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Our Smart Contract Development Services

We help clients adopt Smart Contracts and win big in their goals of security and transparency. Our protocols ensure that all the involved parties execute business agreements with superior cryptographic security.

Smart Contract Architecture

Creation of a scalable and secure Smart Contract architecture in line with the best practices, so that no programming bugs emerge in the Smart Contract solution.

Smart Contracts Development

Development of customized Smart Contracts with features aligned with the unique requirements of your business.

Smart Contract for DApps

Creation of decentralized applications for e-warranty, digital certificates, health wallets, asset traceability, etc. that facilitate efficient interaction between two or more transacting parties.

Smart Contract Optimization

Strategy to save Ethereum gas, token performance improvement, faster invoice creation or tracing, and secure management of private keys.

Smart Contracts Audit

Deep scrutiny of Smart Contract code to identify potential bugs, security vulnerabilities, and improvement opportunities before or after deployment.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

Development of multi-signature digital wallets that enable secure storage and exchange of digital assets.

Our Blockchain Smart Contracts Development Portfolio

As an experienced Blockchain Smart Contracts development company with prowess in cognitive technologies, we enable our clients to reap maximum benefits from our expertise and deploy Smart Contracts with the highest-level standards in security, automation, and transparency.

Smart Contract development
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development

    We have experience in the design, development, and execution of ERC-20 token contracts, digital contract for issuing stable coins, ERC-721 Smart Contracts, robust protocols for token creation, redemption, distribution, and exchange.

  • Successful Use Cases

    We have a range of PoCs, pilots, and full-scale implementation projects in logistics, accounting, insurance, corporate governance, finance, and healthcare. Our deep experience in industry-specific processes and respective security challenges helps us deliver the best possible Blockchain solution.

  • 360-Degree Benefits of Smart Contracts

    We develop digital protocols that offer holistic advantages – automated coding, data recording in tamper-proof blocks, high-end encryption, inherent self-execution, elimination of paperwork or intermediaries, and 100% data backup.

Why Choose Damco’s Smart Contract Development Services?

As an experienced Blockchain Smart Contracts development partner, we enable clients to leverage Smart Contracts and other distributed ledger solutions.

In-house Smart Contract Team

Professionals with deep experience in architecting and implementing Smart Contracts – available on short and long-term engagements, on and off-site.

360-Degree Requirement Analysis

Deep audit of existing IT framework, database dependencies, and user needs for hassle-free adoption and optimized TCO.

Compliance and Governance

100% adherence to company policies and compliance regulations. Solid documentation to support post-implementation governance.

24×7 Client Assistance

Post-adoption support to ease the transition, resolve adoption issues, and test stability for initial days. Seamless alignment with time zone and process needs.

Industry-Sector Competency

Deep understanding of several industry-specific processes and expertise in implementing the complete spectrum of Blockchain solutions.

Technology CoE

Centers of excellence in a wide range of technologies to implement niche integrations and customizations for enterprise-grade solutions.

Our Roadmap for Smart Contract Development

Damco’s Blockchain Smart Contract development services identify barriers in processes and ideate, design, develop, and implement Blockchain solutions that propel a business to the next level of security and efficiency.

Blockchain Smart Contract developers
  • Feasibility Assessment

    Experienced Blockchain consultants and developers analyze the existing solution to assess the feasibility of implementing the Blockchain application, benchmarking business goals at each step.

  • Platform Identification

    Our Smart Contract consulting team identifies the best-fit Blockchain platform based on the business requirements and the type of solution framework to be developed.

  • PoC Development

    Ideation, design, and development of a viable prototype to validate the use case. The demo is used for determining the viability of the full-fledged solution.

  • App Development

    Blockchain app front and back-end development along with rigorous testing to deliver a robust, cost-efficient, and reliable solution.

  • Blockchain App Integration

    Integration of the full-scale solution with other applications/software/processes along with monitoring of business operations under purview.

Blockchain Platforms We Work On



Developed Blockchain-backed Life Settlement solution that allows real time policy tracking, transparency and security in policy sale and purchase, automates the entire life settlement process thereby reducing operational cost and settlement time

Banking & Finance

Designed and deployed a fully-functional loan process and settlement solution leveraging smart contracts and DLT (Distributed Ledge Technology) that expedites the loan process and settlement of syndicate loans while enabling secure payment

Proxy Voting

Built a Blockchain-powered solution using private Ethereum and Quorum allowing decentralized trustless proxy voting by shareholders for an annual general meeting for a client organization

Digital Verification

Strategized an innovative solution that allows participants upload their verifiable credentials on Blockchain in a digital folder which can be used for digital verification of the participant’s certifications and details securely


Implemented a smart patient-facing and researcher-facing system to run clinical trials based on smart contracts on an Ethereum network that facilitated BlockTrial and metadata search functionality for a healthcare company

Supply Chain

Blockchain’s immutable ledger helps achieve interoperability and transparency across the entire supply chain, allowing seamless tracking of goods, real-time process updates—simplifying the entire transportation flow

Retail & E-Commerce

Developed a customer-centric e-commerce platform for a renowned retail & e-commerce company that featured Store performance analysis tool, crypto payment system, special prices for token holders and much more


Developed fully-functional Blockchain-powered gaming and loyalty program platform for an eminent gaming and entertainment company that could be seamlessly integrated with gaming services, CSM and CRM

Online Gambling

Rendered a Blockchain-based decentralized app (DApps) constituting Ethereum Smart Contract and audited RNG mechanism for a leading online gambling company based in London

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crafted an all-round B2B and B2C focused crypto-exchange solution allowing secure, transparent and traceable crypto-trading for an innovating cryptocurrency trading company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide professional Smart Contract consulting?

Yes, we do. Beginning with requirement gathering, technical design, development, deployment, and maintenance – we provide a complete ecosystem to adopt, monetize, and upkeep Smart Contract solutions.

How does outsourcing for Smart Contract development work?

Our Blockchain consultant will get in touch to understand your requirements and assess the project scope. We will offer you our project proposal along with suitable engagement models to choose from. We begin immediately after the signing of the contract.

How much does it cost to outsource a project to a Smart Contract development company?

The cost of a Blockchain project depends on multiple factors- project scope, technology stack, man-hours required, engagement model, business objective, and more. Having said that, we aim to strike a balance between cost and quality for maximum satisfaction.

Does a professional Smart Contract development company offer maintenance and support services?

We do. Under our full ownership engagements of Blockchain services, we provide post-development maintenance and upkeep. In other engagements, we offer support on a case-by-case basis.

I want to deploy a custom digital contract. How to go for it?

Our consultant will understand your requirements for Smart Contract development services along with on-chain and off-chain components. We will thereafter chalk out the PoC development strategy – cost-efficient, future-ready, fits the best in your existing IT ecosystem and meets the business objectives. Our team of Blockchain Smart Contract developers has experience in all leading frameworks – Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, etc.

How long does it take for a Smart Contract development project to go live?

Depending on the scope, the project duration can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We follow the agile development approach to deliver the project on time with the highest quality standards.

Can I avail of your services for PoC development for a custom Smart Contract app?

Sure, you can. As a leading Smart Contract development company, we offer the design and development of highly secure, scalable, and reliable digital contracts for startups and enterprises.

Can I hire Blockchain Smart Contract developers on a full-time basis?

Yes, you can. We provide ready-to-hire skilled resources highly experienced in Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Quorum, Corda, Stellar, Hyperledger, EOS, and more – on a full-time basis.

I want to hire Smart Contract developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Sure, we can. In cases where a different team has worked/is working on the Smart Contract development, our SME will understand project requirements and existing documentation to assess the scope and man-hours required. After this, we will offer suitable engagement models

Can I hire Smart Contract developers for augmenting my in-house development team?

Yes, you can. We offer team augmentation services where our experienced resources work along with your team to get the best out of Smart Contract development.

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