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Tech Talk Updated on Apr 4, 2023  |  3 Min Read

Project managers from every walk of the industry are embracing for managing teamwork, tasks, and projects. By bringing all stakeholders on a centralized platform, allows you to review the timelines, dependencies, and time spent on each activity. With automated workflows and real-time data synchronization, you can use to accomplish your projects within the timelines while meeting the expected outcomes. Your teams can exchange files, documents, and data through this project management tool, allowing you to collaborate and work from anywhere.

1. Trello & Integration

Trello is a user-friendly, Kanban-style visual collaboration tool used for organizing and prioritizing tasks and projects as lists attached with cards. By integrating Trello into, managers can leverage the synchronized project tasks to allocate teams and track the progress from centralized system from anywhere.

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With Trello integration project managers can bridge the gap between the two platforms by connecting their Trello account to the account. Besides improving the team collaboration and adding transparency, this integration will enhance the workflows significantly.

2. Why

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Project Management from Anywhere

This integration provides you a greater flexibility to manage your project in a single place from anywhere in the world. It will bring all your Trello projects into automatically and allow you instantly resume working from where you left. Integrating Trello with allows you to align your team members and administer the project progress seamlessly.

Enhanced Workflows with Automation

Connecting your Trello boards with monday account eliminates the effort of manually copying and pasting the new Trello cards as new items in the integrated system. The integration results in automated workflows and recurring tasks, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks.

Cross-Teams Collaboration

As you integrate and Trello, the two accounts will be synced and every new card in the latter will be reflected in on monday platform. Your teams can collaborate and communicate from a centralized platform and you can monitor, control, and manage your projects and teams on the go.

3.How it Works

All you need to do is to log into your monday board that is to be synced with Trello and go to the Integration Store. After selecting Trello from the store, you can connect Trello board using the Trello’s API token. Now you have to choose a recipe that would include selecting appropriate fields based on the information to be pulled from your Trello boards. Currently, monday can be integrated with Trello to connect fields like card name, members, labels, due date, description, last activity, votes, and completed.

In a Nutshell

Teams use a variety of platforms to design and execute their workflow processes which not only leads to a slip of information but also restricts the team collaboration. and Trello are widely used in to organize and manage the project activities. Integrating both the tools provides a unified platform to manage projects efficiently and maximize the functionalities of both platforms. As integrating these platforms involves technical know-how of selecting the connectors and APIs, mapping fields appropriately, and importing data and other elements. Hence, it is recommended to approach a integration partner to prevent the process risks and complexities affect your live projects.

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