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Software modernization
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Tech Talk Posted on Dec 29, 2020   |  2 Min Read

Organizations were already using technology enablers to address challenges posed by new customer demands, disruptive operating models, and inefficiencies. But the current pandemic shrunk the timeline to pursue novel paths for growth and expansion. Facilitated by the modernization of core systems and processes, businesses found a new lifeline to hold a footing in volatile markets.

Within the broad scope of IT modernization, prioritizing Mobility, Automation, Remote Data Access, Cloud, and Security emerged a digital mandate for organizations. Banking on our expertise and time-tested approach to modernization – we helped businesses and peers to understand the pain-points, develop possible change scenarios, and identify the opportunities for immediate value gain.

Using Software Modernization as the lever, we reshaped business capabilities, competitive positioning, process evolution, and operations management – helping clients to seize an opportunity in adversity.

Overarching strategies to pivot businesses for 2021 and beyond

Technology businesses, take note. A long-term competitive perspective – embracing cloud-native applications, API integrations, DevOps, and proven game-changers like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation; is the key to keep moving in the right direction.

Part of this strategy, therefore, is to identify technology trends to preconfigure future pipeline. We predict that urgency for location-agnostic operations, automation, and data-driven insights will guide the trajectories taken. With a promise of delivery of rapid and visible change, the following technologies will lead the step-change improvement in 2021:

Legacy software modernization

1. Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Establishing a holistic technology framework through design, deployment, and management of hybrid and multi-cloud platforms will keep organizations on track to a more wholesome success that yields in terms of productivity, agility, and resilience.

2. Integrated Automation

For organizations looking to succeed beyond process automation, Integrated Automation solutions will offer a pathway to the productivity of the future. Integrating and automating hardware, software, and services will help information flow in all the dimensions and add more business value per dollar of investment.

3. Anywhere Operations

Continuing the pandemic-led operations model, businesses will delve deeper into the ‘digital first’ approach for workforce acquisition, management, delivery, and reporting. To facilitate ‘anywhere operations’ – a distributed and self-served mode of working – organizations will need a robust cloud-based application framework.

4. Cybersecurity

A natural corollary of ‘anywhere operations’ – the need for intelligent cybersecurity applications will continue to be the focus of technology investment. Instead of reactive modus operandi, organizations will need proactive strategy and technology enablers to secure perimeter for remote working, cloud portfolio, and other intellectual properties.

5. Total Experience

Process modernization that offers a wholesome experience to employees and product modernization that enables users and customers to achieve more in less – will be the guiding principle of digital transformation initiatives. Organizations must align these vectors of experiences so that one reinforces the other.


As cloud, blockchain, AI, analytics, and automation poise to shape operations in the new normal and beyond – lessons and insights in Software Modernization will help organizations and technology partners with a clear vision to prepare well for the challenges of the new battleground. Download the full report to know how we helped our clients suit-up for the new normal and how we plan to keep acing digital disruption.

Software system modernization

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