal and user-facing applications.


Provided Devops consulting to a leading manufacturing giant to help them evolve their business using cloud. We reachitected their portfolio using our proven RAPADIT framework and deployed the re-developed solution using the DevOps approach.

Tech Stack and Tools

Damco Differentiators

Enabling businesses to excel with our time-tested superior services

Proven Expertise


Proprietary framework – RAPADIT (Rapid Application Development with predefined time-tested frameworks) for DevOps software development.

Certified Technology Professionals

Certified Technology Professionals

Backed by seasoned DevOps professionals having rich experience in CI/CD across cloud platforms.

27+ years of Expertise

Over Two Decades of Experience

Serving organizations with sustainable and comprehensive solutions for over 27 years.

Wide Technology

Wide Technology Expertise

Rich expertise and experience in new-age technologies like AI, Blockchain, ML, RPA, and IPA.

Platform & Technology Agnostic

Platform & Technology Agnostic

We embrace the right combination of platforms, methodologies, and technology to deliver desired business outcomes to our customers.

Strategic Technology Partnerships

Strategic Technology Partnerships

Strategic partnership with leading technology vendors such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


What is DevOps? How to choose a DevOps service provider?

DevOps is a unique amalgam of tools and practices that accelerates an enterprise’s potential to deliver applications, software, and services at high velocity. While selecting the DevOps service provider, look for their years of expertise in the field and solutions developed over time for their clientele. We as a leading DevOps consulting company, have decades of experience in delivering solutions across industries.

What tools do you use for DevOps?

At Damco Solutions, owing to our expertise as a renowned DevOps consulting company, we employ a wide gamut of DevOps tools including Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Bitbucket, Vagrant, Ansible, Datadog, and more.

Are Agile and DevOps similar services?

No, they are not similar. Agile is a methodology for software development, whereas DevOps is a set of tools and practices that aims at reducing the SDLC. Damco is one such DevOps services company that offers both Agile methodology and DevOps practices.

How do you achieve continuous delivery in DevOps Solutions with no downtime?

When it comes to achieving continuous delivery with no downtime, our DevOps outsourcing professionals strictly abide by the following techniques:

  • Software load balancers
  • A/B switch
  • Delaying port binding

Our experts perform DevOps assessment to understand and assess the requirements and accordingly deliver the best-fit solutions.

What are the key components in DevOps implementation?

In DevOps implementation, a typical workflow includes continuous integration (CI), continuous testing, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring, along with having a DevOps maturity assessment to understand the project and design the roadmap in accordance with the same.

Looking for a true technology partner? You’ll find that in Damco.