Transparent, Risk-Free Life Settlement Solution

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Blockchain-Powered Life Settlement for Fairer, Faster Transactions

Life settlement companies face a range of challenges like customer verification, investment frauds, high operational costs, unauthorized contract underwriting, and policy management that disrupt the seamless execution of the life settlement process. Adoption of blockchain-based life settlement solution not only addresses the aforementioned concerns but also expedites the life settlement process by automating and streamlining sub-functions, adding transparency, traceability, auditability, and security.

Damco’s B-Life is a blockchain-powered solution that facilitates the most trusted, immutable, auditable, and transparent environment for a frictionless life settlement while bringing all parties on board. Leveraging decentralized, distributed ledger technology (DLT), B-Life helps insurance companies detect fraudulent claims, streamline diverse life settlement functions, reduce operational costs, and ensure transparency in the settlement process by eliminating intermediaries.

Blockchain-Powered Life Settlement

Run a Transparent, Frictionless Life Settlement Business

Damco’s B-Life solution helps you leverage blockchain technology to enhance transparency, auditability, and traceability of your life settlement process.

Stakeholder Dashboard

Stakeholder Dashboard

User-friendly, interactive, and easily accessible dashboard gives quick snapshots of policy sale, purchase, management, and verification.

Tokenized Rewards

Tokenized Rewards

Intuitive reward system offers crypto tokens to customers, promoting customer loyalty and creating engagement opportunities.

Client-Centric Rewards

Client-Centric Rewards

Feature-rich platform enables elevated customer experience, risk-free life settlement, secure payment disbursement, instant fraud detection, and custom LE reports.

Blockchain-Based Escrow

Blockchain-Based Escrow

Decentralized and DLT based escrow ensures a secure and authorized exchange system for risk-free litigation.

Blockchain-Based KYC

Blockchain-Based KYC

Automate customer verification with DLT for faster life settlement transactions, zero insurance/investment frauds, and reduced operational costs.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts-backed cryptographic record management, risk assessment, and automated value transfer without third-party intervention eliminate the possibility of manipulation.

Elevate Your Life Settlement Business With Secure Transactions

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Use Cases

Damco’s B-Life solution helps you leverage Blockchain technology to enhance transparency, auditability, and traceability of your life settlement process with the following features:

Policy Management

Get an auditable system to manage life settlement policies securely on blockchain to improve update, issue, and verification efficiency.

Contract Signing

Leverage blockchain-based smart contracts to sign immutable contracts online and minimize delays.

Payment Disbursement

Unlock a highly secure and traceable payment transfer system on blockchain, expediting transaction execution.

Medical Underwriting

Deploy a blockchain-based solution for effective assessment of the risks associated with life settlement application.


Empower your life settlement company with foolproof, blockchain-backed customer KYC.

Escrow System

Implement a transparent, blockchain-based Escrow system to regulate policy sale, purchase, and payments.

How B-Life Simplifies Your Life Settlement Process

Instant Fraud Detection

Blockchain-powered customer KYC and redressal of life expectancy risks associated with fraud LE reports.

Auditable Payment Disbursement

Enhanced security and traceability in payment transfers for a risk-free, expedited claim settlement.

Authorized Escrow System

Transparent & immutable LE medical underwriting promotes risk-free litigation and abolishes intermediaries.

Real-time Administration

Seamless policy updation & issuance, transaction tracking, and customizable LE reports.

Compliant Data Protection

Decentralized, tamper-proof customer data management compliant with regulatory norms.

Faster Life Settlement

Quick and secure life settlement that eliminates intermediaries.

Insurance Insights


Blockchain allows for faster claims settlement, real-time data exchange, reduced operational cost, and minimal risk creating trust and traceability in all insurance transactions.

Blockchain’s encrypted and decentralized nature coupled with the immutability of smart contracts eliminates the complexities of the life settlement process. Blockchain-based escrow system further reduces litigation risk.

B-Life is a blockchain-based solution that reduces the risks associated with insurance claims, eliminates the need for intermediaries, enables quick and secure life settlements. All of this significantly reduces operational expenses and brings down claim settlement costs.

A blockchain-based solution can be used to manage policies, sign smart contracts, disburse payments, underwrite medical contracts, e-KYC, and implement an escrow system. Request a free demo to know how B-Life can transform your business.

Blockchain-based KYC and policy management prevent double-dipping fraud and automate claims processing to eliminate policy fraud.