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Once you obtain the approval for implementing software solutions for your organization, it is all about awaiting deployment to derive the associated results and benefits. You want solutions that can be implemented quickly, reliably, affordably, and predictably.

At Damco, we understand such requirements. To support this initiative, we offer a rich suite of rapid deployable solutions that are pre-packaged, aligned for functionality, and pre-configured to offer you value from day one. So, eliminate any surprises and derive maximum benefits while adhering to a defined budget.

Damco’s Premium Business

BrokerEdge is the best-in-class insurance broker software/accounting software for insurance agencies, brokers, and MGAs. The cloud-based solution introduces agility and scalability attained through automation and allows stakeholders to maximize proficiency, enhance productivity, and boost sales. Whether you are dealing in P&C insurance or health insurance – BrokerEdge will serve as a one-stop dashboard for all your requirements.

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B-Life is a Blockchain-based solution that maintains transparency, traceability, and trust through distributed ledgers. These decentralized records contain immutable data that is synced across terminals in real-time, thereby streamlining life settlement processes and mitigating the risks associated with it. From eKYC to escrow systems, B-life will make everything more intelligent.

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InsureEdge is a modern insurance platform that facilitates the delivery of an omnichannel, frictionless, and rewarding customer experience. At the back-end, InsureEdge empowers agents, brokers, and staff by augmenting their capabilities and adding to their skill sets. The easy-to-configure solution is packed with end-to-end modules to reduce complexities and accelerate your speed to market.

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When working with on-field employees, synchronization of data, especially in real-time can be a major challenge. At the same time, they have to handle responsibilities ranging from SLA management to service tracking. Damco’s Optima Pro simplifies this long list of tasks by aiding them by managing work orders, service contracts, inventory management, warranties, and more.

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Financial institutions and NBFCs that seek effective ways to manage loans to leverage benefits from Damco’s LoansNeo. It supports the customer’s end-to-end journey from a lead to becoming a loan beneficiary. It further assists workflows and sets up authorization and approvals to meet your business processes. Access all information through a single-window dashboard that offers a 360-degree view of customer profiles and their loan requirements.

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COVID-19 has played a debilitating role in crippling various industries. As we now return to the new normal, the onus lies on businesses to maintain safety and security without affecting continuity. Damco’s Workplace COVID Management solutions perform an array of functions, right from monitoring employee health and engagement levels to enterprise risk assessment.

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Why Choose Damco?

Enabling Businesses to Excel with Our Time-Tested Superior Services.

27+ Years of Expertise

27+ Years of

We are industry leaders with 27+ years of experience in delivering technology services and solutions to customers around the globe.

Customer-first Mindset


We are customer-focused and work towards delivering user-friendly solutions. We prioritize customer experience in our processes, behavior, and attitude.

A Big Small

A Big Small

We go big when it comes to capturing technology space; we keep it small when it’s about hierarchy and rules that hinder creativity.



With expertise in emerging as well as legacy technologies, we deliver best-suited and customized solutions to meet your modern business needs.

Under One Roof

Under One

From implementing CRMs to developing e-commerce solutions, we have a team of industry experts to understand your every business need.

Ensuring Outright

Ensuring Success.

We are highly focused on designing partner-centric business models, nurturing existing relationships, and ensuring outright success.

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