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Technology is taking the world by storm. However, businesses are failing to achieve their full potential in deriving value from such investments. At the other end of the spectrum, the implementation of technology is not a one-time activity. It is a sustained commitment that requires constant monitoring and upgrading. As a result, the technology solutions need to stay agile and dynamic to transform with the changing business needs.

Damco as your technology partner and innovation hub, enables you to achieve these goals. With over 27 years’ worth of experience under our belts, our multi-industry expertise puts us in a favorable spot to enable, equip, and elevate technology for addressing the most complex and crucial business challenges. Whether you are migrating to the cloud or establishing your presence on mobile applications – we help you derive more value by building on the foundations of technology and security.

Maintain a Competitive Edge Leveraging the Possibilities


Blockchain is no longer just a technology; it is a revolution that is picking up momentum. It is being implemented across an array of industries with outstanding results. Blockchain helps businesses simplify and streamline processes for keeping up with the speed of business, transparency, reduced costs, and the traceability of data shared across business networks.

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With the mobile user base touching new peaks every day, businesses no longer wish to miss out on leveraging this medium and translating it into growth. As the end-customer turns more mobile, businesses will have to work on improving mobility-based accessibility. Develop engaging applications that operate on multiple operating systems and devices and integrate with your business’s digital framework.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) empowers businesses to stay a step ahead of their competition by retrieving, analyzing, transforming, and reporting business decisions against data. The meaningful insights obtained through this succession of actions must be available over a unified dashboard so that these critical decisions can be taken in real-time to maintain an edge or adapt to changing conditions.

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Robotic Process Automation

Modern-day robots are highly capable and can autonomously perform a wide range of actions, from capturing data to processing to derive useful insights. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) harnesses this quality and allows businesses to build and deploy solutions that can perform routine and rule-based activities without trading off the quality and the time required.

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Open Source

Open source platforms are consolidating their presence in corporate enterprise-level IT infrastructure as an attractive alternative to proprietary software. The architecture enhances the quality, reliability, security, and functionality of the software while also cutting down the total cost of ownership. Get in control of your data and have technology solutions tailored to your requirements.

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The complete suite of Microsoft solutions, from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, etc., are driving business applications across various limbs of technology, be it Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT). Enabling to achieve desired effects, these solutions from Microsoft further assist businesses to explore, discover, innovate and develop newer possibilities.

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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are empowering businesses to take the reign of establishing their digital presence. However, after a point, the scalability of the system and its data organization capabilities are bound to pose a limitation to growth. Develop a hands-on approach to managing data effectively and capitalize on customer engagement and business outcome opportunities.

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Cloud technology is offering a quicker, economical, and low-maintenance alternative to on-premise solutions. At the same time, it can scale in real-time and maintain performance, security, and reliability while handling enterprise data. Migrate your complete stack to the cloud and embrace an ecosystem of continuous development and continuous improvement. Pick a type and model that suits your business needs.

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IBM iSeries

An OS created for enterprise servers and microcomputers to run IBM Power Systems and Pure Systems, IBM I series focuses on mid-size to enterprise level organizations to enable ease of use, deployment and maintenance. IBM defines its AS400 services as “a trusted combination of an interactive database, security, networking, web services, and storage management abilities”.

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Enabling Businesses to Excel with Our Time-Tested Superior Services.

27+ Years of Expertise

27+ Years of

We are industry leaders with 27+ years of experience in delivering technology services and solutions to customers around the globe.

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We are customer-focused and work towards delivering user-friendly solutions. We prioritize customer experience in our processes, behavior, and attitude.

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A Big Small

We go big when it comes to capturing technology space; we keep it small when it’s about hierarchy and rules that hinder creativity.



With expertise in emerging as well as legacy technologies, we deliver best-suited and customized solutions to meet your modern business needs.

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Under One

From implementing CRMs to developing e-commerce solutions, we have a team of industry experts to understand your every business need.

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We are highly focused on designing partner-centric business models, nurturing existing relationships, and ensuring outright success.

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