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IoT for agile innovation in business

During these unprecedented times, use the accurate and smart insights to opt for right decisions and strategies. Our offerings reduce operating costs, while improving transparency and operational efficiencies.

Being a pioneer of Industry 4.0, we offer a complete suite of IoT services and solutions. Damco expertise enables businesses to improve efficiency by introducing process automation and delivering valuable business insights. Our strategically designed IoT platform facilitates quick and precise development of IoT applications and its service components to add value to the business processes.

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Our Full-Stack IoT Services

Keep pace with the emerging tech trends with our bespoke IoT services and solutions. As a leading IoT app development company, we help businesses make the most of IoT adoption.

IoT App Development

Strong prowess in engineering robust, scalable, and interoperable IoT-driven applications that help you in streamlining business operations and personalizing the user experience.

IoT Consulting

Reduce human labor, unlock new possibilities and revenue streams, improve operational control, and optimize assets utilization with our end-to-end IoT Consulting services.

IoT Implementation & Support

Accelerate the value of IT assets with our IoT implementation & support services that help businesses integrate IoT solutions with third-party systems, smart devices, and applications to meet their unique business needs.

IoT Gateway Development

Helping businesses to stay competitive by enabling them to connect their smart devices, sensors, and controllers to the cloud with IoT gateway development in a quick turnaround time.

Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Being one of the reliable IoT solution providers, we engineer future-ready IoT applications for a host of wearable devices from smart health watches and fitness trackers to wearable tech glasses, rage-preventing gaming headsets, and more.

Voice-enabled Technology Solutions

Empowering businesses to redefine the way customers interact with smart devices by engineering voice-enabled solutions coupled with emerging technologies like AI, ML, and Neural Networks.

Our Expertise in IoT Solutions across Industries

Being a premium IoT service provider, we offer tailor-made IoT solutions to clients across industry verticals.

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  • Healthcare 

    We have rich expertise in developing HIPAA-compliant IoT-enabled app solutions that enable remote monitoring, improve patient care, and much more. 

  • Retail & Ecommerce

    We build robust eCommerce IoT solutions that will help you understand customers’ behavior and offer them a smooth shopping experience. 

  • Logistics & Transportation

    Achieve unparalleled transportation efficiency through our developed IoT-driven apps that will help you in real-time fleet management. 

  • Agriculture

    Keep a check on the field conditions and crop in real-time with our engineered IoT applications.

Why Choose Damco For IoT Application Development?

Being a preferred IoT app development company, we help clients succeed by leveraging the potential of a connected ecosystem that drives resiliency and brings tangible value.

Rich AI and ML skillset

We are backed by a strong pool of seasoned professionals having rich expertise in AI and ML and years of experience in engineering bespoke IoT technology solutions.

Reduce time-to-market

When it comes to engineering IoT-driven applications, we bank on an agile development approach to reduce time-to-market for businesses.

Profound Big Data Expertise

Our IoT experts have hands-on experience in Big Data that enables them to empower businesses in uncovering hidden patterns and make data-driven decisions.

Unmatched Security

Being one of the reliable IoT service providers, we abide by industry-specific security standards and data governance practices.

Quality Assurance

Backed by ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi certifications, we are committed to delivering premium quality IoT applications.

Cross-industry Domain Knowledge

We have an illustrious track record of delivering IoT application development projects to global clients across Fortune 2000 companies spanning 25+ industries.

Hire Seasoned IoT Developers Under Flexible Engagement Models

We’ve designed flexible engagement models for businesses of all sizes that enable them to hire skilled developers for IoT application development. Get a free no-obligation quote from our experts for your custom app development project.

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  • Fixed Price Model

    Preferred for IoT app development projects that are small and medium in size. This engagement model allows businesses to pay a fixed amount for all milestone deliverables.

  • Time and Material Model

    Best suited for dynamic IoT application development projects where the requirements keep changing. In this model, clients are billed as per the efforts and times invested by developers per month.

  • SLA/Milestone Based Model

    This engagement model is ideal when you need to onboard IoT experts for a process-oriented and iterative app development project with clearly defined milestones.

  • Build Your Team ® Model

    This flexible engagement model allows you to hire seasoned IoT consulting professionals just when and where you need them.

Our Methodology

We are counted among the trusted IoT development services providers that follow an agile approach to speed up the development process.

Agreement on Service Models

We offer flexible engagement models tailored to the project requirements along with handpicked resources.

QA and Testing

Extensive documentation, clients’ feedback, and rigorous testing are closely integrated into our development process to deliver premium quality products.

Requirements Assessment

Our IoT experts meticulously assess your unique project requirements and objectives to devise a coherent roadmap for the development.

Design and Development

IoT application design and development begins immediately after agreement on service models to meet the desired goals on time.

Post Development Support

After go-live, we regularly monitor the performance of our developed products to ensure smooth operation round the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I outsource an IoT-based app development project?

There are several benefits of outsourcing the project including cost-effectiveness, quick turnaround time, agility with quality, access to seasoned app developers, and more.

What type of applications can be developed using IoT?

We are backed by seasoned professionals who can develop a wide gamut of IoT applications including finTech apps, real-time apps, streaming apps, eCommerce apps, networking apps, single-page apps, and more.

What are the best examples of IoT devices?

Some popular examples of IoT devices are wearable health monitors, smart lighting, air quality sensors, and RFID smart guns, etc.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT App?

The cost of an IoT driven mobile application depends upon a multitude of factors including app complexity, size, custom features, and how many developers are working on it. If you want to know the exact cost for your IoT app development project, we recommend you contact our experts.

Is there any hidden cost for developing IoT-driven applications?

The short answer is NO. We always abide by the price quote that we share with our clients.

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