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We understand the technology transformation and offers comprehensive publishing services ranging from composition, graphics, and e-Publishing to data digitization services coupled with cutting-edge software services for global publishing and media business. We support Publishing and Media industries in technology transformation including digital printing, email marketing, e-books, social media, mobility, IoT, data analytics offers the greatest opportunity for publishing and media business to grow profit.

Our Prepress Services cater to a broad range of publishing segments including Educational Books such as K-12 Textbooks, Reference Books, Scholarly Books, Comics, Custom Books, Magazines, Travel Books/Guides, Cook Books, Alumni Directories, Journals, eBooks

We have various solutions that help media industries to benefit from new digitally-enhanced marketplace across the following areas:

  • Prepress Services
    • ePublishing Services
    • XML Services
    • HTML Services
    • Composition & Layout Services
    • Graphics & Image Editing Services
    • Digital Format Conversion Services
    • Data Digitization Services
  • Content Management and eCommerce Services
  • Publishing Platforms
    • Productivity Solutions
    • Workflow and Delivery Platform Solutions
    • Asset Management Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Project Management Services
  • CRM Applications
  • Enterprise Subscription Services

Our Success Stories

Below are some success stories from Damco’s portfolio around Publishing and Media Houses who engaged us for various technology solutions for their distinct needs:

  • Design and development of directory pages in different formats (mobi, ePub) for iPad, iPhone and Sony Reader, Kindle eBook, Image editing services based on image correction, digital image processing, image editing and photo scanning, managed massive volumes of text as well as images in a short time-span, unique designs for every layout with limited and specified color options.
  • Composition, Layout & Design Services for analysis of input manuscript files and poured manuscript text into approved templates; delivered .notebook files and .pdfs to the client via client’s repository. Implement corrections & edits. Performed QC at every stage on both Mac computers and PC computers. Generated press-ready PDFs and provided final archive at conclusion of project.
  • Design and developed CD Content of the directory, Image editing services based on image correction, digital image processing, image editing and photo scanning. Light editing or proofreading – to check for general grammar and spelling mistakes and suggest changes without affecting the original manuscript.
  • Salesforce Implementation for managing journals published by the publishing house. Salesforce CRM is utilized for managing the records for all the customer and Zuora for the management of backend operations like subscriptions, billing, invoicing, payments processing etc. Along with web services integration between Zuora, Salesforce, and Payment gateway, customization is done for capturing the payment details from the Ecommerce website to Salesforce.
  • Developed a secured website portal for online image tagging and maintained the repository of the images. Delivery of data within a turnaround time of 24 hours. Followed processes in accordance with ISO 9001 practices.
  • Data Digitization solution developed for a leading international examinations board to have complete control on Marks Sheet, Answers Sheet and Candidate Entry data & reduce the overall data processing timeframe by more than 50%.
  • OCR based solution for digitization of scanned pages using Abbyy Finereader to do the OCR and generate word documents.
  • Developed various macros to semi-automate the tagging process, verified/ validated content is correctly tagged for XML output, automated data capture programs to capture data from web pages, encoding to handle special characters in various European languages, automated scheduled monitoring of web pages for updates, import all grades XMLs online at client CMS, complete control on books and reduce the overall book publishing time by more than 50%.

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