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Turn Your Data into Business Intelligence

Data & Analytics are effectively enhancing operations and digital reach for businesses by helping them personalize customer experience, hone their product strategy, and optimize their decision-making capabilities. Derive value and opportunity from your growing data with us.

We are a leading data & analytics company that assists you to leverage Data Visualizations, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Unified Data Platforms to create value for your business, with an integrative approach towards the implementation of business intelligence projects. Our data and analytics services are based on technologies such as Power BI, Tableau, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, High charts, D3.js, and Informatica.

Data Analytics Services

Our Offerings

Data Insights and Analysis that Work Across Your Digital Ecosystem


Transform your organization’s data silos into a centralized data repository and get a 360-degree view of the entire organization. Our approach towards data engineering covers all aspects of data transformation, including, data lake, data warehouse, and data marts.

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Data Visualization
& BI

Leverage clarity of meaningful data through functional representation with interactive app and dashboard designs. With functional representation of data, we enable our clients to arrive at the right takeaways critical to their goals.

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Data Science &
Advanced Analytics

Data Science and Advanced Analytics bring out hidden patterns from the data, generating useful insights. Utilize these to derive insights from unstructured and structured data, assisting to make sense of all the data your business has gathered over the years, and leverage to solve complex business problems.

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Business Benefits

Enterprise data contains valuable insights that can unlock personalized marketing pitches for a business, while also mitigating risks for them


Data analytics consulting helps in analyzing current market movement to predict customer trends and behavior.


With the provision of detailed business insights, Data Analytics helps in formulating best suited strategies as per the market demands.


The combined impact of right information and strengthened strategies derive efficiency and productivity to the processes.


With processes that meet efficiency, Data Analytics aids in optimizing conversion rates for campaigns and generating better revenue streams.

Industry Use Cases

Damco’s Data and Analytics services are helping businesses around industries to attain game-changing business intelligence


Architected and implemented a complete data pipeline with batch and incremental ELT operation on multiple disparate data sources to create an enterprise cloud-based data lake. Developed multiple data warehouses on top of data lake for agencies, sales, finance, operations, and more.


Conceptualized the entire investment portfolio and fund manager performance product with embedded advanced analytics and machine learning. Created the entire product with features such as portfolio return simulator, portfolio performance, fund performance and more based on economic indicators and market cycles.


Conceptualized the entire OEM and dealer performance/ network management system with embedded OCR and machine learning capabilities to forecast sales and demand. Created the entire product with ability to manage OEMs and dealers with digitization of day-to-day operations including invoice generation, inventory management, supply chain management and more. The paper invoices and financial statements from dealers digitized with OCR (Google Cloud Vision).


Enhanced the capabilities of an existing product that calculates the medical exposure for claim reserves/ valuations and Medicare Set asides by implementing OCR and machine learning capabilities. Paper based medical records digitized leveraging python OCR libraries. The values corresponding to master labels are extracted using pre-trained NLP machine learning models into an excel file. Complete view of all customers and product performance is also generated for internal users through visualizations over data warehouse


Modernized the entire warehouse management system, scheduling application and truck application with predictive capabilities to help reduce wastage of cold, frozen and dry food items. Warehouse management system was modernized to handle barcode and RFID based packages of foods for easier purchase order and delivery matching using Android mobile apps.Machine learning models (classification and regression) were used to identify the factors for inefficiencies that resulted in reduced wastage.


An e-Commerce store wanted to leverage its business data and partnered with us for the same. We created data pipelines with website and application as source to stream and process data. The store used this processed data to segregate its customer base on the basis of their buying preferences to show them articles and items as per their interests. The data was further converted into actionable insights using industry standard tools. We also created a functional dashboard to provide weekly reports for assisting them in strategizing for the upcoming months.

Tech Stack and Tools

Damco Differentiators

Enabling businesses to excel with our time-tested data & analytics services

27+ Years of Expertise

Over Two Decades of

Demonstrated 27+ years of experience in delivering IT services & solutions to customers worldwide

Big Small Company

Big – Small

Large enough to scale as per the customer needs, small enough to care and deliver business outcomes with agility and flexibility

Wide Technology Expertise

Wide Technology

Extensive experience of technology covering new-age technologies like AI, Blockchain, RPA and IPA

Platform and Technology Agnostic

Platform & Technology

We are platform agnostic. We adopt the right combination of technology, methodology, and platforms to deliver the best business outcomes for our customers

Certified Technology Professionals

Certified Technology

Backed by a team of certified and seasoned professionals having experience of delivering data and analytics solutions across industries

Strategic Technology Partnerships

Strategic Technology

Strategic alliances with eminent technology vendors including Microsoft, Salesforce, UIPath,, omni:us etc


What does an analytics-based business strategy look like?

It is a set of recommendations derived from business data to help make the best use of available resources for the business. The strategy contains actionable insights that are used for optimal management of business.

Is Data Analytics a costly service?

There are various services under Data Analytics and each of the services comes with its own perks. The cost associated with each service depends upon the extent to which these are used and hence the cost varies from organization to organization.

Why is it important to opt for Data Analytics Services?

Opting for Data Analytics services has become quite necessary today, owing to its need to optimize businesses. These services offer meaningful insights for businesses that help in shaping decisions and predicting market trends.

Is there any difference between data mining and data profiling?

Yes, these are two different processes, where data mining focuses on identifying unusual records, sequence discovery and data clusters, and data profiling aims at analyzing attributes of data to provide valuable information.

For how long would I need to use this service?

Data Analytics is not a one-time process which you may plug and use over the time. It is an on-going process which keeps on working on your business data to churn out meaningful insights and help in the decision making process.

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