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Powerful Visual Representation of Enterprise Data

Translate your business data into actionable insights to enable informed decisions. We are a leading data visualization company, enabling you to leverage visual elements such as charts, graphs, and more to visualize your data for business intelligence to plan and shape your next business move.

Our data visualization services keep you up to speed on your business trends and patterns, and the latest activities by automatically pulling data from various sources. The information is presented in the most consumable format suitable to the data type that helps you identify the customer behavioral shifts and reasons, and predict what will happen the next.

Our Offerings

Move Towards Higher Revenue Goals with Our Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Services

Paginated Reports & Dashboard Development

Comprehensive and Strategic Reports

Intuitive and Operational Dashboard

Seamless Data Extraction and Integration

Direct Embedding to Web Applications

BI Tools

Swift Migration from Legacy to Power BI Platform

Analytics Use-Cases Identification

Requirement and Gap Analysis

Extensive Visualisation Derived through Data Sources


Pipeline & Data Model Optimization

Dashboard Performance Enhancement with Semantic Layers

Analytical Dashboard Setup and Optimization

Actionable Visuals with Performance Architecture

BI Migration

Data Migration from Old to a New Platform

BI to BI Migration

ETL to ETL Migration

BI and ETL Upgrade

Success Stories

Deep Analysis of Web Application to Determine User Engagement and Subscriber Group Activity for a Financial Institution

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Key Achievements


for multiple browser environments, device deployment and hosting


clicks in the website using Google Analytics as Data Source


measured through custom weekly reports on various metrics for cross promotion & traffic drive


subscriber activity via load-testing and Power BI

Why Damco for Data VIsualization and BI?

With 1500+ years of human-hours experience in building incredible data systems, we offer data visualization and BI expertise to help businesses make well-informed and data-driven decisions

Expertise in solution development and stimulating business intelligence with business analytics tools like Tableau, Highcharts, Datawrapper, Plotly, Sisense, SAP Business Objects, Datapine, Zoho Analytics, Microsoft Power BU and Looker

27+ years of proven experience in providing comprehensive services, including data visualization consulting and solutions

Expertise in cross-industry implementations based on flexible engagement models

Premium partnerships with Microsoft,Salesforce, AWS, Google, Ui path and more

Customized service offerings backed with maintenance and support

Strength of 1600+ employees strong team across US, UK, Luxembourg, Australia and India


Are information visualization and data visualization the same things?

Both are associated but not identical perceptions. Information visualization is highlighting data that is key for your industry, let’s say, infographics are good examples of information visualization. Instead, data visualization is simply a graphical presentation of raw data.

What is the difference between data mining and data visualization?

Data mining is a method to examine large data sets using ML, statistics, and algorithms to collect, categorise and summarize the information.

But data visualization is a process of storytelling through data via visual elements and figures. So, with the help of our data visualization services, you can focus these results of data mining or even the process can be visualized by using the right tools.

What are the different types of data visualization?

It’s unlimited! Since the normal visualization and the influence of text are underestimated. But the common understanding or categorization is listed below; Charts, Tables, Graphs, Maps, Infographics and Dashboards.

Why is data visualization important?

The method of data analysis for larger data sets is tough and you cannot suppose everyone to realise it as data analysts look after. Data visualization is a simple way of showing analysis outcomes to everyone. You can swift things up in your corporate world by obviously visualizing data.

How much does it cost to develop a dashboard?

The cost of dashboard development depends on a number of factors; hence it varies from project to project. Data visualization firms determine the cost after understanding requirements and share the details as per the scope of work.

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