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Devansh Bansal
Devansh Bansal Posted on Oct 23, 2019   |  2 Min Read

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October has been a busy month here at Damco, and our blog certainly shows that. We published several blogs on Salesforce, Product Engineering, DevOps, Cloud Migration to name a few. Here’s a brief overview of all of our October posts and links to further your reading enjoyment!

1. Salesforce

How To Find A Reliable Salesforce Partner?

Choosing a reliable Salesforce partner can be tricky because of the myriad of choices available. To get the maximum mileage out of Salesforce it is crucial to find the right partner as early as possible and get started. These five points can help you choose the best Salesforce partner for your business. Read more.

2. Product Engineering

Best Practices for Building an Effective Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is essential for guiding the strategic direction of product development. In this post, we offer you a high-level guide to creating your first product roadmap from scratch. Read more.

Three Steps to Accelerate Time to Market and Time to Revenue in Product Development

Missing the optimal launch window can cost a consumer base. And rushing to meet the same can compromise on product retention later. Find out the three steps that accelerate a product’s time to market and the time to revenue. Read more.

3. Cloud Migration

Must Have Cloud Migration Planning Checklist

Cloud migration for data storage has proved to be a cost-effective strategy for almost every organization. If you are planning to modernize your mission-critical applications, here is a cloud migration checklist gleaned from industry best practices. Read more.

4. DevOps

Common Mistakes Made When Planning a DevOps Initiative

To adopt a collaborative effort between departments, an increasing number of software development firms have started to implement a DevOps strategy. But, few common mistakes, if not addressed early, can lead to less than favorable consequences. Read more.

5. Software Services

How Digital Marketing Agencies can expand their Tech Expertise

A strong backend tech set up accrues overhead cost. To stay relevant in this era of increasing digitization, finding the right software partner for the deployment of the right solution might be tricky. Find out the checklist which can help big time in zeroing on a software company. Read more.

6. Generic

The Holiday season is upon us! The last thing you want to do during your holidays is mitigating the IT issues of your business. We offer you a ‘simple strategy’ that will ensure that your business is on an auto-pilot mode while you are enjoying time off with your family and friends. Read more.

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