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Tech Talk Posted on Oct 23, 2019   |  2 Min Read

We are getting closer and closer to the holiday season. The whirlwind of attending or arranging holiday parties while relaxing with friends and family looks like a pretty long list for you to cater to. In this long list, your business priorities remain auto-populated. As the holidays are fast approaching, you must be wondering how to manage your business priorities while fully enjoying your holidays. We understand that the last thing you want to do during your holidays is mitigating IT issues of your business. Being in the firefighting mode all the time should not be the norm! After all holiday is the time to slow down, while concurrently ensuring that your business clock keeps ticking.

This holiday season we offer you a ‘a simple strategy’ that will ensure that your business is on an auto-pilot mode while you are enjoying time off with your family and friends.

  1. 1. Conduct a review of this year’s IT strategy

We are almost in the middle of the third quarter of the fiscal, therefore this is the best time of the year to reflect on your IT strategy. What IT strategies worked and what didn’t – Whether it is digital transformation, getting to predictive IT maintenance, stepping into cloud or upgrading your cloud practice, it is critical for you to gain a first-hand information on the present situation of your organisation. You also need to introspect on the ongoing IT tasks that should be prioritised before the holiday slow down begin. For example, making plans to iron out the gaps that are acting as a deterrent for your organization to adhere to the security standards and protocols of the industry is an action item which can be prioritized at this time of the year.

  1. 2. Proactively schedule data backup to avoid disruption to operations

If your IT strategy for this year revolves around managing data backups in cloud, this task would look like a cakewalk to you. Do remember to schedule data backups before going on holiday, so that any IT disruption do not lead to loss of critical data. Automating the scheduling of data backup can ensure that you can conveniently remove these recurring tasks from your to-do-list and focus more on important strategic activities of the business.

  1. 3. Reflect on IT trends for 2020

The business ecosystem is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it’s critical more than ever for businesses not to be in a state of flux, but rather make smart, agile strategic decisions around these latest IT trends such as cloud, digitalization, IoT, Big Data Analytics, etc. The list of these trends could be endless. However, it can be overwhelming to determine what your next step should be to drive optimum ROI from your IT investments.

This holiday season we are offering a no-obligation, complimentary consultation that will enable you to prepare your business for the holiday period. We’re adept at supporting businesses in all their IT and Technology initiatives for uninterrupted operations and continued success.

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