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salesforce service cloud
Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Updated on May 14, 2024  |  6 Min Read

Around 73% of the customers say they would do business with a competitor after more than one bad experience. In today’s digital-led world, its imperative for businesses to improve and sustain their customer service levels to outperform competition. This alone can maximize customer retention for a brand. And how can they do it? By infusing new-age technologies such as “Salesforce Service Cloud” – a comprehensive customer service platform that can enable businesses to quickly and efficiently materialize on customer services to stay ahead of the competition.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

It is one of the most popular customer service solutions devised by Salesforce. The services of the Service Cloud offer businesses a 360-degree view of their customers and allow them to deliver faster, smarter, and more customized experiences. They can build a connected knowledge base, manage case interactions, and enable live agent chat- all from the comfort of one platform. Depending on the previous activity data of the customers, you can have personalized interactions with them and also upsell your services or products.

To implement, customize, and optimize your Service Cloud platform to meet your specific business needs, you can use the services of consultants. A Salesforce Service Cloud consultant is a professional who understands your business needs, configures Service Cloud, and offers guidance to guarantee the successful adoption and utilization of the platform.

salesforce service cloud consultant

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation helps businesses in closing deals faster with the help of AI and automation. Customers get access to improved customer support and reduced costs thereby resulting in a better customer experience. Overall, it is a must have tool for the service-oriented businesses with higher support process demands. Also, Service Cloud provides personalized interaction and intelligent self-service to customers.

Important Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

salesforce service cloud features

Salesforce Service Cloud features and capabilities let organizations manage customer interactions across various touchpoints. Here are some important features businesses need to consider:

1. Custom Reports and Dashboard

By making use of real-time reports in the Salesforce Service Cloud, business owners can see the whole case history of a customer and make informed decisions. The dashboard provides professionals with a 360-degree view that allows them to easily track customer information and cases with ease and provide solutions easily and quickly.

2. Salesforce Lightning Service Console

The Salesforce Service Cloud console allows you to consolidate customer data across multiple devices and channels. You receive a unified view of customer interactions including emails, chats, social media mentions, and phone calls.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management

A case management system helps an organization in collecting and organizing customer service interactions that happen on any channel. The platform collects customer requests into a database from where agents can respond to them.

4. Automated Case Routing

Case routing automation allows service teams to make speedy resolutions without registering the cases manually. You can assign tasks to the personnel with the required qualifications and skills and manage the tasks among the agents. The automated case routing feature works well across multiple service channels, including emails, social media, websites, and phones.

5. Social Customer Service

The Social Customer Service feature empowers customer teams with the required tools for handling user queries on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels and sends the queries to the relevant agents. Social Customer Service software allows your team to get a 360-degree view of your customer which further helps with real-time social media engagement on the channels where customers are active.

6. Asset and Order Management

This feature allows you to track orders, assets, support history, etc. of your customers in one place and get a comprehensive view of their activity. All this in turn helps in providing customers with personalized services and improving customer satisfaction levels.

7. Telephony Integration

This feature helps boost agent productivity and customer satisfaction scores by providing integration with popular CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems. CTI systems help agents in viewing the whole customer information without picking up the phone. Agents can call customers with a single click, move calls to other departments or agents, and automatically log calls into systems without leaving the Service Cloud console.

Overall, Salesforce Service Cloud features help businesses enhance customer satisfaction and deliver outstanding customer service and support experiences across multiple channels.

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Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud for a Business

salesforce service cloud benefits

Service Cloud offers top-notch support to present and potential customers and boosts the brand value of a business. Here are some important Salesforce Service Cloud benefits that businesses need to consider:

I. Better Access to Customer Data

Managing customer data was challenging earlier as customer service reps had to maintain notepads and notebooks for the data. Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation offers the best and the easiest solution for keeping track of important data and storing it at one location for better access. With services like integration with legacy systems, case management, queue management, and knowledge base, Service Cloud ensures that access to customer data becomes easy for different departments.

II. Adoption of the Latest Technology

Salesforce Service Cloud is updated and aligned with the current technologies. Users receive access to the correct information whenever they need it. They can store all the important information at a centralized location and track the required KPIs for their organization using Service Wave Analytics. Service Cloud offers a comprehensive view of the customers to understand their brand interactions and provide them with better services.

III. Customized Offerings

When a business is able to understand its customers better, it can provide them with personalized services. For instance, agents can provide potential customers with chat support when they visit the company website. Since every customer needs unique treatment, it is important that sales executives store all the important information about customers to offer them a customized experience and boost the conversion rate. Service Cloud simplifies these tasks and carries them out efficiently to offer a personalized and improved customer experience.

IV. Improved Customer Support

Salesforce Service Cloud can provide assistance to customers from anywhere, anytime. With the help of the Salesforce Mobile App, employees can carry out their tasks from the comfort of their mobile phones anywhere. Thus, even when the customer support representatives are not at their desks, they can help customers with their needs.

V. Better Agent Productivity

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation helps businesses in improving the progress and performance of customer service agents. This is achieved by the ‘Omni-Channel Presence and Routing’ feature of the Service Cloud. Another Salesforce product that helps boost agent productivity is Salesforce Field Service. It is an extension of Service Cloud and aims to offer an extensive view of workforce management by providing services to customers beyond the site or office, referred to as the ‘field’.

VI. Support via Customer-Preferred Channels

Service Cloud offers you the advantage of LiveMessage, a customer service platform that allows you to talk to your customers on their desired channel, whether it is Facebook Messenger or text messages. This ensures that you can get in touch with your customers easily and cost-effectively. With more and more customers going mobile, LiveMessage will become a necessity for businesses.

VII. Powers of One Console Application

With features like LiveMessage, Live Agent, Email-to-Case, Salesforce Service Cloud ensures that you can easily cater to your customers from one console application. This makes the process fast and easy for both businesses and customers. One console application helps increase agent productivity, and boost customer satisfaction and ROI with the help of conversational messaging. You can drive organizational efficiencies with a low-cost platform already being used by your customers and empower your agents with the intelligence and tools they require for offering customized customer experiences.

VIII. Increase in Brand Equity with More Sales Opportunities

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Partners with their quality Salesforce solutions help ensure that businesses get access to efficient ways of improving overall customer satisfaction. This in turn helps businesses in creating a more reliable business in the online domain. As a result, your representatives experience an increase in sales opportunities. Good quality and personalized customer service is vital for the success of a business today and Service Cloud with its engaging customer service solutions helps a business in scaling its operations with ease and attaining success.

Overall, Salesforce Service Cloud benefits are aplenty that empower organizations to provide top-notch customer service experiences, drive operational efficiency, and attain business success.


Salesforce Service Cloud helps in improving the efficiency of customer service agents as well as the overall customer experience. With the help of the Omni-Channel feature, businesses get to activate automatic workflow routing to the most relevant customer service agents. This helps administrators in configuring the Service Cloud for distributing workload depending on the skill set, ability, and availability of the employee to handle the workload. All this helps boost transparency, speed, and efficiency and ensures that high-priority work gets the most attention. Service Cloud ensures that businesses can deal with customers more effectively and collaborate with them in a seamless manner by automating the workflow.

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