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Get Complete and On-Time Insights With End-to-End Data Collection Services

In today’s competitive and data-driven world, having access to accurate and timely available data is crucial for making informed decisions, and achieving your business goals faster. That’s where business relevant and authentic data collection services adhering to guidelines come into play.

Ineffective and inaccurate data collection can easily wreck any business strategy, interpretation of customer behavior, and market trends, leading to misguided business decisions. Therefore, aggregating data in a structured manner after discovering the right resources, capturing multi-format data and complying with scraping guidelines is a must. This is where Damco Solutions enters the frame with our data collection services to drive you toward the right business decisions.

Powered by an expert team of data specialists with extensive domain knowledge and AI-based tools and technologies, Damco helps organizations leverage data from multiple online or offline sources, in different mediums, formats, and sizes. As a leading data collection company, our data capture services also cover conventional mail surveys, on-site paper surveys, interviews, and online surveys using standard survey software like SurveyMonkey, Zoho Survey, Google Forms, etc., to gather critical information adhere to regulatory guidelines for our valued clients. With our commitment to greater data quality, Damco is your trusted data collection company to unleash the full potential of your data.

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Tailored Data Collection Services We Offer to Our Clients

Step Toward Building Targeted and Trusted Database with Our Data Collection Solution

Data Extraction Services

Data Extraction Services

Retrieve, consolidate, and fuse data from structured and unstructured origins with Damco’s data extraction services as our data professionals collect data from different and complex sources adhered to guidelines by diligently sorting through each web data source, database, and document to extract the right information that is in sync with your business goals.

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Web Research Services

Web Research Services

Tap into the potential of unutilized web data with Damco’s web research services as our web researchers capture and provide you with business-relevant data on your customers, market, competitors, products and services, and much more from multiple online sources in a required format so that you can plan business strategies to enhance the competitive edge.

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Data Mining Services

Data Mining Services

Extract key insights from diverse and huge data sets by leveraging Damco’s data mining experts as we follow industry’s best practices of clustering, classification, regression, and pattern recognition to capture business-specific data of your interest and consolidate it in the required format for easy analysis and business forecasting.

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Database Building & Maintenance Services

Database Building & Maintenance Services

Drive better business outcomes with Damco’s database building and maintenance services as our team of expert database designers regularly procure accurate, relevant, and up-to-date data and add it to your existing database while following the strict data security protocols so that you always have the database highly in sync with your business goals.

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Data Verification Services

Data Verification Services

Get correct, concise, and complete data with Damco’s data verification services as we employ advanced verification tools and out-of-the-box methodologies to sieve out oddities, redundancies and inconsistencies from huge datasets so that your business intelligence is free from any false or redundant data. Doesn’t matter what your industry is, our data verification services are designed for adaptation.

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Data Appending Services

Data Appending Services

Upgrade your existing database with new, accurate, and more relevant data with Damco’s data appending services to get greater ROI on your marketing campaigns. Our end-to-end data appending services analyzes your data sets, identifies and fills data gaps, replaces obsolete data, corrects errors, revives and validates the old information while formatting and standardizing the entire database to give your campaigns a new value.

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automated data collection

Automated Data Collection

Get ready-to-analyze, high quality data in no time with Damco’s automated data collection services as we bring in the combined power of human intelligence, AI, ML, and RPA to turn raw, unstructured data into tagged, schema compliant structured XML for further utilization through your CRM, CMS, or relational database.

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Our Data Capture Services For Wide Range of Industries


Leverage Damco’s end-to-end online data collection services for financial firms to collect meaningful and sensitive financial data such as customer profiles, online payments, withdrawals/deposits at multiple ATMs, purchases at point-of-sale, and much more while ensuring that collected data is accurate, reliable, and legally compliant.


Get a holistic view of your patients for improved communication and personalized treatments with Damco’s online data collection services for healthcare companies as we provide you with accurate data on health surveys, electronic health records, claims, administrative data, clinical trials data, patient/disease registries, etc.

Real Estate

Leverage a strong real estate database for improved sales with Damco’s end-to-end data collection services as we provide global real estate agencies with accurate, validated, and high-quality data on property appraisals, auction performances, brokerage, buyer-seller information, office spaces, market spaces, etc.


Transform your ecommerce business with Damco’s comprehensive survey data collection services, specifically optimized for the ecommerce landscape. Get up-to-date, relevant, and verified data from competitors and consumers to establish differentiators while facilitating a hyper-personalized customer experience to improve sales.

Travel & Hospitality

Improve the overall guest experience and operational efficiency with Damco’s comprehensive data collection services for hospitality industry as we provide extensive databases curated through a wide range of tools and techniques, such as guest feedback surveys, website analytics, booking history tracking, and social media monitoring so that you have detailed insights into customer preferences, travel trends, and market demands.

Education & eLearning

Keep up with the ever-evolving changes and updates in the education industry with our dedicated data collection solutions as we help you dig deeper into the unexplored and untapped data by maintaining a relevant, up-to-date, and clean database which syncs with your business goals and facilitates you to make informed decisions for improved student outcomes.

Digital Media/ Advertising

With the addition of digital platforms and automation, an effective data collection service can help digital media and advertising agencies gauge the initial success of a campaign within just a couple of hours of its launch. Get more detailed insights about your target audience, and industry, so you can make the most of the time and resources you invest in selling and marketing.

Other Industries

We help many businesses across diverse industries and niches including Information Technology, Manufacturing, NGOs, Human Resource and more with our end-to-end data collection services.

Why Damco for Data Collection Services?

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  • High Quality and Reliability

    Get highly accurate, business-relevant, and latest data from multiple offline and online resources for improved insights and data-driven business decisions.

  • 24X7 Accessibility

    24X7 accessible client support team to resolve all your project and business-related queries in real-time, irrespective of the geographical difference.

  • Cost Effective Pricing

    We provide realistic yet highly competitive rates to our clients powered by advanced technologies, APIs, scripts and methodologies leveraged in our data collection projects.

  • Scalable Operations

    Damco has a readily available, highly skilled and tech-oriented talent pool to address any increase in demand to collect data of any volume and complexity.

  • Industry Specific Solutions

    Leading data collection company underpinned by 27+ years of experience in different verticals, including Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, FMCG, etc.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    We leverage advanced technologies along with methods to deliver improved data entry speed while lowering the cost to clients.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, and supported by multiple offshore offices located in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India.