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What to Expect From the Workshop

Technology Assessment

We identify solutions that go well with your product’s overall feasibility, business needs, investment capacity and ROI.

Rapid Development Strategy

Advice on how to reduce your time-to-market for new developments and enhancements using low-code, AI, etc.

Actionable Recommendations by Experts

Customized report for your specific needs and areas of concern.

Workshop Inside

What’s Inside the Tech Consulting Workshop?

We’ve helped over 2000 tech companies in building technology solutions, including MVP Development, Applications, Product Development, Product Modernization, Digital Presence, with the latest technology and top 1% certified tech talent across 50+ technology stacks.

With this focused vision of helping tech companies grow and scale, our experts have come up with this unique workshop, where companies can gain insights into their current business and technology standing through a comprehensive audit. Not only this, based on this audit, our experts will provide tech companies with tailored and actionable recommendations and business strategies to tap into different growth avenues.

Give Your Business the Required Tech Boost

*Valid till August 31st

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How Does it Work?

Here’s the step-by-step process after you enroll for our Tech Consulting Workshop

Step 1

Know Your Objectives and Goals

We’ll send you a qualifying questionnaire that will help us gather vital information about your business stage, needs, challenges, and objectives.

Step 2

Deep-Dive Session with Actionable Insights & Recommendations

After thoroughly analyzing your responses, our experts will conduct a 40-minute deep-dive session to walk your key stakeholders through the report. In this session, we will discuss tailored recommendations to address your unique challenges and actionable business strategies that can help you capitalize on growth opportunities.

Step 3

Personalized Audit Report

We will share a summary of our workshop discussion for your future reference. Our experts will craft an audit report that will include a thorough analysis of your current technology infrastructure and business objectives.

Meet the Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel for the workshop comprises industry experts with a proven track record of success in the tech ecosystem. They bring a wealth of knowledge, insights, and networks to guide participants through every stage of the acceleration process.

Arnav Gupta VP

Arnav Gupta

VP – Technology at Damco Solutions

Driven by a passion for digital transformation, Arnav specializes in leveraging Low-Code platforms like Power Platform, OutSystems, and UI Path to streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate customer experiences. He is enthusiastic about new industry advancements and loves connecting with entrepreneurs and helping them understand how to blend business processes seamlessly with technology, emphasizing creativity and critical thinking.

Harsh Shah AVP

Harsh Shah

AVP – Technology Services at Damco Solutions

With over seven years of work experience in product leadership, Harsh is passionate about creating innovative and user-friendly solutions that meet the needs and delight customers. He is experienced in helping startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises with Mobile Apps, PWAs, UX, Agile techniques and management with a passion for making people’s lives better.

Devansh Bansal VP

Devansh Bansal

VP – Emerging Technology at Damco Solutions

Devansh has over 24 years of Global IT Consulting and Program Management experience in business application development, application re-engineering, system integration, and next-gen technologies. He has worked with distributed IT development teams across the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, and India.

Manish Gupta VP

Manish Gupta

VP – Low Code at Damco Solutions

Manish Gupta is a seasoned Solution Architect and OutSystems Champion, passionate about driving impactful digital transformations through the innovative power of low-code platforms. He has wide experience in helping businesses with digital transformation and process automation. He is proficient in navigating modern business challenges with his expertise in process design, business modeling, automation, and solution delivery.

Achieve Tech Excellence with Expert Guidance

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Empower Your Business Vision with Our Software Engineering Expertise

Expert Advisory

Gain insights and strategies to fuel your business growth

Forge ahead with confidence as our seasoned consultants navigate you through the complexities of technology landscape, ensuring every step aligns with your vision for success. Whether it’s determining the right cloud strategy or optimizing workflows, we ensure you get tailored product and leadership support from our technology subject matter and industry experts.

Engineering Support

Rapid Time-to-Market Strategies

From concept to launch, our full-cycle engineering services breathe life into your ideas, delivering solutions that captivate audiences and command market attention.

Access to Top 1% Tech Talent

Dedicated On-Demand Team

Your team, your terms! Attracting and retaining skilled developers and tech professionals can be challenging and costly. With our build-your-team (BYT) model, you can access top-tier resources on-demand without any upfront cost. You can scale your team according to your project needs, empowering your business to thrive without breaking the bank.

Product Design & UX

Driving Engagement and Retention

We build intuitive interfaces and seamless user journeys to ensure that your product resonates with your target audience. Through continuous iteration and user feedback loops, we refine the UX to maximize engagement and retention, laying a solid foundation for your business success.

Product Modernization

We help organizations say goodbye to their existing legacy systems and make the most of the new-age technologies and tools. Our tailored product modernization strategies future-proof your business by optimizing performance, enhancing scalability, and driving sustainable growth, ensuring you stay ahead of the tech curve.

Commercialization Support

Strategic Product Rollouts and Market Distribution Strategies

We ensure your product grows with you. We ensure your product’s commercial success with strategic product roll out and assessing the product’s market distribution – while proactively identifying obstacles to successful user adoption.

Quality Assurance, Maintenance & Support

24×7 Uptime & Dedicated Support

Our quality experts ensure not only the initial quality of the product but also its ongoing performance and reliability. We thoroughly test every aspect of the product for its functionality, security, and user experience. Our maintenance and support team addresses any issues promptly, providing timely updates throughout its lifecycle.

Leverage our Partnership Ecosystem

Cost-Saving Benefits

Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft, AWS, UiPath, Google Cloud, Salesforce, OutSystems, we empower you to leverage exclusive offers and cost-saving opportunities. These alliances help us ensure your business succeeds and stands relevant in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Empower Business Vision

Damco Solutions: Your Launchpad to Success

Having intimately worked with so many technology businesses, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face, especially when it comes to bringing their ideas to life swiftly and effectively. Racing against the clock to launch MVP, navigating tight budgets, taking products to the market, modernizing the legacy systems, and securing fundings, we understand how challenging it all can be. By sprinting through these constant cycles for numerous ideas, we have emerged as steadfast allies for technology businesses, ready to support them at every turn.

Tech Consulting Launch
  • Industry Experience

    We have helped over 2000 businesses from different industries transform their operations and processes with scalable and future-ready technology solutions.

  • Startup DNA

    We have helped 200+ startups and scale ups build profitable solutions and 10+ startups raise fundings by top VC firms and accelerators.

  • Top-Tier Tech Talent

    We have a top 1% of tech talent who can help you build your dream solutions.

  • Scalable Products

    We ensure we build market-fit products that are easy to scale and promise sustainability.

  • Next-Gen Tech Enablement

    Leverage new technologies including AI, Blockchain, and Gen AI, AR/VR, etc., in your product lifecycle and have a competitive edge.

  • Market Support and Expansion

    We help you thrive in the crowded software market and expand in new geographies.

Success Stories

Healthcare Success

A Healthtech startup aimed to revolutionize patient engagement with a mobile app for remote healthcare monitoring. Our product design and UX experts collaborated closely with their team to create an intuitive interface and seamless user journey. Through continuous iteration and user feedback, we refined the app’s UX, maximizing engagement and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.

  • 40% Increase in Remote Monitoring Compliance
  • HIPAA-Compliant Security Measures Implemented
  • 50% Rise in User Engagement Levels
Fintech Success

A leading Fintech organization wanted to build an intuitive mobile payment app. They engaged with Damco on a fixed cost engagement model. Our full-cycle product engineering services proved instrumental in turning their vision into reality. From conceptualization to deployment, our team provided comprehensive support, ensuring the app met industry standards for security, reliability, and user experience.

  • 99.9% Uptime Achieved for App
  • 30% Reduction in Transaction Times
  • 40% Increase in User Satisfaction Rates
Ecommerce Success

An ecommerce business wanted to differentiate itself in a competitive market by offering a unique shopping experience for its target audience. They opted for Build Your Team® engagement model, where we assigned a team of 5 on-demand product design, UX experts, and a project manager who collaborated closely with their product team. The intuitive navigation and personalized recommendations enhanced the user experience, increased engagement and increased average order value.

  • 25% Decrease in Cart Abandonment Rates
  • Lightning-Fast Two-Second Page Load Time
  • 20% Increase in Conversion Rates via Personalization

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