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Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Posted on Jun 24, 2024   |  5 Min Read

In the modern-day world, where digitalization is soaring high, businesses are constantly looking forward to new ways and methodologies to augment the way they operate, connect with their customers, and expand the business. Salesforce is a well-renowned customer relationship management (CRM) platform that transforms business operations across the entire value chain and helps them operate more efficiently. With more and more companies moving toward cloud-based CRMs, Salesforce will be experiencing a linear trajectory growth in the next few years.

Salesforce Partners

And why not! Businesses deploying and using Salesforce solutions have reported a growth of 25% in their revenue. In other words, leveraging the overall potential of Salesforce has become vital for businesses that are striving to stay ahead of the competitive and innovative curve. However, mastering Salesforce is a tad bit tough; the complexities of tailoring Salesforce according to business needs and implementing the solution requires the expert guidance of Salesforce partners. Consider these Salesforce partners as your Salesforce doctors who have the right expertise, tools, and knowledge to ensure that your Salesforce instance performs optimally all the time. This equates to you and your team focusing on what matters the most, leaving the heavy Salesforce lifting to the masters. There are different types of Salesforce partners and ISVs or Independent Software Vendors are one of them. In this article, we will elucidate the many business benefits that businesses can leverage through Salesforce ISVs. But before moving on to that, it is crucial to understand what they are and how do these Salesforce partner companies work!

What is Salesforce Independent Software Vendor?

An ISV or independent software vendor is either an individual or Salesforce partner that designs, develops, and sells software with cloud platforms like AWS or Salesforce AppExchange as their wireframe. In other words, through ISV partnership, Salesforce gold partners market their different applications to the end users using Salesforce AppExchange as the marketplace. These applications can be as straightforward as a calculator that can be utilized within Salesforce instance or as complex as a dealer management system that manages the entire network of retailers and distributors. These ISV apps are developed on the Salesforce, making it a cakewalk to install them on your deployed Salesforce instance.

Why Should You Choose an ISV as Your Preferred Salesforce Partner?

1. In-depth & Right Expertise of the Salesforce Environment

In contrast to the general software development companies, ISVs have their entire focus on Salesforce. With years of experience with the platform, they have an in-depth understanding of its limitations, functionalities, updates, and best practices. This level of understanding and expertise ensures ISVs can develop scalable, business-specific, and efficient solutions that are aligned with the business requirements and optimize businesses’ tech RoI.

2. Industry-oriented Solutions & Pre-built Applications

Several ISVs provide pre-built applications and industry-oriented solutions to expand the core functionalities of Salesforce and address industry-specific challenges. These solutions greatly reduce the overall development time as well as the associated costs as compared to developing the entire solution from scratch. By creating a robust foundation, these pre-built applications can be a game changer for industries like healthcare and finance where business goals and requirements are quite unique.

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3. Ease of Customization for Unique Business Requirements

Even though ISV-developed pre-built applications provide a great launch pad, your business might have different processes or workflows, requiring further tweaking of the application to ensure optimal functionality. ISVs are equipped to handle such situations where they can tweak pre-built solutions or develop new functionalities from scratch to meet your business needs. They can create custom fields and objects, modify existing functionalities, and develop tailored integrations with other applications while ensuring that your Salesforce instance runs parallel to your business processes.

4. Integration Experts for a Flawless Ecosystem

Businesses usually rely on different software, tools, and system applications to manage different aspects of their business operations, including sales, marketing, finance, customer services, etc. For a business to perform optimally, it is essential for these operations to work in sync with each other and communicate and collaborate efficiently. Your ISV partner can seamlessly integrate Salesforce with the existing business applications, such as eCommerce platforms, accounting system, or marketing automation platforms to ensure smooth data transfer, streamline operations, and elimination of data silos.

5. Improved Time-to-Value & Reduced Time-to-Market

Leveraging the expertise of ISVs along with their pre-built applications can massively reduce the overall development time for your Salesforce solutions. This further equates to a swifter launch, facilitating you to reap the many advantages of a highly robust and scalable CRM sooner than anticipated. Reduction in time-to-market provides businesses with a competitive edge, further aiding you to achieve optimal return on investment on the Salesforce deployment much quicker. In a highly dynamic environment where speed and agility are business-critical, reduced time-to-market and improved time-to-value are business imperative.

6. A Highly Cost-efficient Approach

For any business, developing a highly complex Salesforce solution with their in-house team can pose a massive financial threat. The associated overheads of hiring an entire team of certified developers, training them, along with the development time translates into huge monetary burden. Partnering with a Salesforce ISV provides a more holistic approach as they leverage pre-built applications, their knowledge and skills, along with development tools to create the solution, saving time, effort, and money. Additionally, this helps shift the focus of your internal IT team on to the core business processes.

7. A Lasting Support for Long-Term Gains

It is to be understood that a successful Salesforce implementation doesn’t end with go-live; rather it’s an ongoing process requiring constant support and maintenance to ensure that your Salesforce platform is updated and performing optimally while evolving to accommodate the changing business needs. ISVs provide this much-needed support to ensure that your Salesforce solution is up-to-date while meeting business needs. The process involves implementing the required updates, fixing bugs, and helping your teams understand and adapt to the new functionalities and features released. A trusted Salesforce partner ensures that your Salesforce platform continues to deliver value long after deployment.

8. Ease of Access to State-of-the-art Solutions & Industry Innovation

ISVs are known to innovate and develop new-age solutions, designed to address industry specific challenges. Joining hands with one of the leading ISVs opens the door for these innovative solutions and deep insights into the current industry’s best practices. ISVs are well acquainted with the latest technologies and trends within the Salesforce environment, ensuring that your business has easy access to the latest functionalities and advanced features, providing your business a certain competitive edge.


With further evolution in business processes, end-to-end support from your Salesforce partner will be the catalyst to accelerate your success. By partnering with a well-reputed ISV, you get the necessary support to navigate through the uncharted complexities of Salesforce, streamline various processes, and realize business goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Through easy access to plethora of expertise, ongoing support, and pre-built solution applications, along with the inside scoop to Salesforce insights, you can unlock the real potential of your Salesforce platform and achieve optimal RoI on your implementation investments.

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