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Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Posted on May 20, 2024   |  4 Min Read

Salesforce Lightning was released almost a decade ago and is considered the next generation of Salesforce. It offers a responsive and more intuitive user interface compared to Salesforce Classic. Despite the myriad benefits of Salesforce Lightning, a lot of businesses are still confused whether to migrate to the Lightning platform. The reason behind this is the underlying fear of affecting the work environment of the company owing to the migration.

For any business, switching to a new platform can be challenging and can create a work gap among teams. Nevertheless, when proper planning and strategy are employed, businesses can simplify the process of migrating to Salesforce Lightning. Businesses that have already switched from Salesforce Classic to Lightning have experienced numerous benefits like better user experience, productivity, and advanced analytics and insights.

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning framework is based on components that develop applications on the Salesforce CRM. The component-based frameworks come in handy for businesses that do not prefer intensive coding but still want to maintain their digital presence. Lightning framework can be defined as a tool that helps design business applications without any proper knowledge of development. Salesforce CRM released Lightning to resolve the issues that businesses faced in the Classic platform and offer an improved experience to users.

Key Advantages of Migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Outdated applications and legacy systems tend to pose bottlenecks for businesses looking to grow and evolve. With its intuitive and modern platform, Salesforce Lightning helps improve productivity and user experience. Many organizations still hesitate to make a switch to Salesforce Lightning as they are not aware of its advantages. Let’s understand the key reasons behind migrating to Salesforce Lightning:

1. Automation of Sales Process

Salesforce Lightning offers myriad features that assist sales representatives in managing their overall sales process. Each feature helps make the sales process more efficient and boosts overall business performance. ‘Sales Path’ is one of the most important features that helps automatically design the sales pipeline. In case you encounter any issues, the Sales Path will help you understand the steps that need to be taken to improve your sales process.

2. Rapid Creation of Custom Applications

Salesforce Lightning makes it easier to build applications. You can easily create desktop and mobile apps and customize web pages in the Lightning Experience. This empowers you to build quality applications without much effort. Also, Salesforce Lightning implementation provides multiple built-in components that allow you to select the one best suited for your requirements.

3. Integration with Einstein AI

To improve business performance and ROI, Einstein integration is equipped with all the crucial features. With upgraded features of Einstein like Opportunity Insight and Forecasting, users can track their customer behavior journey. This enables them to customize things and provide quality customer service. By analyzing customer interactions, Einstein helps suggest pertinent solutions, recommend the right actions, and identify cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

4. Identification of High-Quality Leads

Since Salesforce Lightning saves you time from funneling a sales process and developing applications, you can devote more time on Einstein AI. The technology helps comprehend your goals and tracks down a potential lead. Einstein AI tracks the data of all possible leads including their behavior, interactions, and sales choices. These leads are then filtered before you approach them on a personal level. This activity helps you get access to high-quality leads which have a greater potential of turning into sales. Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning with Einstein AI helps you boost brand awareness and you get access to a customizable platform that allows retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to buy from your brand.

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5. Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning makes way for automation of everyday tasks and streamlining of workflows, empowering users to concentrate on activities that help drive more value. This helps boost overall productivity. With features such as Process Builder and Lightning Flow, business processes are automated and manual intervention and errors are reduced.

6. Third-Party Integration

Salesforce Lightning can easily integrate with third-party applications or other products of Salesforce, offering a consolidated platform for all business requirements. The seamless integration of Lightning with other applications and systems helps organizations in improving efficiency and making the most of their investments.

7. Privacy of Information

Salesforce understands the significance of information privacy and the new updates in Lightning have kept privacy at the forefront. The individual components of the Salesforce Lightning framework cannot interact with one another, eliminating the probability of malicious activities and offering a clean interface to users.

8. Improved User Experience

Compared to Classic, Salesforce Lightning offers an enhanced user interface. The changes might not be obvious at first, but they become noticeable when the overall user experience becomes seamless and swift. You will discover new and improved fonts, text patterns, icons, and graphics. The updated dashboard offers a checklist for partners, customers, and employees. All these features and updates of Lightning provide a seamless user experience.


The advanced features of Salesforce Lightning helps businesses in modernizing their efforts for custom application development. Using careful planning, implementation, and optimization, businesses can unravel the full potential of Salesforce Lightning implementation and foster continued success and innovation. Leveraging strategic Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration, organizations can drive agility and innovation in custom application development.

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