Corporate Responsibility

At Damco, we have extended our commitment to society and successful community relations for a collective betterment. We have a number of programs designed to embrace sustainable social development and to make CSR a way of life at Damco. Our sustainability efforts are focused on:

Social Work
& Investments
Environmental Upkeep
& Stewardship

Social Work & Investments

Damco has joined hands with Roshni, an NGO, to bring a difference in the lives of impoverished children by rekindling the desire in them to grow and flourish with the gift of formal education. They have successfully become an integral part of a few reputed schools of Faridabad, Haryana. In an open work culture, employees are motivated to be a part of the Roshni NGO to support the education and upbringing of the unprivileged children. Thanks to the passion and involvement of Damco team, we have run number of successful social initiatives.

Voluntary Blood Donation camps are regularly organized by Damco in collaboration with Rotary Blood Bank. Driven by the fact that there is no substitute for blood and blood is lifesaving, we are always ready to feel the joyful, divine act of donating blood.

Environmental Upkeep & Stewardship

At Damco, we are attentive and focused on reducing the environmental impact of our operations and have an ongoing drive to save electricity and water. We have also adopted a few small moral steps to protect our planet by:

  • Focusing on green buildings, water conservation, and increasing biodiversity in our campuses
  • Investing in latest technologies to improve our power efficiency and minimize environmental releases
  • Adopting processes to recycle, reduce waste, and conserve energy
  • Waste elimination practices while donating old computers and IT equipment
  • Adopting policies to prohibit practices such as ignite or export e-waste

Employee Development

Damco strives to be a great place to work, offering specialized programs and training for career advancement and all round growth of our employees. Our people are our strength. With an open, transparent work culture and carefully crafted core values, we aim to foster a strong customer-centric work ethic in our employees leading to great work and workplace.

We continually invest in and work towards strengthening the processes of talent attraction and recruitment, employee development and engagement through professional training, internal groups, and forums.