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Client Profile

The client is one of the world’s largest publicly funded health services. Founded in the year 1948, the client provides healthcare services to the people of United Kingdom, regardless of their social status and wealth. Excluding some charges like optical services, prescriptions, and dental services, the other healthcare services remain free for all United Kingdom residents. Currently, these services are catering to over 60 million people while providing employment to over 1.3 million people.

The Problem

The client was generating huge data volumes with data in different formats including reports and forms. The client wanted the meaningful information to be extracted with high accuracy within strict delivery timelines.

  • Data Extraction from Different Sources: The client required extraction of business-critical data from different data sources including various reports, audit survey forms, caseload surveys, patient survey forms, visitor survey forms, and patient evaluation forms, among others.
  • Strict & Stringent Delivery Timelines: There was an imminent requirement to extract data from files in different formats and complete the process in 24 hours’ time. For instance, files were received at the Damco UK office in hard copy format and digital files were received through FTP as well.
  • Need for An In-house Application: The client needed an in-house application that would enable a seamless workflow and quality checks while maintaining higher accuracy levels while keying the data.


Disparate data sources

Diverse data formats

Highly stringent delivery timelines to process the data

The Solution

Damco’s team of data professionals carefully analyzed the client’s requirements while considering every challenge that might arise in the project and decided to develop a solution with the capability of handling huge data volumes.

Problem Analysis & Roadmap Planning

  • Damco worked in close association with the client to understand their requirements in-depth and suggested a solution which is flexible and can be scaled according to data volumes.

Development of Tailored Application

  • We developed a tailored application with the capability of handling structured and huge volumes of data and semi-automated workflows were defined.

Utilization of Secure Server

  • The team utilized a secure server to store data and SFTP was created to push the data.

The Benefits

Highly accurate document processing and tailored application gave the client better control over process performance while reducing operational expenses.

  • Improved Data Extraction Operation Performance: Significant improvement in TAT with a better control on process performance.
  • Ease of Data Processing: The tailored solution ensured secured scanning of documents, safe destruction, and highly accurate data capturing.
  • Reduced Operational Expenses: Significant reduction in operational expenses.
  • Improved Data Security: Enhanced levels of data security and confidentiality.

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