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Best Policy Management Software
Faheem Shakeel
Faheem Shakeel Updated on Aug 24, 2021  |  2 Min Read

In the previous blog, we covered how insurtech harnesses the power of AI and ML in Insurance Software solutions. In this article, we will delve into how policy management software unleashes the potential of automation to achieve the levels of efficiency for the insurance incumbents.

Process automation is the technology innovation that has taken up an imperative role in the evolving functions of the insurance domain to outpace the conventional insurance processes. Policy Management Software helps to improvise policy management by leveraging process automation and delivers measurable outcomes when deployed with systematic planning.

By using the technology of process automation, policy management software ensures end-to-end digital integration of the insurer’s business. The analytics derived from the policy data is the base to elaborate automated decision making for the insurers to achieve superior results.

policy management software
Let’s see how policy management software improves the efficiency of the Policy Management process by unleashing the power of automation

Policy Management Software Process

1. Policy Issuance

Policy issuing requires a lot of manual work as the insurer needs to fill internal details after underwriting audits and checks. These details also need to be added to the customer’s portal for their convenience. Process automation ensures pre-build analytical techniques for easing up the tedious process and lessening the strain of cost and time by least resource involvement in the process.

2. Policy Updates

The Insurance Policy Management software leverages the process automation capabilities to perform policy updates like extracting inbound changes from voice transcripts, emails, faxes, or other sources. Thereby processing all required changes in the documents and internal systems available for the insurer as well as the customer.

3. Data Updates

Policy management software uses the technology of process automation to seamlessly make updates required in data and records. For example, existing customers submit various update requests, such as address change or update of bank mandate; these are smoothly updated in the system by automated processing, resulting in relaxation for insurers.

4. Analysis of Value Reports

One of the important functions of automation is transforming the whole of the insurance process for better results in quality by driving accurate document-intensive operations, including the processing of loss run reports, analysis of the statement of value reports and, communicating explanations of evidence of insurability to the customers.


Policy management is a crucial insurance process that needs to be taken care of with the utmost efficiency. Best insurance policy software is powered by the new strides of process automation driving smooth functioning of the whole process of policy management from policy issuance to required analysis with improved operational efficiency, substantial savings of cost and time of resources, and advanced analytics along with productivity boost.

Faheem Shakeel

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