Our Culture

Damco was founded as a software development startup in 1996 by a group of young enthusiasts with a focus on doing some honest and genuine work in Information Technology. Early in the business while business strategies being discussed, the imperative question was raised.

How Damco could be different?

The answer we agreed upon was simple yet the game changer. We made customer focus our guiding principle. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. From those initial growth years to large-scale expansions, “customer focus” has been paramount for us. Meeting the needs of the customer and their success against all odds has been our success mantra.

Today, Damco Solutions is a leading IT services, consulting, and outsourcing company helping businesses leverage technologies, outperform their competition, and acquire sustainable growth. We have proven capabilities in new and emerging technologies and extensive experience across a broad range of industries and domains, which enables us to deliver world-class, secure, scalable, and reliable business solutions.


Create meaningful impact with our actions.

Our purpose is the reason why we do anything at Damco- to serve passionately and create a genuine difference for all the stakeholders we interact with, directly or indirectly.

For our clients, we want to look at everything from the lens of impact and create tailored solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Within the Damco family, we strive to create an environment where everyone is excited and empowered to do great work and have a fulfilling life.

For our society, we want to create value – whether that is in terms of increased employment, sharing resources or better sustainability practices.


Be a premier technology company and empower the organizations and communities we associate with.

We want to become the best business and technology services provider globally while staying true to our commitment of bringing unique and innovative solutions to empower the organizations and communities we are a part of.

We aim to ensure that all our customers experience the Damco difference – created by consistent top-notch service, high standards of excellence and quality in everything we do, and our dedication to exceeding expectations.

And, we intend to do this sustainably and mindfully. We will continue to empower and care for all the stakeholders in our community – as we truly believe true success is when we all grow together.


Design, create and deliver fit-for-purpose business solutions.

We understand every business has unique needs and we believe in fit-for-purpose solutions which are focused, feasible and future-ready.

Ranging from business consulting to technology and marketing, we design, create and deliver innovative solutions that bring in meaningful impact.

Core Values


For us, innovation is our second nature. We think creatively and differently and create fit-for-purpose solutions.


Mindfulness guides our actions, ensuring each decision is thought-through, purposeful, and aligned with our collective vision.

People-first Mindset

We might live and breathe technology, but we don’t forget the humans behind it all. We value the connections we build and empower each other to grow.


We are not scared of the new, we look forward to it. We adapt swiftly to seize opportunities and incorporate the concept of continuous progress in everything we do.

Customer Focus

For us, our customers’ success is personal and constantly on our mind. With our ‘make it happen, no matter what’ attitude, we make sure we exceed our promises to our customers.


We foster an open and honest environment. Being forthright and sincere in our transactions with all our stakeholders is non-negotiable for us.

Corporate Integrity

In a highly competitive industry, we recognize that adhering to the highest level of conduct in serving our clients worldwide and acting with integrity at all times is of utmost importance. Damco’s comprehensive core values & standards of business conduct are followed by everyone on the team, without an exception.

Our leadership team has formulated and maintained a strong ethical workplace environment, overseen by an Independent Corporate Governance Committee inspiring employees to follow the highest standards of personal & corporate conduct.

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