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Client Profile

The client is a leading online platform in the United States of America, providing detailed information on healthcare providers including physicians, hospitals and clinics. Based out of Denver, Colorado, the platform is one of the first comprehensive physician rating and comparison databases. It provides trade publications for the medical, business, and engineering professions as well. As a leader in healthcare transparency, the client is helping over 500 hospitals across the United States cultivate new and better patient relationships, while improving patient access and loyalty.

The Problem

With services based entirely on huge data sets on healthcare providers, the importance of up-to-date, accurate, and validated data was paramount for the client. Apart from verifying, validating, and updating the existing healthcare providers’ data from different sources, the client required consistency in datasets by updating the data in a pre-decided template.

  • Imminent Need for Data Verification & Validation: The client required the processing of more than 45,000 records in a month through web research. This involved verifying and validating the data of following healthcare providers through valid sources:
    • Degrees: Through HIPAA and NPI websites
    • Medical Board Certificates: Through different American board websites
    • Hospital Affiliations: Through hospital websites
    • Medical Licenses: Through various states medical license websites
    • Health Insurance: Through health provider websites
  • Requirement of Database Updation: There was an extensive requirement to update the client’s huge database covering over 250,000 healthcare providers in the USA with details including their availability, office address, and new patient acceptance.
  • Requirement of Calling Resources for Different Time Zones: For the timely database updation, there was an immediate need for resources to call all these practitioners, spread across the entire country in different time zones.
  • Lack of Standardized Data: There was a strong need to maintain data consistency as per the guidelines. The client wanted to update the medical practitioner data and record the responses received on call in pre-specified Microsoft Excel templates.
  • Requirement of Daily MIS: The client required day-end MIS on the work completed.


Requirement of data validation & verification of healthcare providers’ data

Need for fast updation of healthcare providers’ database

Requirement of consistent, standardized output data

Requirement of callers for different time zones

The Solution

Damco’s team of data professionals carefully analyzed the client’s data collection, verification, and standardization requirements while considering every challenge that might arise in the project. A dedicated team of web researchers, callers, and project manager was set in the loop to complete the entire project on time while surpassing the client’s expectations.

Resource Allocation For Data Collection and Verification Operation

  • Damco carefully vetted out and deployed a dedicated team of web researchers to verify and validate the data of healthcare providers.
  • There was a team of leads along with a project manager available to fill up the gap, if any.
  • For the task of updating the database of healthcare providers, a team of experienced callers and leads were aligned.

Implementation of Thorough Web Research

  • The team online researched for list of approved websites and got the client’s approval on the same.
  • To validate the boards and licenses data, we web researched for valid online sources and got them approved by the client.

Preparation of Structured Call Script

  • We brainstormed with the client to prepare a detailed, structure call script to gather the required information through the call.

Setting-up of A Robust Call Center Infrastructure

  • Damco set up a strong call center infrastructure for the calling task and an in-house application was developed to maintain the details of call logs.

Implementation of Team Training Sessions

  • Lastly, we imparted thorough training to the team on data completeness to ensure that databases remain accurate, latest, and relevant.

The Benefits

The consolidated efforts of web researchers, callers, leads, and project manager, verified and validated the healthcare providers’ data while updating the existing database with the latest and accurate information to improve the data quality.

  • Improved Data Accuracy: Significant improvement in the accuracy of data related to healthcare providers through well-executed and extensive web-research based data verification, validation, and updation operations.
  • Enhanced Data Security & Integrity: Enhanced security and integrity of the data updated in the database covering the details of healthcare providers.
  • Cost-efficient Database Verification and Updation: Leveraging the extensive yet cost-effective team of Damco, the client gained an up-to-date database, updated with the latest and accurate data of healthcare professionals spread across the US.
database verification - case study

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