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Richa Pokhriyal
Richa Pokhriyal Posted on Nov 19, 2018   |  4 Min Read

Technology keeps your business running; we keep your technology running!

Trust is the most important predictor of any viable long-term relational success, and at Damco, we hold trust in high regard. After working with a number of leading ISVs and Enterprises, we have built a reputation of a trusted technology partner offering custom software services and solutions tailored to business needs.

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To strengthen our value proposition for our clients, recently, we sat down to deliberate on our journey of working with clients from diverse culture, geographies, and industries to identify the key things that make us stand out as a technology partner. Below is a recap of what came out most prominent.

Knowing our clients well is our priority

As a dedicated partner, we have a responsibility to maximize the value with every hour and dollar spent.

To maximize value for our clients, we must understand the nitty-gritty of business needs. Customers come to us with varying levels of specifics, their expectations and why they need a product or solution. But one thing is common – they want to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our team interview project stakeholders from the client side, survey users to thoroughly understand the problem being solved, the constraints and restrictions, business model, and goals. We invest time and efforts to know your priorities and your definition and metrics of success. We listen. This enables us to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to evaluate options and deliver a best-suiting solution.

Our wide range of IT offerings and full services portfolio

Damco offers full services portfolio in technology and digital. From Custom Software Development, Product Engineering, DevOps, Software Consulting, Technology Team Augmentation to New-age Technologies (IOT, AI), and more. Backed by strong technology expertise and strong alliances with prime platforms, Damco is your end-to-end IT services partner.

This gives immense confidence to our customers as they are armed with a power packed technology portfolio to meet needs of evolving business and IT landscape.

Collaborative Approach

We think long term

We think strategically. We ask ourselves constantly, what we’re building, will it work and be used 10 years down the road? How can we minimize that cost for our clients? How can we maximize the benefit? What will be the total cost of ownership?

While we are making a decision we try to think about its consequences, be it short term or long. We have melded this core philosophy into our “motto”, and our clients love us for this as they reap the benefits by getting solutions that can scale and grow to meet the future needs of their customers.

Experience Matters

After more than two decades of experience in delivering IT services and solutions, we have established a reputation for consistently delivering mission-critical, technically challenging projects under tight deadlines. An ISO & CMMI certified organization, Damco has an immaculate delivery record of over 700+ projects and over 98.8% Client partnerships retention.

IT Services company with presence in USA, UK, Luxembourg, Australia, and India
Immaculate delivery record of over 700+ projects
1600+ Professional Staff and very Low Employee Turnover
Clients across the Fortune 2000 companies
Multiple state-of-the-art Development Centers
Over 98.8% Client Satisfaction and Retention
Consistent Annual Growth Rate of 30% Year on Year
ISO 9001:2015 and CMMi certified
Financially stable orgaization grown exclusively on internal funds

For us, communication is always open

At Damco, transparency is paramount.

Our partnership with our clients is powerful as it is built on open communication and one-on-one attention.

In the same way, if you have a standing relationship with other vendors, we are open and willing to collaborate when needed. To stay ahead of the game, we approach your business with open minds and transparent communication.

Working with us is like working with just another member of your team, no presumptions, but rather a ready-to-listen and ready to support partner.

When things get difficult….

Nurturing a partnership is never easy and not rosy at all. It’s about addressing hard problems immediately, handling last minute change of plan, fighting the devil in the details, doing the right thing every time, being consistent and proactive.

Identifying mistakes, challenging each other’s assumptions and perspectives are taken positively and constructively at Damco. Thanks to our internal culture and mindful attitude, we are not about being good, we are all about being honest and genuine.

With Damco, our clients’ gain the peace of mind, that we will be the first to tell them when things are not on track, crossing budgets, or there is a room for improvement and it’s the essence of a reliable partnership.

We own results, not just tasks

A good partnership is not about ‘give and take’, it’s about creating a lasting relationship to make it a win-win. We work to ensure success for our clients. Our teams first internalize our customers’ business goals, then structure and execute work to maximize success and achieve desired results.

We own the stuff from start to end. It means taking responsibility to make things happen. Owning the responsibility for delivering value and making the project a success. Owning the responsibility of building great software that can solve the problems the right way. And also taking responsibility for our mistakes.

Identifying opportunities for improvement

Team Retrospectives, Agile Retrospective Meetings at Damco are scheduled structures in place that allow us to reflect, contemplate, and improve. We believe and practice that best software teams are those who are not content with their achievements and keep finding better ways of doing things.

We conduct project retrospectives with our clients and teams covering processes, frameworks, artifacts and even code. These activities are not just when things go wrong, but a usual scheduled practice to identify actionable steps we can take to improve things. At Damco, we envision each project as a success story waiting to happen and hence it always helps to find ways to do things in a better way.

A successful partnership is always a two-way street

In the course of our journey, we have weathered many storms. A large chunk of our success could be attributed to our valuable clients and stakeholders, who stood by us and helped us mature as an organization and establish strong processes.

We are fortunate to work with businesses that place partnership and mutual respect at the forefront and has equally shared the effort to build trust and constantly move the relationship forward.

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