Leverage Low-Code Development to Enable Accelerated Transformation

The rising demand for digitization and limited tech talent has compelled enterprises to constantly seek technologies that can deliver cutting-edge web and mobile applications in minimal time and resources. Add to it the struggle of maintaining and adapting the applications with evolving business requirements. And that’s where low-code application development (LCAD) comes into the picture. Low-code is a software development approach that involves little to no coding for building applications and processes. Low-code platforms offer visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop capabilities to design feature-rich apps at accelerated speeds.

At Damco, we harness the power of leading low-code platforms like PowerApps, OutSystems, and more to craft solutions that will help you achieve a bigger return on investment from day one. With low-code software development, we can deliver applications within weeks which are more agile than ever before. Further, we help train your employees to be self-sufficient in developing and maintaining these applications.

Low-code platforms are a disrupting force in the hyperautomation industry. Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet, and automate as many businesses and IT processes as possible.

Low-Code Development

Low-Code Development Platforms We Specialize in

We Offer Low-Code Rapid Application Development Services in Collaboration With World’s Leading Platforms.

Power Apps

As a certified partner of Microsoft, we build custom applications with detailed workflow automation and business logic. MS Power Apps is ideal for developing applications that require integration with Microsoft products like Office 365 and SharePoint and includes features like pre-built templates, AI Builder, App Designer with drag and drop.

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OutSystems offers an array of features including single-click deployment and full-stack visual development to help our developers build, deploy, and manage bespoke enterprise applications with ease. Outsystems applications can also be extended with custom code in case customizations are not provided by the platform.

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Salesforce’s low-code platform helps businesses leverage drag-and-drop tools, dynamic forms, and other add-on components to build apps faster along with the flexibility to make modifications in the future. With Salesforce, businesses can develop, deploy, and integrate reusable, extensible, maintainable, and easily pluggable components to build low-code apps.

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As certified partners of monday.com, we create and deploy market-winning business applications, thanks to the ready-made building blocks it comes with. We harness the capabilities of this low-code platform to help you automate processes, modernize workflows, and build quick solutions for business needs.

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Benefits of Low-Code Development

Low-Code app development empowers you to build custom solutions that cater to specific business needs.

Cost Savings

Low-code app development is highly cost-efficient since you can afford to have a lean team of engineers who build and maintain these applications. So, you’ll have what you need, without denting your budget.

Improved Time-to-Market and Higher Agility

Low-code application development helps build applications quicker than traditional methods because most of the common functionalities come out of the box and other functionalities can be added using a UI instead of coding it from scratch.

Citizen Developer Enablement

Low-Code rapid application development allows organizations to better understand how applications are made since there is a UI for the development process. This enables individuals with non-technical backgrounds to contribute to and maintain these applications.

Strong Governance Features

Low-code apps provide built-in device responsive design features with the ability to analyze usage and define governance policies.

Damco’s Low-Code Development Services

We help businesses realize how they can transform their business processes, evaluate the best platforms and tools for them, and provide resources to implement the solutions.

Inspire and Design

We help you document your business processes and come up with a business transformation strategy where we can automate and use low code.

  • Envisioning workshop
  • Solution proposal and assessment
  • PoC

Empower and Drive Growth

We help you build the low-code solutions, implement the new system, and train your workforce to be self-sufficient in the future.

  • Agile application development
  • Testing applications
  • Integrating and Implementing apps with existing systems

Sustain and Evaluate

We help you analyze the new system and set up a CoE where you can secure, monitor, and manage your apps.

  • Training citizen developers
  • Set up a low-code and automation CoE
  • Monitoring and continued support

Use Cases

We deliver low-code development services catering to every facet of your business. Here are some sample scenarios we can help you transform.

B2E Processes

  • Employee self-service process
  • Timesheet, equipment, and resource management
  • Branch/Store and Field/Remote operations

Workflow Processes

  • Approval processes
  • Core business processes like AP process
  • Employee onboarding

Customer Experiences

  • Custom CRM processes
  • Invoice processing

What Sets Us Apart?

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Officially certified partners with major low-code software development platforms including, Microsoft, Salesforce, and monday.com.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions

We take advantage of our other application services and help create custom hybrid high and low-code solutions if required.

Agile and Flexible

Agile and Flexible

We have adapted our software development lifecycle for low-code specific applications. We prioritize quick development time and lean development teams while ensuring an agile feedback system so we address all clients’ requirements.

Over Two Decades of Experience

Over Two Decades of Experience

Serving organizations with sustainable and comprehensive solutions across domains for over two decades.

Diverse Technology Portfolio

Diverse Technology Portfolio

Widest portfolio with all major legacy and emerging technology development, support, and assistance offerings.

Big-Small Company

Big-Small Company

Large enough to scale as per the customer needs, small enough to care and deliver business outcomes with agility and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose which low-code platform to build on?

You should evaluate the different low-code development platforms based on factors like domain popularity, budget, licensing, scalability, maintainability, connections with existing systems etc. Luckily, we have already done that for you and can offer assistance with making this decision.

How much does a low-code development company charge?

Every business has its unique set of requirements. Hence the cost of low-code rapid application development varies depending on what platform we use to build the app and the scope, features, and other specifics of your project. In general, low-code mobile application development cost would be lower than that of traditional development but the licensing cost of the platform would be higher.

How do low-code development services handle security, monitoring, and governance?

Security, monitoring, and governance remain a key focus for all organizations. Different low-code native app development platforms provide tools for defining policies that help you secure, monitor, and manage your apps. We can help you train and set up a low-code CoE for identity and access management, data loss and environment policy management, usage analytics, and unified administration.

Is my idea safe with the low-code development company?

Yes, it is. A trusted low-code application development company, Damco has been serving countless clients for over 25 years and strictly adheres to non-disclosure agreements to prevent any breach of trust and interest.

Does a low-code native app development company offer post-development support?

Yes, you will. Once the application is developed and live, our experts continue to provide support as per the terms of the contract to keep your low-code application up and running. We also train citizen developers who can continue to develop your apps.

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