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Sculpting a New Era of Operational Brilliance With Blue Prism Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism is a revolutionary intelligent automation tool for organizations aiming to streamline workflows, drive operational agility, and maximize efficiency while staying competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital transformation. At its core, Blue Prism RPA employs digital workers that mimic human interactions with digital systems to transform the way work is done. The platform’s adaptability allows it to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, enabling organizations to harness the potential of intelligent automation without overhauling their IT infrastructure.

As a reputed Blue Prism RPA company, we offer expansive intelligent automation services designed meticulously to cater to unique business needs. Our dedicated team of Blue Prism certified developers brings a wealth of expertise and experience in crafting bespoke automation solutions that optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and drive operational excellence. Experience the limitless potential of automation like never before with our RPA Blue Prism developers who are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Blue Prism Intelligent Automation

Our Offerings

Master the Art of Automation With Expansive Blue Prism RPA Automation Services

Blue Prism Assessment

Assess the organization’s readiness for Blue Prism intelligent automation implementation by evaluating current processes and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Blue Prism Consulting

Stay at the forefront of the RPA revolution with Blue Prism consulting and craft a comprehensive intelligent automation strategy aligned with business goals.

Blue Prism Development & Configuration

Empower professionals with the right tools needed to streamline workflows while ensuring improved operational agility with Blue Prism RPA development & configuration.

Blue Prism Implementation

Embark on a transformative journey towards increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, and reduced operational costs with Blue Prism intelligent automation implementation.

Blue Prism Managed Services

Navigate the intricacies of an automation ecosystem with Blue Prism managed services while ensuring the processes are meticulously monitored, analyzed, and optimized.

Blue Prism Support & Maintenance

Embrace a proactive approach for Blue Prism support and maintenance to address potential issues while ensuring the longevity of automation solutions.

Supercharge Workforce Productivity With Blue Prism Development

Tech Stack for RPA Blue Prism

Drive the Automation Revolution With Blue Prism Tech Arsenal

Automation Discovery
Decipher IDP Process Discovery Tool
Automation Design
Design Studio Wireframer
Automation Delivery
Blue Prism Cloud Blue Prism Cloud IADA Blue Prism Cloud Hub Blue Prism Interact Robotic Operating Model

Partner with a Blue Prism Development Company to Maximize Productivity

Blue Prism Partners

Increased Productivity

An intelligent robot can help businesses organize and sort files, sift through voluminous data, discover hidden trends or patterns, and collate data.


RPA Blue Prism automates manual drudgery and cuts down on the need for onboarding additional employees, resulting in reducing staffing costs.


BFSI can automate a slew of their operations with Blue Prism, which leads to a significant reduction in transaction time.

Greater Accuracy

Intelligent robots with their precise analysis and calculations can help businesses bring down the error rate to zero and significantly improve the results.


Intelligent bots can be scaled quickly to meet the sudden spike in workload and handle large amounts of data.

Streamlined workflow

Having robust automated systems in place, bots can help you streamline the complex workflows.

Return on Investment

Blue Prism automation can generate positive ROI in a quick span of time and deliver business excellence across the value chain.

Our Approach

Navigate the Path to Streamlined Workflows With RPA Blue Prism

Assessment of Requirements

Assessment of Requirements

Our experts assess project requirements, objectives, and expectations to establish a roadmap for Blue Prism RPA development.

Agreement on Service Models

Agreement on Service Models

We recommend the best-suited engagement model as per the project requirements along with the handpicked resources for Blue Prism automation.

Design and Development

Design and Development

Design and development begin to deliver a high-quality, incremental, and fully functional automation solution that meets clients’ acceptance criteria and goals.

Testing and QA

Testing and QA

Extensive testing, client feedback, and documentation are integrated into our Blue Prism development process allowing us to deliver the best quality solution, every time.



Post-deployment, we regularly monitor the performance of Blue Prism automation solutions to ensure hassle-free operation.

Our Engagement Models

Redefining the way enterprises work with our flexible engagement plans designed for Blue Prism RPA automation.

Fixed Price

Ideal for small and medium-sized Blue Prism RPA automation projects. This engagement model allows clients to pay a fixed amount for all milestone deliverables.

Time and Material Model

Best suited for businesses looking for Blue Prism certified developers for a project with flexible requirements. The customer is billed as per the efforts invested by developers.

SLA/Milestone-based Model

This engagement model is ideal when businesses need to hire Blue Prism developers for an iterative and process-oriented project with defined milestones.

Build Your Team ® Model

This team-building model allows clients to onboard world-class, best-of-breed, and seasoned Blue Prism RPA developers just when and where they need them.

Unlock Automation Excellence With RPA Blue Prism Developers

Why Choose Damco as Your Blue Prism Development Company

As an established Blue Prism services provider, we are committed to revolutionizing the business landscape with end-to-end automation.

Long-term Partnerships

Long-term Partnerships

Built a long-term partnership with global clients spanning 25+ industries. On average, we have worked with many of our clients for more than 6 years.

Industry Competency

Industry Competency

Deep understanding of the length and breadth of industries and business processes to tailor Blue Prism solutions as per business needs.

Cost-efficient Support

Cost-efficient Support

Custom support and flexible engagement models for growth-focused firms: SLA-based, on and off-shore teams, fractional or ad-hoc support.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Blue Prism Managed Services provider committed to meeting the highest level of quality benchmarks set by international organizations.

Diverse Clientele

Diverse Clientele

Experience in supporting clients of all sizes right from funded startups and ISVs to SMBs and enterprise-level organizations.

24x7 Client Assistance

24×7 Client Assistance

As an offshore Blue Prism Development Company, we understand the need for time zone alignment and provide 24×7 support as per your time zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire Blue Prism RPA developers to augment my in-house RPA team?

Definitely! At Damco Solutions, we allow organizations to augment their in-house RPA team by hiring our seasoned Blue Prism RPA developers. Our certified team of experienced developers is ready to bring their RPA expertise to your operations while ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of RPA initiatives. By partnering with us, you’ll get instant access to a pool of experienced RPA professionals who are well-versed in streamlining workflows, automating complex business processes, and maximizing operational efficiency.

How do I make sure if my processes are suitable for Blue Prism Automation?

If your business processes are repetitive and rule-based in nature, it simply means that they qualify for Blue Prism RPA automation. At Damco Solutions, we offer all-inclusive process assessment services designed to identify the opportunities for RPA automation within your organization. In other words, our seasoned automation experts follow a systematic approach to assess the feasibility of Blue Prism RPA automation. By opting for our process assessment services, enterprises can confidently embark on their Blue Prism Automation journey.

I need certified Blue Prism RPA developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Definitely! At Damco Solutions, we understand the importance of having seasoned Blue Prism RPA developers who can hit the ground running and deliver automation results seamlessly. By partnering with us, you’re not just hiring a certified Blue Prism RPA developer; instead, you’re having a reliable expert who is dedicated to the success of your ongoing project. Get in touch with our SMEs today who will review the existing documentation and project requirements to determine the man-hours requirement and accordingly offer flexible engagement models.

How can I get started with Blue Prism RPA automation?

Getting started with Blue Prism RPA automation is a seamless process with expert guidance. At Damco Solutions, we follow a personalized approach to help enterprises kickstart their Blue Prism automation journey right from initial consultation to conducting a comprehensive process discovery workshop, customized solutions proposal, Proof of Concept (PoC), full-scale implementation, ongoing support and optimization. Contact our experts to begin this exciting automation journey today.

Can I hire a Blue Prism RPA developer on a full-time basis?

Absolutely! At Damco Solutions, we offer the flexibility to hire skilled Blue Prism developers on a full-time basis by offering flexible team augmentation models that allow organizations to make the most of the insource and outsource automation teams. Our seasoned resources can help enterprises realize their RPA goals in a short span of time. Contact us experts today to discuss your unique project requirements and let us help you transform existing business processes by leveraging the limitless potential of Blue Prism automation.

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