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With more than two decades of experience in IT application services, Damco has gained the reputation of a trusted application services provider. We offer a wide range of services including custom web application services, IT application services, application software services, custom application services, enterprise application services, web application services, and software application services.

Being an experienced custom web application services and IT application services provider company – we enable our customers to optimize their business processes with significant cost savings, infuse innovation to improve customer satisfaction and achieve competitive differentiation for sustainable business growth. We have a vast pool of resources with development experience in enterprise application services, web application services, application software services, and custom application services.

Our Application Services Portfolio

Damco’s deep understanding of business needs across industries along with technical expertise and mature processes, allows it to develop and maintain custom business applications with the highest quality standards. Our approach of transparent client communication and high onsite-offsite collaboration ensure that milestones are achieved timely and resources are utilized optimally.

Application Development Services

Our vast experience in diverse business functions makes us uniquely qualified to deliver solutions; as per your expectations. We help you realize a spectrum of advantages with refreshed and robust, always-on IT framework. Our team supports all phases of the application development lifecycle – from application vision and strategy through design, building and testing, and integration. >>

Cloud Applications

Damco offers a wide range of cloud application services – application migration to cloud, cloud application consulting, cloud application infrastructure services, cloud application integration, and cloud application management services. We focus on holistic advantages – reduction in the cost of hardware installation or servers, along with an increase in bandwidth of resources for core business processes.

Application Modernization Services

If legacy technology and the impediments to adopting new technology are holding you back – DAMCO can help. Our Application Modernization Services can transform your business and technical environment with modernization and application portfolio management services that leverage innovations in cloud, mobility, cyber, social, and analytics. >>

Application Maintenance Services

With an increasing user demand and IT workload – lean applications that minimize tech debt must be adopted. But constraints of time and budgets complicate the goals. Damco’s Application Support and Maintenance Services are a complete solution for maintaining and supporting applications that span across technologies, platforms and frameworks, and make IT applications and systems perform at peak efficiency. >>

Legacy Modernization Services

Legacy systems pose several challenges for businesses including security threats, incompatibility with modern software systems, high operating, support and maintenance costs, lack of mobile capabilities, and high device-dependency. With bespoke application modernization services, organizations can upgrade their systems and generate more business value in a time and cost-efficient manner. >>

Our Legacy Modernization Services is a Blend of Tools, Teams, and Expertise

Damco’s proven transformation methodologies and technology expertise are supported by a highly experienced team of professionals dedicated to mainstreaming the modernization efforts. Our legacy modernization services focus on a low-risk and gradual approach to core system improvements rather than reinventing what already works.

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