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monday.com simplifies project management by automating workflows, but teams need several other tools and applications to get their work done. monday integrations make project management even simpler by giving stakeholders the power to see data and processes in different applications.These include email, cloud storage, CRM, ERP, marketing automation platforms, spreadsheets, design tools, billing or accounting systems, and much more – without any development-intensive exercise.

As a specialist offering the best integrations for monday.com, we deliver quick solutions, with real-time data access and no downtime. No matter how heterogeneous the tech stack or how complex the business process is– our consultants ensure that monday.com integrations enable automated workflows between desired data sources while keeping logic, conditions of routing, and data formatting as is. The result – less app toggling, faster team responses, efficient self-service, and lower manual intervention, leading to enhanced team collaboration.

Break Information Silos With the Best monday.com Integrations

monday.com gives users the power to sync data, push and pull reports, and connect all apps they love. monday integrations allow users to move beyond manual hand-offs or asking for data access through emails. With intuitive automation and seamless collaboration between stakeholders, focusing on efficiency becomes easier. We have an assortment of pre-built connectors for all the popular SaaS applications that cater to most business processes and functions such as sales, marketing, development, finance, customer service, R&D, etc. With our strategic monday integrations, we streamline project management, speed up delivery, and ensure real-time reporting.

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monday.com Integrations to Improve Your Workflows

App Integration

Integrations on monday.com will make you love your apps even more. Plus, you get the confidence that the data doesn’t get delayed, lost, or exposed-because the information flow happens in real time. With experience in an array of software systems and SaaS applications, we implement the best integrations for monday.com, ensuring that your investment pays off faster and better.

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CRM Integration

With monday CRM integrations, your teams can manage everything in one place – from prospecting and marketing to sales pipelines and customer projects. Our expertise in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Open Source CRM allows us to maximize the potential of CRM for customer-centric organizations. We have implemented all major monday.com CRM integrations for Salesforce-Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Einstein AI, and more.

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Communication Tools

Different teams use different tools for communication or project management. Integrating relevant SaaS apps brings everyone on the same page, so that teams work in sync and attain milestones together. We have implemented monday.com integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Trello, Asana and more.

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Cloud Storage Integration

Make the most of your cloud storage subscription through integration with monday.com. Upload files, share them with the project team and collaborate, grant file permissions, and set limitations as per role, so that the information is always accessible, organized, and manageable. At Damco, we have successfully integratedmonday.com with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, One Drive, and more.

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Email Integration

With monday.com email integration, your email will become the collaboration powerhouse that you want it to be. Be it transforming emails into action items or automatically aligning each team member, monday email integration takes your team’s communication strategy to another level. Our consultants have successfully integrated monday.com with Outlook, calendar, and Gmail through Zapier or other pre-built connectors.

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Accounting Apps Integration

For teams dealing majorly with accounting apps, monday.com integrations are an efficient way to automate workflows, keep other departments (sales, marketing, development, IT) in the loop, and minimize manual errors in push/pull of data. With profound expertise in financial workflows, we have successfully executed monday integration with Quickbooks, Wave, Sage, Kashoo, Zoho Books, Xero, Odoo, etc.

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monday Integrations With Other Apps

We understand that every business has its unique set of requirements. Our expertise in the spectrum of SaaS platforms and business tools allows us to integrate disparate apps, even the ones you never thought could come together. So, what does monday.com integrate with? Some examples of our highly efficient integrations with monday.com are Typeform, Time Tracking, and GitLab.


Maximize Your monday.com Investments With Damco

As a leading monday.com expert , we help teams reach their full potential by building customized monday.com solutions that optimize workforce, workflows, and processes. We offer consulting for integrating and driving transformational digital work experiences using monday.com developments and solutions across processes, departments, and industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many app integrations does monday.com support?

monday.com supports over 200 app integrations including Slack, Outlook, Zoom, Google Drive, Salesforce, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, and many more.

Does monday.com integrate with Jira?

Yes, monday.com integrates with Jira, a popular bug-tracking and agile project management proprietary tool. With this integration, you can establish transparency in the design and development stages and improve communication.

Can monday.com integrate with Excel?

monday.com supports easy integration with Excel. With this integration, you can import all your data from Excel spreadsheets into monday.com boards in just a few steps.

Does monday.com integrate with Zoho Books?

monday.com allows you to integrate Zoho Books in a few minutes and automate the workflows that your workforce handles manually.

Does monday.com integrate with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, you can integrate monday.com with Outlook and customize the workflows, manage your tasks without juggling between different work applications.

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