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Hire Dedicated Developers to Build Best-Fit Technology Solutions

Technology drives transformation but it is people who cultivate values and make things happen. Developing the right technology solution requires vision, a detailed roadmap, and capable experts to translate challenges into benefits. Build a technology team that understands the core requirements of your business and is experienced to tailor the approach and methodology to meet your strategic objectives.

Damco offers a selected pool of technology experts having decades of experience in a wide range of projects including custom software development, application modernization, and digital transformation across industries. Supported by organizational culture and best practices, our teams are agile and autonomous and can be hired through a variety of engagement models.

Hire Software Developers

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey With Expert Developers and Technologists

Hire Developers to Build Software Solutions Across Technologies and Platforms

Why Hire Dedicated Software Developers From Damco?

Leverage the potential of certified technical developers who resonate with optimum reliability, usability and adaptability in their field of expertise.

Wide Pool of Resources

Build a custom team of certified experts that performs and delivers results. Our veteran developers with technical expertise have enabled countless clients to build enterprise solutions as per the exact requirements.

Technical Excellence

Hire software programmers with a stellar skill portfolio ranging from existing platforms and technologies including Microsoft, Java, Salesforce and Oracle to emerging technologies including Blockchain, AI & ML, and more.

Seamless Operations

Our resources work seamlessly on projects with modern management tools including Jira and GitLab to deliver future-proof solutions.


On-demand software development with no capital investments. You can simply hire dedicated programmers on easy payment models instead of frequent hirings.

Flexible Engagement & Transparency

Hire coders with skill sets as per the project requirements. Acquire flexibility of team size with complete transparency of process, technology, and retain 100% IP rights.

Strong Experience & Expertise

IT Services and Solutions Company with technology expertise of over two decades and more than 11000 human years of project experience in a wide range of technologies and domains.

Hire Developers on Flexible
Engagement Models

Ease of Hiring Coders as per the Requirement of the Project


Hire software developers without worrying about arranging the workspace as they will work remotely on your project.


For projects that need resources to work on the requirements on-site for a part of your project.


Getting on-demand resources on-site to work on the required project for the complete life cycle.

Be Assured of Your Project’s Success

When you hire dedicated remote development teams from Damco, we ensure that your project roadmap and timeline are met, and the developed software solution fits right with your business objectives in terms of functionality as well asperformance. Abiding by our best practices, we maintain complete transparency across the project and offer 2-way open communication without any middlemen. To improve the process predictability, we use various project management tools and platforms, below is a snapshot:

For Efficient Project Management

End-to-end agile project management tools to facilitate smoother project planning for mid and low-level plans

For Seamless Team Collaboration

To evaluate resource performance against established benchmarks including time tracking, timesheet submission, and approvals

For Early Defect Tracking

Efficient tools for source code management and defect/ issue tracking used for more effective defect management

For Easy Monitoring

To develop project communication plans detailing the types of meetings, meeting frequency, agenda, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I look for in a software developer?

While a developer’s experience and expertise are critical for the role, it’s vital that you go beyond these qualities and also look for soft skills such as teamwork and communication to ensure the seamless running of your projects. In addition, the developer should be aligned with your organization’s core values, experienced in working on similar projects and have a diverse background that can add a fresh perspective to your team.

Where can I find and hire software developers?

With the software industry becoming increasingly crowded, finding and hiring the right tech talent isn’t easy by any means. Depending on what you are looking for, you can hire software engineers from online staffing marketplaces or source directly from technology companies such as Damco.

How costly is it to hire developers for startups?

The cost to hire remote developers for a startup depends on a wide range of factors including the scope of work, developers’ experience and qualification, project size and technology stack being used.

How can I keep my intellectual property protected?

At Damco, we go above and beyond to ensure the security of our client’s intellectual property. First, the codebase is kept confidential; access to the codebase is granted only to select users. In addition, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the client that prohibits both parties from disclosing any confidential or proprietary information.

How will I communicate with the hired developers?

Damco offers an array of communication channels to keep all the stakeholders abreast of the progress of the project. Our project management system (PMS) allows you to create and assign tasks to software developers and follow up as needed. Our developers can also be contacted through Skype, Teams, Jira, and emails. Looking to hire remote developers? Reach out to our consultants by filling the form below.

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