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Maximize the Return on IBM i Investments With AS400 Technical Support

IBM iSeries/AS400 System is the backbone of many enterprise-level organizations that empowers businesses to drive success and unlock new opportunities for growth. However, without the right maintenance and technical support, it can become a source of poor user experience, reduced productivity, inefficiency, and increased technical debt. Fortunately, you can navigate the complexities of AS400 and address the pain points effectively with AS400 tech support.

As a reputed AS400 support services provider, Damco understands that every business is unique, and so are its IBM iSeries AS400 requirements. Whether you need assistance with optimizing performance for specific workloads, seamless data migration, disaster recovery planning, system upgrades, or performance tuning, our IBM iSeries AS400 experts have the right expertise and rich knowledge to provide maintenance support that maximizes both efficiency and return on investment. We conduct regular audits, implement robust security measures, and stringently follow compliance with industry standards and regulations to ensure IBM iSeries/AS400 System remains secure, robust, and primed for long-term success.

AS400 Technical Support

Our Offerings

Solve Your IBMi Roadblocks With AS400 Support Services

iSeries Application Support

Tackle the most intricate IBM AS400 challenges with iSeries application support and get the confidence to excel in today’s fast-evolving business landscape.

iSeries Software Support

Unlock the true potential of IBM iSeries applications by optimizing performance, strengthening security, and troubleshooting issues with iSeries software support.

AS400 Technical Support

Remediate application issues that surfaced during hardware maintenance, upgrades/migration of the IBM i application or the server, server patching, etc. with AS400 tech support.

IBM i Integration Support

Connect IBM i applications with other business apps/systems such as ERP, CRM, websites, portals, mobile apps, BI tools, etc. with IBM i integration support.

IBM i Migration Support

Seamlessly migrate legacy systems/applications into a future-ready architectural framework with tailor-made support for IBM iSeries/AS400.

IBM iSeries Maintenance

Minimize potential disruptions and keep AS400 systems stay up and running with end-to-end maintenance and support for IBM iSeries.

Maximize Uptime & Minimize Downtime With IBM System i Support

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Our Capabilities in IBM iSeries Maintenance

  • iPaaS Support

  • AS/400 EDI Support

  • iSeries Web Application Support

  • IBM System i L1, L2, and L3 Support

  • AS/400 Server Configuration and Maintenance

  • Distributed Data Management for IBM System i AS/400

Our Approach

Safeguard Your AS400 Investment With iSeries Support

Assessment of Requirements

Assessment of Requirements

Our experts understand business goals and evaluate project requirements to devise a roadmap for iSeries maintenance and support.

Recovery Strategy

Recovery Strategy

Virtual servers and containers to execute real-time backup and recovery – a strategy that delivers on complex computing architecture, and keeps critical IT operations up and running.

IBM AS400 Maintenance and Testing

IBM AS400 Maintenance and Testing

Rigorous workload and backup drills to ensure that applications work seamlessly after AS400 migration to the Cloud and exhibit enhanced functionality and performance.

Documentation and Support

Documentation and Support

Solid documentation to maximize self-reliance, establish best practices to monitor IBMi Systems, and identify signs of maintenance.

Legacy Support

Legacy Support

Experience in a range of legacy software, beyond IBM, to implement holistic integration for a truly connected application landscape.

Amplify Process Efficiency with IBM iSeries AS400 Support Services

We have successfully managed layered complexities in iSeries technologies. Our IBM iSeries maintenance practice focuses on maximizing the long-term benefits of AS400 applications.

IBM i Support

Recovery Strategy

Virtual servers and containers to execute real-time backup and recovery—a strategy that delivers on complex business needs and computing architecture, and keeps critical IT operations back up and running.

AS400 Maintenance and Testing

Rigorous workload and backup drills to ensure that cloud apps work fine after AS400 migration to the cloud, and exhibit enhanced functionality and performance.

Documentation and Support

Solid documentation to maximize self-reliance, establish best practices to monitor systems and identify signs of maintenance.

Legacy Modernization

Strong experience in switching obsolete systems with future-proof cloud technology that fits the bills of user experience and productivity. Successful projects—AS400 migration to Azure, AS400 migration to AWS, ReactJS/Angular JS, and Java-based technology.

Tech Stack for iSeries AS400 Support

Modernization Tools
Operating System
OS/400 V5R3 V5R4 V6R1 V7R1 V7R2 V7R3 V7R4
Source Control
Turnover GITHUB SVN Aldon Implementer
DB2/400 PostgreSQL MS SQL
S2K Enterprise (ERP) Infor LX (ERP) CAMS/400 (ERP) JDE (ERP) Smart 400 Infor XA (MAPICS) EDI (Liaison Delta, Menten, Trusted Link)

Our Engagement Models

Convert rising technology debt to increased ROI with our flexible engagement plans for IBM AS400 Support

Fixed Price Model

This engagement model is ideal for small and mid-sized IBM AS400 support projects. In this model, the client has to pay a fixed amount for all milestone deliverables

Time and Material Model

Ideal for clients looking for IBM iSeries support for a dynamic project. The client is billed as per the efforts invested by experts per month.

SLA/Milestone-based Model

This engagement model is best suited for clients looking for IBM System i support for a process-oriented and iterative project with defined milestones.

Build Your Team Model

This engagement model allows clients to hire iSeries maintenance professionals just when and where they need them.

Stay Ahead, Stay Secure With IBM AS400 Maintenance

Quick Assessment

Why Choose Damco as Your IBM iSeries Support Company

As a reliable iSeries Support Service provider, we future-proof AS400 systems to meet and exceed your business objectives.

24x7 Support

24×7 Support

We offer round-the-clock AS400 tech support beyond standard business hours to get you going again whenever you hit a roadblock.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance and Governance

100% adherence to company policies and compliance regulations. Solid documentation to support post-modernization governance.

Industry Competency

Industry Competency

Deep understanding of the length and breadth of industries and business processes to tailor support services for AS400 as per business needs.

Flexible Protection Plans

Flexible Protection Plans

We offer post-modernization support to iron out the glitches under our customized, flexible, and affordable plans.

Diverse Clientele

Diverse Clientele

Experience in supporting clients of all sizes right from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations.

Long-term Partnerships

Long-term Partnerships

Built a long-term partnership with global clients spanning 25+ industries. On average, we have worked with many of our clients for more than 6 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a consultation with IBM iSeries/AS400 experts for long-term support. Can you help?

Indeed, we can provide end-to-end consultation for IBM iSeries/AS400 support and maintenance. Our AS400 experts can chalk out the best maintenance and support plan that perfectly meets your business objectives. Backed by a pool of seasoned iSeries/AS400 professionals, we ensure your IBM iSeries/AS400 environment remains optimized for sustained success. Furthermore, we understand the importance of fostering long-term partnerships and our commitment goes beyond a one-time consultation. Get in touch with us today and let our experts be your trusted partner in achieving the highest levels of efficiency.

I need an audit for AS400 application stability and performance. Can you help?

Definitely! Damco Solutions is the top choice for conducting a comprehensive audit of the AS400 application’s performance and stability. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience and expertise in evaluating and optimizing AS400 environments to ensure they operate at optimal efficiency. Furthermore, we can help you identify potential bottlenecks, streamline processes, and implement strategic improvements. Contact our experts today to schedule the audit and experience a significant boost in the performance and stability of AS400 applications.

Do you provide support for the IBM iSeries AS400 system on an ad-hoc basis?

Definitely, At Damco Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering flexible and reliable ad-hoc support for the IBM iSeries AS400 system. Whether you need periodic support for routine maintenance or immediate assistance for unexpected issues, our team of seasoned professionals is always ready to step in and provide immediate solutions. Partner with Damco Solutions for on-demand support that not only aligns seamlessly with your unique business requirements but also provides you with peace of mind and unmatched productivity.

Our results with AS400 modernization are not exceptional. Do you offer post-modernization support?

Yes, we offer post-modernization maintenance and support services for IBM i applications. We have over two decades of experience in remediating sub-optimal application modernization, migration, and integration. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing ongoing assistance and implementing enhancements to keep the AS400 environment at its best. You may get in touch with our IBM iSeries/AS400 experts today and let us guide you through the post-modernization phase.

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