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Processing Enterprise Data to Predict Trends and Business Outcomes

Redefine your organisational processes with data science for predictive capabilities that help you anticipate opportunities and challenges for your business. Our experts are here to help you build a future ready business, based on data-sets structured by effective algorithms that keep you up to speed on the patterns underlying your business.

As a leading data science service provider, we enable businesses to apply advanced analytics and event prediction by utilizing structured and unstructured data through powerful algorithms.

Our Offerings

Leverage Our Data Science and Analytics Services to Convert Data into Consumable Information, and Use it to Build a Winning Business Strategy

Machine Learning Implementation

Data-Driven Decisive Models

Predictive Analysis

Deep Learning

Anomaly Detection and Forecasting Models

NLP, Voice & Image

Vocabulary Expansion, & Transfer

Message Personalization

Voice Recognition Development & Implementation

Image Recognition Development & Implementation

Statistical Analysis & Optimization

Bulk Data Processing

Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

Data Pattern Identification

Trends Identification and Prediction

Success Stories

Helped an F&B Company to Stay on Track with Accurate Forecast of Over 3500 Unique Ingredients

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Key Achievements


drop in ingredient wastage


to manage stock efficiency


information on ingredients for their emerging or declining ingredients identification


increment in yearly gains

Why Damco for Data Science and Advanced Analytics?

With 1500+ years of human-hours of experience we are enabling numerous businesses with data superiority. We offer data science service expertise to businesses, helping them plan smart strategies with predictive and prescriptive insights

Solutions development expertise with tools like SAS, Apache Spark, BigML, D3.js, IBM SPSS, Azure, SQL, Power BI and more

Expertise in deriving insights from unstructured VOC data using AI + NLP

27+ years of proven experience in providing comprehensive services, including data visualization consulting and solutions

Expertise in cross-industry implementations based on flexible engagement models

Premium partnerships with Microsoft,Salesforce, AWS, Google, Ui path and more

Strength of 1600+ employees strong team across US, UK, Luxembourg, Australia and India


Why do I need data science consulting, data science assessment and related services?

Data science consulting services help your business in replacing time-consuming manual processes and costly in-house data infrastructure with highly efficient and automated data fetching and processing processes.

How do I avail of data science services for my business?

Our representative will connect with you to understand your requirements and build a scope-roadmap. The next step will be to provide our project proposal with suitable engagement models. Upon signing the agreement, we will initiate the work immediately.

We have a limited idea about this data science. Can I still trust to hand over this internal process to data science consulting firms?

Yes, you certainly may. Our SMEs will assist you in selecting the right technology stack for your process, making it cost & time efficient, future-ready, that fits well in your existing IT ecosystem and meets your business objectives.

How can Damco assist in developing an NLP or DL/ML module?

We are an experienced provider of data science services and a leading data science consulting company. At Damco, we facilitate the design and development of modules that merge seamlessly across your IT ecosystem and lead to incremental efficiencies.

How do data science consultants assess my project requirements?

We are a leading data science company that conducts a holistic, business unit-wide technology audit to ascertain the feasibility of deploying our data engineering services. Subsequently, we progress to discuss with stakeholders and chalk out a complete roadmap. The plan and action will be variable as per each case.

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