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InsurTech Companies Pivot Growth for Insurers
Faheem Shakeel
Faheem Shakeel Posted on Apr 15, 2020   |  2 Min Read

Gone are the days when insurers were buried under tonnes of paper-work, documents, policies, and risk-calculation that was also jeopardizing their survival. The world is getting elevated by digital disruption and so is the insurance industry. InsurTech companies are majorly behind this transformation by making sure insurers are keeping up with the trends of insurtech.

Insurance technology is building a strong foundation for the insurers while enabling them to capitalize on the emerging opportunities. Let’s see how.

Insurance technology

Innovation is the Key

Insurance software is an insurtech solution for insurers to streamline their processes and transactions with automation. InsurTech is said to be synonymous with innovation in today’s time. This is so because the insurance technology as such is not a new thing but it is the innovation in insurtech that keeps tapping different ways for insurers to make sure they are keeping up with the competition and at the same time, catering to the increasing demands of the customers like processing timely claims with adequate fraud detection.

Customer Personalization

Insurance software offers a range of solutions like policy management, document repository system, CRM, chatbots, marketing prediction, data analysis, and administrative dashboard management. But the key to converting prospects into customers is driving it the customer’s way. Achieving customer satisfaction is the utmost important marketing mechanism, so insurtech finds a way to personalize the customer experience by deciphering the needs of the customers or even taking feedback surveys for insights, managing policies accordingly and by catering to customers’ claims within less bounds of time.

Cost-Saving and Security Solutions

The claims audit check with insurance technology is dependent on automation, rather than human effort. This makes the chances of fraud lesser and saves the losses of the insurance industry as a whole. If we look at the amount of data collected by the insurance providers, it is clear that there is a strict requirement of privacy in the industry and insurers should address it for the well-being of their customers. Therefore, as the security and confidentiality of data, documents and polices is imperative, automated privacy and encryption of insurtech are required for the insurers to keep the data in a safety-net.

InsurTech as the Solution

InsurTech is not a new concept as of now but it is increasingly gaining importance as the world gears to fight the race of business continuity in the 2020 pandemic. InsurTech companies are the real force behind this fight by offering insurance software that not only helps in ensuring the business continuity in the present insurance landscape by working as an ally to their workforce and transforming their core operations while boosting customer experience.

insurtech companies

We covered the benefits and advantages of insurance technology in this article. We grasped insurance technology is being used as a weapon for growth by insurers all across the world. But how! InsurTech has been advanced by the new-gen technology of AI-ML, process automation, CRM and chatbots. In the next blog, we will delve into the Role of AI and ML in Insurance Software solutions.

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