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Turn Your Data into Business Intelligence

Analytics is proving to be a business accelerator for organizations empowering them with intelligent insights. Damco’s Data Science & Analytics services cater to end-to-end business intelligence needs, contributing to enhanced customer experience, product strategy, and decision-making capabilities.

Our Data Centre of Excellence enables organizations to mitigate data challenges with proven expertise in Data Visualizations, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Unified Data Platforms. Having an edge in strategizing distinct solutions leveraging Power BI, Tableau, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, High charts, D3.js, and Informatica, we follow an integrative approach to implement business analytics for our clients.

Data Analytics Services

Our Offerings

With multi-disciplinary domain expertise and business modernization capabilities, we enable organizations to unlock the true potential of their data.


Transform your organization’s data silos into a centralized data repository to get a 360-degree view of the entire organization. We offer a holistic approach to data engineering that covers all aspects of data transformation of an enterprise, including, data lake, data warehouse and data marts.

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Data Visualization
& Analytics

Convert data into intelligent insights using Big Data Visualization. At Damco, we understand the objectives of data visualization and help our clients for building Interactive applications and dashboard designs.

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Data Science &
Advanced Analytics

Enabling organizations to leverage data to enhance their offerings. We provide end-to-end big data solutions with data science technologies for businesses to churn through petabytes of data and transform information into knowledge resulting in higher revenue generation.

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Business Benefits

Data Analytics proves to be a game-changer for business with its ability to assist decisions and shape outcomes. Holding the potential to improve the course of business, Data Analytics enables a multi-faceted approach.


Data analytics helps in analyzing current market movement to predict customer trends and behavior.


With the provision of detailed business insights, Data Analytics helps in formulating best suited strategies as per the market demands.


The combined impact of right information and strengthened strategies derive efficiency and productivity to the processes.


Having processes meet efficiency, Data Analytics aids in optimizing conversion rates for campaigns and generating better revenue streams.

Industry Use Cases

Damco’s Data Science & Analytics services have helped businesses around industries to attain game-changing business intelligence.


Developed an interactive sales performance dashboard that combines complex data from disparate sources, automates the data analysis process, and facilitates real-time analytics with visualizations using graphs and charts for improved sales functions.


Developed a custom manager diagnostic analytical dashboard to optimize portfolio management with deeper market insights. Extended professional advisory, product development services, and resources–data analyst, BI analyst, developer, and tester.


Implemented a data science-powered solution for fault predictions, preventive maintenance, demand forecasting, and price optimization. State-of-the-art data analytics solutions improved productivity, reduced risk, and optimized supply chain.


Developed a KPI dashboard with rich visuals to gain insights in patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management. It facilitated the stakeholders to streamline patient engagement and improve existing procedures for costs and claims.


Implemented a custom designed BI solution to support data-driven decisions in the supply chain– minimizing late shipments, enhancing visibility of shipment status, reducing loss due to late/off-schedule shipments, and identifying new business opportunities.


Deployed a cutting-edge recommendation engine that improves customer experience and profitability by analyzing relevant KPIs such as purchase behavior, customer churn, cross-selling opportunities missed/won, cart abandonment, CLV, etc.

Tech Stack and Tools

Damco Differentiators

Enabling businesses to excel with our time-tested superior services.

25+ Years of Expertise

Over Two Decades of

Demonstrated 25+ years of experience in delivering IT services & solutions to customers worldwide.

Big Small Company

Big – Small

Large enough to scale as per the customer needs, small enough to care and deliver business outcomes with agility and flexibility

Wide Technology Expertise

Wide Technology

Extensive experience of technology covering new-age technologies like AI, Blockchain, RPA and IPA,

Platform and Technology Agnostic

Platform & Technology

We are platform agnostic. We adopt the right combination of technology, methodology, and platforms to deliver the best business outcomes for our customers.

Certified Technology Professionals

Certified Technology

Backed by a team of certified and seasoned professionals having experience of delivering solutions across industries.

Strategic Technology Partnerships

Strategic Technology

Strategic alliances with eminent technology vendors including Microsoft, Salesforce, UIPath,, omni:us etc.


What does an analytics-based business strategy look like?

It is a set of recommendations derived from business data to help make the best use of available resources for the business. The strategy contains actionable insights that are used for optimal management of business.

Is Data Analytics a costly service?

There are various services under Data Analytics and each of the services comes with its own perks. The cost associated with each service depends upon the extent to which these are used and hence the cost varies from organization to organization.

Why is it important to opt for Data Analytics Services?

Opting for Data Analytics services has become quite necessary today, owing to its need to optimize businesses. These services offer meaningful insights for businesses that help in shaping decisions and predicting market trends.

Is there any difference between data mining and data profiling?

Yes, these are two different processes, where data mining focuses on identifying unusual records, sequence discovery and data clusters, and data profiling aims at analyzing attributes of data to provide valuable information.

For how long would I need to use this service?

Data Analytics is not a one-time process which you may plug and use over the time. It is an on-going process which keeps on working on your business data to churn out meaningful insights and help in the decision making process.


Dive deeper to our subject matter expertise for exploring new possibilities.

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